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Twisted Metal


Censored Version
Rating: PEGI 18+
Region: Europe

Uncensored Version
Rating: ESRB Mature, 17+
Region: USA

Release: May 08, 2012 - Author: Once - Translator: Sebbe
About the Release
Twisted Metal was released delayed in Europe on the 9th of March 2012 - in the USA it is available since 14th of February.
The delay in Europe was caused by the localization of this version, which took more time than originally planned, and also because Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) wanted the game to be censored.
The first edition moreover contains a little extra - more about this later.

(only referred to the European and US versions)

The US version is of course the uncensored and uncut version of Twisted Metal and is, as usual with PlayStation 3, codefree, so it can also be played on European consoles. The version for the European region is censored, as was Twisted Metal Black.

About the Alterations
Most of the alterations can be found in the cutscenes (first story part). Particular scenes were removed completely, recut or a black screen was inserted.
Moreover, some dialogues were removed.

The actual gameplay itself wasn't censored that much, only two vehicle weapons are affected by that.
Burning enemies, blood splatters on the screen and the civilians (which can be run over bloodily) stayed in the European version. Some details were moderated a little bit by the translation.

Compared for this report was the uncensored US version with the censored European version.

Bonus in the First Edition
In the first edition of Twisted Metal is enclosed a download code for Twisted Metal Black. With the European version you get the known censored version of Twisted Metal Black, while you get the uncensored version with the US version. Additionally, there's also enclosed a download code for a multiplayer skin and the controversial online pass. The multiplayer skin will also be enclosed in the second edition of the US version.

The gameplay itself isn't censored that much and it's not that negative either, compared to the previous game.
The special weapons of two vehicles were slightly altered. Those vehicles are the Meat Wagon (an ambulance) and the Shadow (a funeral car).

The special weapon of the ambulance is the patient bomb, a patient with a bomb tied to the belly. This "bomb" is chained with handcuffs to a stretcher. While the patient is dead in the European version, a living patient is strapped to the stretcher in the US version.

While Driving
The struggling patient can be seen through the open hatchback while driving. For this is hard to see on pictures, this one's just for orientation.

Controlling the Stretcher
If you choose the alternate fire mode, you can control the stretcher. Again the difference between the two versions is clearly visible hear. In the US version, the patient looks around panicky and tries to get free, while there's just a lifeless body lying on the stretcher in the European version.

European VersionUS Version

With the funeral car it's quite equal to the ambulance. In the censored version, it's a real corpse that's lying in the coffin, but in the uncensored US version it's a still living person in the coffin, begging for its life.

European VersionUS Version

Moderated Translation when Destroying an Opponent
The English version (resp. soundtrack) has "You Killed […]!“ when an opponent is destroyed, which was moderated a little bit for the German soundtrack.
It's the same when you, for example, run over opponents (who run around when their vehicle is destroyed).

European Version (German Soundtrack)US Version

The Cutscenes

The cutscenes, which have a nice B movie flair, tell the story of the three playable characters bit by bit. The quality of these scenes is really satisfying, even in the censored European version. This is mostly due to the pretty good dubbing, even though some harder passages were taken out, which is rather negative (dialogues cut or removed from the soundtrack).

Only missing dialogues are listed in this report. Moderated dialogues are not mentioned.

The Twisted Fate of Sweet Tooth The Clown

Overview of Sweet Tooth's Story Part:

"Sweet Tooth" Intro Scene
- four cuts with a total length of 43.76 seconds
- two black screens during depiction of violence
- one differing scene
- one missing subtitle

"Sweet Tooth" Second Cutscene
- one cut with a total length of 53.36 seconds
- three black screens during depiction of violence
- one differing scene
- five removed dialogues

"Sweet Tooth" Last Scene
- one differing scene
- one black screen during depiction of violence
- four removed dialogues

"Sweet Tooth" Intro Scene

In the European version it's not visible how the victim sitting on the floor tries to get away from Sweet Tooth.
Missing dialogue:
Sweet Tooth: „And I toyed with her. I TEASED her!”
Sweet Tooth: „Oh, she was delightful!”
7.2 sec.

In the uncensored US version, the victim tries to hide under the bed. But there she finds another victim of Sweet Tooth and starts screaming. Sweet Tooth comes closer in the background, then he pulls the woman out from under the bed. The scene ends with a black screen. In the censored version is missing the beginning of the following scene (Sweet Tooth shoves his victim against a dresser). The line “But she was a fighter!“ was put in the previous scene in the European version.
23.96 sec.

