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Smack my Bitch up

artist: Prodigy


  • Censored TV 2 Version
  • Uncensored MTV Version
Release: Feb 22, 2013 - Author: Trance~King - Translator: DaxRider123
Comparison between the uncensored MTV version and the censored TV2 version.
Overall, the censored version misses out on 8 sequences with an overall runtime of 8 seconds.

Smack My Bitch Up ist the thirteenth single released by the British band "The Prodigy". The song was the third and last single from the album "The Fat of the Land".
The video shows the POV of a (at first unrecognizable) person's excessive nocturnal activities. At the beginning of the video the person is inside the bathroom and gets dressed, already drinking some booze and sniffing cocaine. The "I-narrator" gets into London's nightlife, where he attracts attention because of his aggressive behavior. In the meantime, the person vomits several times. The usage of digital blur-effects visualize the progressing effect of the consumed drugs. The person gets into a stripclub and gets closer to a dancer who in the end agrees to go to the person's apartment. There, the two of them have sex. In the end of the video the POV of the camera points to a mirror and we find out that (most of the people will probably have thought that the partyer is a man) the person is a woman!
Due to the fact that several scenes might come across as drug-glamorizing, as well as because of the violence and sex, MTV no longer airs any of the versions - neither the censored nor the uncensored version.
After the protagonist destroyed the DJ's turntables, both versions show different shots of the black man. In the uncensored version you can see that he's angry, while in the censored version the image is too dark to tell his mood.
No difference in time.

Uncensored Version:Censored Version:

After the woman pulled the man to the toilet cabins, you in the censored version don't see how she shoots up in one of the cabins.
2 sec.

After the 2 of them stole a car you in the censored version don't see how they run somebody over.
1 sec.

Additional shot of the prostitute on the bed.
0.25 sec.

Additional shot of the prostitue from behind.
0.25 sec.

A shot where the prostitute sits on top of the protagonist was cut out.
0.25 sec.

Additional shot of the prostitute from behind.
0.25 sec.

In the censored version you only see the protagonist in the mirror, while in the uncensored version the camera also pans to her face.
2 sec.

After you in the censored version (in the mirror) see the woman falling to the bed, the uncensored version additionally pans to her.
2 sec.