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Mystic Defender

original title: Kujaku-Ou 2


International Version
Region: USA/Europe

Japanese Version
Region: Japan

Release: Mar 10, 2015 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123
Original Game Package

The game Kujakuo 2 (as it was originally called in Japan) was renamed for its international version where it is now known as Mystic Defender. The first part of the series was released on Sega's Master System where it became known as Spellcaster; however, its gameplay was quite different. Mystic Defender is an action-packed platforming game where the player controls the hero through several levels, uses spells, fights demons and other creatures. In the original game, the player controls a monk, whereas in the international version he plays what appears to be a battle-tested warrior. The sprites were altered and the robe is gone in favor or regular armor.
Overall, the games are pretty much identical except for the smaller graphical differences as well as the "supermove". There is a magical attack which in the Original Version makes a character of Buddhist origin appear (could be Guanyin/Kannon) that has six arms. Two of them are armed with swords, one holds a prayer chain, while another one holds a dagger. The "Western" Version makes a three-headed giant dragon appear. The effect is the same, only that it is no longer related to anything religious. The package of the game already includes this dragon, while the original box shows the protective deity.
Another alteration is the woman that you have to free in the game. During the last level she appears as the final enemy while being possessed by a parasite. In the Original Version the woman is topless and entirely naked after being freed, while the Mystic Defender Version has her wearing a pink top/dress. Before people start to complain: We are aware of the fact that there is a "Western" Version of the game that still includes the naked woman, however, that was the first edition of the module. All later Versions put some clothes on her.
The intro of the original version included dialog (which we could not translate for a lack of knowledge of the language), while the International Version only shows title cards. The closing credits is in "Engrish" in both versions, which means that we can get into detail about their differences, after all, the characters were all altered, including Kujaku, Ashura, and the overall names of the enemies.
The game's story was later turned into an anime called "Spirit Warrior", that was also released as a manga series.
The Intro in the Japanese Version includes words and images, while the Mystic Defender Version no longer includes any images that indicate a dialog. Instead, you just see plain title cards. You can already see the differences of the main character: one wears a robe, the other a blue armor.
Inernational VersionJapanese Version

Here is a shot of the main character from the side, plus a few screenshots from a level where evil babies and giant heads come out of the wall which you have to fight. The International Version's colors were slightly altered in order not to display the babies with skin color to dehumanize them a bit. When you attack them, they explode. While this animation is the same for both versions, it still looks different because of the colors.
Inernational VersionJapanese Version

As already mentioned in the intro, a magical attack was entirely altered. All references to deities are gone. These are the attacks of the respective versions:
Inernational VersionJapanese Version

The final boss was censored due to nudity. The woman now wears pink clothes. However, the first edition of Mystic Defender includes the nudity. Here are screenshots of the censorship:
Inernational VersionJapanese Version

For those who are interested, here is a screenshot from the first edition of the Inernational Version (hero wearing armor) including nudity:
Later Releases/Censored VersionFirst Edition Prior to this Censorship

During the outro, all included characters were renamed. Also, there are a few different screens. Even the red hair jewelry was deleted.
Inernational VersionJapanese Version