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The War of the Worlds


Let My Puppets Come


  • US-DVD
  • US-VHS
Release: Jul 25, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The US-DVD has been compared to the US-VHS.

The three brothers and members of the board of Creative Concepts Systems & Procedures Brothers Unlimited Inc. owe Mr. Big half a million Dollars. They have got 24 hours left to get the money, but you can neither make this much with properties nor with drugs in this time. The telegram-boy Jimmy has got the saving idea: Make a filthy porno film.

The screenplay is written quickly and after the transsexual secretary has been castrated, the first performer is on board. In other scenes Pornocchio roughs up a performance and a fish gives an underwater-blowjob. Still, the movie is too short, so without hesitation a few advertisement spots, e.g. for a vaginal-spray, get implemented. The movie is shot, a police raid is withstood and the Academy Awards ceremony is awaited...

After Damianos big successes "Deep Throat" and "Devil in Miss Jones" he has got a little more freedom and a little bizarre puppet-film with hardcore insertions (referring only to the puppets themselves). As support acts you see Luis De Jesus, Al Goldstein and even Gerard Damiano as a host for the Academy Awards ceremony.

The US-DVD is strongly cut and only a torso of a version of this pretty entertaining movie. It's missing a lot of the storyline and partly really good music acts.




DVD: 40:47 Min. (NTSC)
VHS: 75:19 Min. (NTSC)

The DVD misses 34:32 Min.

The opening credits miss Diana Boss as Black Girl.

7 Sec.


Also missing are Jonathan E. Freeman as Chauffer and Agnes More-Read as Madam.

18 Sec.


Just after the opening credits you see Jimmy walking through New York and singing a song about the city.

13 Sec.


Jimmy asks whether this is the right company and says he has got a telegram for the guys. Then, there's an act in which the three brothers introduce their company and also sing about having been hired by Mr. Big. Gramps shows up the first time here, too.

2:45 Min.



Jimmy goes to the three and reminds them of the telegram

8 Sec.


Here, the scene is shown in which Jimmy appears with the telegram, which could be seen before the song in the VHS. Also, the dialog has been aligned a little.

13 Sec.


While Jimmy specifies his idea for the porno, a remark of his is missing.
Jimmy: "Close-Ups."

3 Sec.


The girl and the dog snuggle a bit longer.

14 Sec.


Gramps makes a proposal as well. In the scene before, in which Jimmy says "What about you, gramps? Got any idea?" the word "gramps" has been removed in the DVD and cut directly to the three brothers.

In Gramps proposal, you see him walk along a street, whereas a shop window that says "Massage Parlor" and "Nude Photographs" attracts his attention. He enters the store and asks for the photographs, which he hopes to take, but quickly he gets surrounded by three girls how take photos of him, pay him and please him orally.

One of the brothers says that the proposal is not really realistic, whereas Gramps states that this happened to him twice the week before.

2:18 Min.


Four laugh a bit longer, eventually one of the brothers makes another proposal: A porno-monster-thriller. Blowfish.

You can see a big fish sneaking up to a swimmer to give him a blowjob.

Eventually Fred suggests they have come to a point on which they need technical support.

1:29 Min.


After Gramps has made the phone call, you see Jimmy taking care of a camera man.

6 Sec.


Jimmy enters the store "Pleasure Chest" and actually wants to ask for his old friend Lash, but the salesman presents him a wide range of new sex toys. It appears the vendor is Lash, who had withdrawn from the film business though. But Jimmy manages to persuade him.

2:49 Min.


Gepetto fancys that Pinocchio is a good boy. Then there is a cut to Pinocchio who is pleasuring the secretary with his nose, approving Gepetto's statement.

13 Sec.


Pinocchio reads a list with neccessary things. (vaseline etc.)

31 Sec.


Gepetto is sitting at the sewing machine and demands more tissue, which gets thrown at him immediately. Then you see Gramps introducing his homemade "Cockring" and letting it get tested by the secretary. Then you see Gepetto again, just working on the "Black Girl".