There's a black screen in the European version when Sweet Tooth gets the scissors rammed into his eye.
The line „That stupid bitch!” is missing in the German soundtrack.

European VersionUS Version

Another short shot with the scissors in the eye was cut and not covered by a black screen.
2.76 sec.

The scene in which Sweet Tooth pulls the scissors out of his eye was also covered by a black screen in the censored European version.

European VersionUS Version

There's missing a dialogue in the European version.
Sweet Tooth: „She needs to be gutted.”
Sweet Tooth: „Then I’ll shove her in my ice box and we’ll be together forever.”
9.84 sec.

The subtitle „Her head in my ice box!” is missing in the European version. The last dialogue comes after this subtitle in the US version, in the European version it was put at this point.
For this picture wasn't censored, it's hard to get the meaning of the missing subtitle.

"Sweet Tooth" Second Cutscene

The scene arrangement shortly after the beginning of the cutscene is different in the two versions.

European VersionUS Version

One line was removed.
Sweet Tooth: „This would be fun.”

In the European version, Sweet Tooth is shown standing in front of a hospital, the camera tracks in on the building - cut.
In the uncensored US version, the camera moves up, showing Sweet Tooth through the windows killing on his way from floor to floor.
There are again missing some lines due to this cut.
Sweet Tooth: „It was like Christmas morning.”
Sweet Tooth: „Every hallway filled with little gifts.”
Sweet Tooth: „Little. Tiny. Blood filled gifts.”
Sweet Tooth: „So many of them tried to fight.”
Sweet Tooth: „I think they wanted to make it fun for me.”
Sweet Tooth: „I think they were happy for me.”
Sweet Tooth: „Looking back, I'm so glad I decided to take the stairs.”
The victims can be heard in the background begging for their life.
53.36 sec.

A line was removed.
Sweet Tooth: „Her sweet stench lingered in the hall...”

And another line, too.
Sweet Tooth: „They all died so easily. ... Except for her.”

Again, the scene with the scissors was censored with a black screen.

European VersionUS Version

Missing line.
Sweet Tooth: „She was a... surprise.”

And again a black screen when Sweet Tooth pulls the scissors out of his eye.

European VersionUS Version

The scene in which the hospital employee gets his name badge bloodily thrown into his head was covered with a black screen in the censored version.

European VersionUS Version

Another line was removed.
Sweet Tooth: „I'll fucking find her.”

"Sweet Tooth" Last Scene

The scene order is different in the two versions.

European VersionUS Version

The suicide, which is only visible as a shadow on the wall in the US version, was covered by a black screen.

European VersionUS Version

Missing lines:
Sweet Tooth: „You will fear Sweet Tooth”
Sweet Tooth: „I will fucking cut your insides out.”
Sweet Tooth: „You will fear me motherfucker.”
Sweet Tooth: You. Will. Fear me.”

Mr. Grimm's Dark Trip Back

Overview of Mr. Grimm's Story Part:

"Mr. Grimm" Intro Scene
The intro scene of Mr. Grimm is uncut.

"Mr. Grimm" Second Cutscene
No cuts in the second cutscene of Mr. Grimm.

"Mr. Grimm" Last Scene
The outro scene of Mr. Grimm is also uncut.

The Madness of Dollface

Overview of Dollface's Story Part:

"Dollface" Intro Scene

"Dollface" Second Cutscene
Also uncut.

"Dollface" Last Scene
Also uncut.


After finishing the game, there are two "secret" epilogues in the end credits to be seen.
They are, equally to the first story part (Sweet Tooth), censored or cut at some points.

Overview of Epilogue 1:
- one cut with a total length of 23.12 seconds
- removed death date on the tombstone

Overview of Epilogue 2:
- one cut with a total length of 3.8 seconds
- one differing scene
- again, removed death date on the tombstone

Epilogue 1

A scene in which Sweet Tooth gets the scissors rammed into his eye was cut in the first epilogue, as in the first part of the story.
The line „He had to have known.“ is lost due to the cut.

The death date of the daughter was removed from the tombstone.

The reason for that may be, that the age of the daughter can be calculated with this date.
Here are two pictures from the US and European version as an example.
(The US version differs here also, in one scene it says "1996 – 2012" on the tombstone, in another "1995 – 2011".)

European VersionUS Version

Epilogue 2

The death date was removed from the tombstone in the second epilogue aswell.

European VersionUS Version

Again, there's a different scene order for the known scene with the scissors in the European version.

European VersionUS Version

While the suicide of the daughter was covered with a black screen in the story part, this scene is missing completely in the epilogue.