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  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Oct 03, 2012 - Author: Bob - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
The expectations for the most expensive new tv series of the 2011/2012 season were high and, unfortunately, Terra Nova could not live up to them. Dinosaurs as theme alone were not interesting enough and the viewers that did choose to watch the series were often annoyed by the personal problems of the Shannon family that were too dominant in the first episodes. Although there were only 13 episodes in the season, some of them were already filler episodes which were a turn-off for serious Sci-Fi or mystery fans. The ratings were not catastrophic, but still not high enough if compared to the high costs of the series. This was despite the fact that the series became more interesting towards the end and also introduced some elements that would have changed the possible concept for the second season drastically.

As often, what the audience is left with is an unsatisfying ending which is also not much better in the Extended Cut, even though it is still better than the cliffhanger of the other series cancelled by FOX the same year, Alcatraz.

The Extended Version of the series finale of Terra Nova is 7:09 minutes longer, however, these minutes do not really answer any question or make the abrupt ending more plausible.
At night, Dr. Elisabeth Shannon and her husband Jim can be seen in bed. She doubts her decision to have accepted the offer to go back in time. Jim comforts her and says that otherwise their children would never have breathed clean air or eaten healthy food.

Skye's mother tells her that she should try to say sorry to Commander Taylor because she is somewhat responsible for the coming fight. However, Taylor ignores her and Skye is unable to do so.

One more shot of Skye, alsmost in tears, when Taylor drives off withouth looking at her.

Lucas briefly talks to his officers when the bomb is being placed in the forest. He suggests that a few soldiers should stay behind in order to guard the bomb until the xplosion. The officer first thinks this is a joke before realizing that Lucas is serious. In the end, no one is being sacrificed. The TV Version features a brief alternative shot for a more suitable scene transition.
EX: 22s | TV: 2s

The injured Josh comes home with Skye and tells his mother that Lucas has captured Jim.

Lucas sees that Jim has fled.

Dr. Wallas has repaired the Terminus just to blow it up again (so the invasors cannot use it). He is drunk, Skye tells him about the new plan to travel back to the future using the Terminus in order to destroy the other end of the worm hole so Terra Nova is permanently cut off from the future. The TV Version features more black screen.
EX: 106,5s | TV: 4s

In the Extended, Jim says goodbye to his family before traveling to the future. In the TV Version, Elizabeth explains to Jim that he should apply the syringe as close to the dino's heart as possible. (This scene follows briefly afterwards.)
EX: 38s | TV: 39,5s


Taylor and Jim talk about where the bomb should be placed in the future and then why Jim should do it and not Taylor. Taylor has to look after 1000 men, Jim only after his family. Eventually, Taylor gives Jim his pistol (but wants it back later). Then the scene with Elisabeth and the syringe follows. Afterwards, Jim gets into the container. Then Dr. Wallace can be seen delaying repair further.

Jim gives Taylor the pistol back. They are like brothers now at the latest.

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