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  • US DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Jan 22, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the German DVD from Movie Power and the US-DVD from Wild East.

About the movie:

The bandit Gordo Watch and his gang rob a prison to recruit new members for the gang. Those who do not join them and have an S burned on their arm are shot. Arizona Colt is one of the inmates and thanks to his deceitfulness and his quick hand with the Colt he manages to not become a member of the gang. Gordo plans to rob a village and smuggles one of his men among the villagers. When he kills the bartender Dolores Arizona gets the job to find the murderer...

Pretty good spaghetti-western from Michele Lupo with Giuliano Gemma in the leading role. In 1970 a sequel was produced called "Arizona si scateno...e li fece fuori tutti" it was directed by Sergio Martino.

About the versions:

Up to this point there are three relevant DVD releases of the movie: the German DVD from Movie Power, the US-DVD from Wild East and a French DVD from Seven7. In Thailand the movie was released on DVD, too, but here, the French DVD was used as the master. The German DVD is the best release up to this point. Unfortunately, during the finale two scenes with a combined running time of 12 seconds and also another scene of the pastor killing a bandit are missing. The scene with the pastor is only present in the Thai/French DVD but apart from that the German DVD is far superior to the other releases. The US-DVD from Wild East is probably a direct copy from a filmreel. The image quality is far from being perfect, there are filmtears and a couple of censorship cuts. However, it is interesting that the US version contains several alternative scenes. The French/Thai DVD is shortened heavily and offers a quality that is a little worse than that of the German DVD.

Check out the comparison between the Thai DVD by XXX and the German DVD by Movie Power.

Thanks to Frankie for providing the German DVD.
Image comparison:

German DVD:

Thai DVD:


Running times:

German DVD: 111:20 min. (PAL)
US DVD: 113:27 min. (NTSC)

In the US version a part of the opening credits is missing therefor it contains a black frame.

German: 14 sec.
US: 8 sec.


A few short shots are missing in the US version: two soldiers are shot and cut to the laughing bandits.

German: 5 sec.


A cut to the laughing bandits is missing.

German: 4 sec.


Two soldiers shoot.

German: 1 sec.


Some soldiers jump off the walls and shoot at Whisky. After that the soldiers are shot by the bandits.

German: 8 sec.


The soldiers shoot at the bandits.

German: 4 sec.


A soldier and a bandit are shot.

German: 1 sec.


At the murder of the boozer different footage has been used.

The German version contains a close up and he also holds his hands to his face.

In the US version he breaks down and dies.

German: 4 sec.
US: 4 sec.


The end of the scene of the new member of the gang getting the sign burned to his skin is missing.

German: 10 sec.


After Arizona has gone down a short cut to the barkeeper is missing. After that we see Arizona who wants to grab his colt but the poker-player is already having his hand on his belt, as well.

German: 3 sec.


The player sits down at the table, again. After that we see Arizona on the ground. He is slowly starting to notice the woman next to him.

German: 6 sec.


The cards are shuffled a little longer.

German: 2 sec.


Dolores is strangled longer before she breaks down.

German: 4 sec.


The shot cowboy can be seen a little longer.

German: 2 sec.


Footage tear in the US version: Clay walks to Arizona and tells him to put down his gun.

German: 9 sec.


The scene of Arizona getting shot in his hands by Gordo are different.

The German version contains a few close ups and Arizona putting his hands together.

The US version, however, shows slightly different footage.

German: 15 sec.
US: 10 sec.


Footage tear: Whisky ties the horse's reins to the rock.

German: 2 sec.


Footage tear: Whisky helps Arizona getting up.

German: 3 sec.


When Arizona has arrived in town and the villagers came to him a little dialogue is missing.

Jane: "He is dead."
Arizona: "Don't halloo till you're out of the wood. I will not die before I got him."

The barkeeper inspects Clay.

Barkeeper: "That is definitely him."

German: 20 sec.


Footage tear: Arizona gets borne away.

German: 5 sec.


Whisky can be seen drinking longer.

German: 7 sec.


Footage tear. One of Arizona's lines is missing.

Arizona: "My friend Whisky is a gold-digger, I am a bounty-hunter."

German: 9 sec.


Alternative scene when the cowboy gets shot.

The German version zooms to his head.

In the US version he simply drops.

German: 3 sec.
US: 3 sec.


Further villagers are rounded up and shot by the bandits.

German: 28 sec.


Two bandits are shot.

German: 6 sec.


One of the bandits is strangled.

German: 6 sec.


In the German version a part of the attack on the village is missing.

One of the villagers is shot, two others are beaten up.

German: 8 sec.


A cut to the charred Whisky and then to Gordo is missing.

German: 5 sec.


In the German version one of Gordo's men being shot is missing.

US: 4 sec.


Gordo's leg gets hit. He drops down.

German: 1 sec.


Another strike in the leg.

German: 1 sec.

The following scene is only included in the thai/french DVD (like mentioned in the intro).


One of the bandits barricaded himself on a carriage. The pastor kills him and erases a candle.

12 sec.