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Operation Thunderbolt


Amiga / SNES Version
Region: Worldwide

Arcade Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Aug 11, 2014 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123

The game is a sequel to the rail shooter "Operation Wolf" and includes an improved engine. This time you not only scroll from left to right but also "forewards" in a 3D perspective. Every now and again you drive around in vehicles, for example a speedboat.
The successful arcade machine again was ported to numerous systems. In this report we compared the Amiga version to the original since both include content that is relevant. The game itself differs in terms of graphic but does not really include censorship apart from a church that one approaches towards the end of one of the levels as well as the alteration of the word "kill" in a sentence.
The Arcade version is much harder than the portings: While you only have to shoot roughly 150 enemies per level on the Amiga, the Arcade includes 800 enemies in the exact same level. A note for those who know the game: The porting to the SNES is different and includes more story, a different intro, and you can choose different paths for the levels. Also, you can choose one of six characters, however, this does not have any effect on cutscenes or the outro. The only thing that is different is the way that people approach you, and a different character-image on the bottom of the screen.
The intro of the game shows images of a hijacking. Both versions have different details. The Arcade version emphasizes that American passengers/hostages are aboard that you have to save. The kidnappers tell you to free the captured terrorists, otherwise they will kill the hostages after the deadline went by. After that, the hero of the game "Operation Wolf in South Africa" named Roy Adams who is with the C.I.A. is called for action again.
In the Amiga version you do not get any information about where the hostages come from, as well as where Operation Wolf took place or which organization is having trouble with the terrorists. However, the Amiga version includes the flight route which they wanted to fly. The Amiga version does not cover up the fact that the terrorists plan to kill the hostages which "Wurzel" from "Operation Wolf" is supposed to prevent. There's also a typo: KALUBYA is r enamed to KARUBIA, even though the map shows the correct name.
Amiga VersionArcade Version

The Amiga version misses out on the sequence with the church. Instead you just see a black screen.
Amiga VersionArcade Version

In order to make it clearer, here is an animated gif of both versions' end of the level.
Amiga VersionArcade Version

While we are at it, let's have a short look at the SNES porting. The building stayed intact, however, there is still censorship. Nintendo's home consoles were having a hard time with religious elements and symbols back in the days, thus they defamiliarized the cross.
SNES VersionArcade Version

In the SNES version you can choose your character - not so in the Amiga/Arcade version where you have to play "Roy Adams and Hardy Jones".
SNES VersionArcade Version