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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Mar 10, 2016 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
After the success of Paranormal Activity, movie theaters were fludded with "Found Footage" movies - several sequels and spin-offs of Paranormal Activity were released as well. With Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, the series officially ends. And it does not just end, it ends in 3D. Even though the break even point could be reached easily, this last chapter was not as successful as previous installments. On Blu-ray, the obligatory Unrated Version has been released. It is appox. 9 minutes longer than the Theatrical Version, a few more plot scenes have been added. Most of the new footage is rather unspectacular though. Kind of like the actual movie which is not as good as previus installments.

Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Extended Cut, both released by Paramount Home Entertainment.

There are 8 differences with a total length difference of 557.56 seconds (~ 9:18 minutes).
4:34 Minutes
Ryan gets out his dad's old Santa custome and puts it on the bed. Mike then puts on the proper mask.
23.61 sec

29:34 Minutes
Emily reads a bedtime story to Leila. She then puts the book away, kisses er daughter and intends to leave but Leila wants to know from her whether the baby was dead. Emily then explains what had happened back then and comforts her daughter.
66.61 sec

30:40 Minutes
The lights on the christmas tree in the living room go on and off. Leila wakes up because of some weird noises and goes to the living room. She stands in front of the tree for some time, then she returns to bed.
123.87 sec

32:44 Minutes
While packing her things, Emily is on the phone. After the conversation, she tells Ryan that Leila had bitten another child. She is on her way to pick up Leila. Later at the dinner table, she tells Ryan more details. Ryan suggests she could see a shrink.
37.12 sec

52:38 Minutes
After the noise, Ryan pans to the door and walks across the hallway. The chandelier is shaking, a Santa has a creep glow and the lights on the christmas tree are flickering. Then they see a shape. Ryan approaches that shape because he believes it was his brother dressed up as Santa. When Emily asks what he was doing, he turns around to her. When he looks back in Mike's direction, he is gone. Emily explains she did not see anything but Ryan is sure someone was there. At first, Ryan checks the bathroom. Then he and Emily go to Leila's bedroom. She is asleep and when Leila is standing near her bed, she hears another noise.
132.38 sec

1:07:51 Minutes
Ryan is watching the old videos and he keeps skimming some book as well. When the interesting part comes in the videos, he gets Emily. Ryan thinks Toby keeps getting bigger and more powerful. Emily wants to go to the police.
66.15 sec

1:10:29 Minutes
Emily asks Leila if she was talking to someone in her bedroom. She gets up, looks around, walks across the hallway and gets the camera. Back in the bedroom, she sees some kind of creature standing next to Leila before the door slams. Being in panic, she rattles at the door. When the door opens, she storms in. The creature is gone. Emily grabs her daughter and they leave the room.
72.16 sec

1:12:43 Minutes
Leila is sitting in front of the fireplace starring at it. Skyler shows up and asks what she was doing. Leila turns around and tells Skyler to leave.
35.66 sec