1:24 Sec.


Jimmy brings Gepetto another part whereas he announces that, after the secretary "for urban women for decent pornography" was explained she is in the wrong movie, he was done.

42 Sec.


Lash shakes his head for a short while after having called "Camera".

3 Sec.


In the VHS you see the two performers whereas in the DVD there is a short cut to Lash. [see former cut]

each 3 sec.


Lash can be seen a bit sooner (probably a film tear)

1 Sec.


You can see Fluffer taking care of Lash's "headache" sooner.

26 Sec.


A cut to Fluffer and then to Lash is missing.

9 Sec.


Lash can be seen a bit sooner.

3 Sec.


The scenery is shown a bit longer.

8 Sec.


The penis is singing longer, whereas the dancer constantly loses the beat, which doesn't please Lash at all.

27 Sec.


Lash asks whether the dancer is a painting whereas she answers that he can bite her and that she has got her period.

6 Sec.


Lash can be seen a bit longer the moment he curses.

8 Sec.


Pinocchio pleases the dancer substantially longer with his nose, then you see Fred a bit sooner.

18 Sec.


Black Girl goes to Gepetto who sees his work as misinterpreted and thus is pretty depressed. He suggests Pinocchio to go, but he amuses himself with the secretary's ear for now.

Black Girl tries to cheer Gepetto up with a song. In addition you see scenes of seagulls, dogs and children at the beach, as well as Gepetto and Black Girl walking through the city.

Then you see the bar a bit sooner.

4:45 Min.


Penny dances a bit longer behind the bar. In between a cut to Fred.

21 Sec.


You can see Penny dance sooner.

19 Sec.


Fred is asking what to do, then you see Penny a bit sooner.

2 Sec.


Penny keeps telling that she was hit by her father in the past when she was naughty and incites him to do it, who, after thinking shorty, spanks her gently a few times. Afterwards, she asks what she can do for Fred.

1:14 Min.


Fred also demands Penny to throw fruits at him. After he has had his fun, he says goodbye.

1:14 Min.


Fred is shown a bit earlier.

2 Sec.


The door can be seen a little longer.

4 Sec.


Fred asks how it is going. He is being told that Lash and Gepetto have left the team but that they have got a lot of footage. Fred starts counting the footage.

31 Sec.


The team keeps thinking about possible advertisement-suggestions.

11 Sec.


One of the brothers lets the projector run and trills a song about the film business at the same time. The projector suddenly stops and when he wants to check, an explosion blackens his face.

In the next scene the examination begins sooner. The doctor asks since when she had got this pain. The girl answers pretty precisely: four years, three months and two days.

1:15 Min.


The girl complains and says she had a different watch before.

7 Sec.


The girl takes the wrong teeth in her mouth while the doctor is still searching.

Then you see one of the brothers looking for the right button at the projector. Gramps suggests simply pressing all of them, which leads to German military marches resounding and Gramps getting ensnarled in a reel.

37 Sec.


Fred tells Mr. Big that he will get the money after the release of the movie. He gives them one hour and recommends getting the money fast.

27 Sec.



"The Solution" is being faded in.

The Chauffer appears and wants to pick up the secretary from the women's agency, but she would rather want to help the guys a bit more. But they think they are already lost and suppose that the secretary cannot help them either. She convinces the boys that she can contribute something with an act.

Then Pinocchio transforms into a real boy who gets an act as well.

7:01 Min.


In the DVD there is a rather strange edit from the Blowfish-scenes and the guys standing behind the camera.

51 Sec.



The policeman leads the Cunts, Pinocchio and the secretary away.

38 Sec.


Here you see the Blowfish for a short while.

5 Sec.


The policeman is shown longer.

8 Sec.


The guys can be seen in front of the TV set sooner.

3 Sec.


The guys sit in front of a pile of money and have own ideas for a new movie. Fred then says that there will be no other movie because this is the last porno film.

1:16 Min.


The credits miss a page on which many of the songs are listed.

21 Sec.