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  • UK DVD (Moonstone)
  • Japanese VHS
Release: Oct 23, 2015 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
There are many different versions of this often demanded trash movie.

On the one hand there is a western version with Sam Jones and Christopher Doyle in their performance as US-soldiers respectively instructors.
And there is a special Hong Kong version titled "The Last Breath", getting along without the named American actors featuring a total different movie. No wonder because this version contains halfway through different material – but more on this later on!

Even the only European alternative version from Moonstone (UK) is not obtainable uncut. This showed a comparison with the uncut Japanese VHS (also export version) coming along in widescreen 2.35.
This doesn’t make the movie better – but at least it looks better!

I would particularly like to thank spannick who provided the Japanese VHS for me making this cut report possible.

Japanese VHS = 87:32 Pal
UK version = 86:16 Pal

Total difference = 76 seconds within 5 varieties
0:00 Min.
No censorship at the beginning but there are two logo flashes missing in the British version.
( 14 sec. )

39:37 Min.
But therefore the scene with acid has been cut in the British version. A close-up view of the victim’s skull slashing is missing.
( 1.5 sec. )

39:47 Min.
When the longhaired commander turns to the captive with the acid bottle in hand the end of this scene is already missing. The camera pans down to the victim and the commander starts to pour acid into the wound. Insert cuts of his buddies and the excited commander followed by another close-up view of the wound.
( 11 sec. )

69:41 Min.
The scene with the captivated American couple is only rudimentarily available in the British version. After the first close-up of the guy the following is missing: Longhair bends over the girl and says: "Goddamn you. I‘ll teach you some manners. Bitch. You've got a pretty face, häh darling?" He pours a bucket of water over her and tears up her blouse. All the time she yells: "Help me, please, help me!". Longhair finally pulls her up towards her friend asking him: "So, now you're gonna talk, hey?" But the guy only: "No, you bastard". The girl is still yelling, Longhair gets angry and starts abusing her.
( 40 sec. )

The remaining difference is a result of the ideographs after "The End" in the Japanese Version.