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1.07 Unexpected Partings

original title: Tenkû no Esukafurône


  • TV Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jan 16, 2018 - Author: Once - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series


In 2013, the German label Nipponart released a new box set of Escaflowne. The important thing: The episodes 1 to 4 and 6 & 7 are now available as regular TV Version and longer Director's Cuts. The quality of said release is enhanced as well.


The opening and ending match the ones from the TV Version. In other words, the quality of those is inferior to the rest of the Director's Cut episodes but that is acceptable.


Compared are the TV Version and the Director's Cut (both available in the German Collector's Edition box set by Dybex/Nipponart.



Episode 7 is the last one that has a Director's Cut. It contains 99.98 seconds of additional footage in 2 scenes. The new footage increases the quality of the episode a little. Especially the first one is quite interesting because sheds light on the King's actions resp. his shady character. The second one is just nice to have and shows an imminent danger which becomes the ugly truth when Hitomi is being abducted.

9:16 (9:16 TV Version)
New scene in the DC. King Aston, King of Astoria, is speaking about Escaflowe and Hitomi to two of his consultants.
47.46 sec

11:51 (11:03 TV Version)
New scene with Hitomi in the DC. She is consulting the cards when the wind blows them away. According to the cards,she is going to die. She then wakes up and realizes it was just a dream. Since Merle is sleeping on top of her, Hitomi kicks her out of bed.
52.52 sec