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  • UK Theatrical Version
  • Export Cut
Release: Jul 07, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the UK Version and the Export Cut. Both versions are included on the UK Blu-Ray released by BFI (included in the Flipside series as number 010).

Sally moves out of her parents' house and trades the countryside for London in the swinging 60s to go to a model school. Along with a few young girls she lives in a house in Kensington and soon realises that life in the city, especially London, is tremendously different. Her flatmate Marion has some problems with her boyfriend Prinny who is addicted to gambling and abuses her financially and sexually. Dee, however, is with the wealthy property shark Nikko whose illegal business redounds upon him. Sally meets the photographer Keith yet is unsure whether or not he has a serious interest in her.

Plotwise, "The Pleasure Girls" partially seems to be a bit aimless. However, the audience gets an insight into the illustrious life of a flat shared by models. The icing on the cake is a gay flatmate who is the kind sould of the house. Some of the drama comes from bad boy Pinny who impregnates his girlfriend Marion, yet does not want to raise the kid and additionally - due to financial difficulties - sells a valuable family heirloom to be able to continue gambling. This soap-opera-plot is definitively upvalued by London's period atmosphere of the 1960s. Also, Kalus Kinski has a brilliant minor part as a married estate agent who starts an affair with one of the girls.

Just as is the case with many other British film produtctions from the same time period (e.g. "Witchfinder General"), "The Pleasure Girls" was released in a UK Version and a more revealing Export Cut. Some of the sex scenes were extended, yet, they are not really wothr seeing. One of the few interesting differences is the alternative party scene during which the Export Cut actually shows one of the models naked, while in the UK Version she is covered up by a cloth. When Klaus Kinski gets beat up by a gangster with a belt, the UK Version misses out on a few seconds as well. Thus, the Export Cut is probably the better one.


UK Version: 85:15 min.
Export Cut: 86:22 min.

In the Export Cut the camera moves downwards to Marion and Prinny in bed.

In the UK Version the two of them instead kiss a little longer.

Export Cut: 7 sec.
UK Version: 7 sec.


Marion's and Prinny's sex scene starts a little earlier in the Export Cut.

Export Cut: 33 sec.


Nikko and his girl kiss longer on the bed. The image starts turning and is used as a transition to the roulette game.

The UK Version immediately fades over to the roulette game.

UK Version: 1 sec.
Export Cut: 14 sec.


The Export Cut shows alternative scenes. One of the models is naked.

UK VersionExport Cut

UK Version: 18 sec.
Export Cut: 18 sec.


The model is shown a little longer before the movie fades to the next scene.

Export Cut: 1 sec.


Nikko gets whipped by the gangster.

Export Cut: 7 sec.


Another hit of the whip.

Export Cut: 3 sec.


Two more whips before the gangster runs off.

Export Cut: 10 sec.