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original title: Karei naru erogami-ke no ichizoku: Shins˘ reij˘ wa denki shitsuji no yume o miru ka


  • Regular Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Feb 05, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the regular version (Japanese DVD released by Klock Worx) and the extended version (Austrian DVD released by 8-Films).

- 44 alterations (including 5 scenes with alternative footage)
- Difference in time: 899.9 sec (= 15:00 min)

Erotibot is Naoyuki Tomomatsu's (of Eat the School Girl, Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies and Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl fame) newest movie. Maria Ozawa and Asami are two of the main actresses who are pretty well-known for making porno movies.
This movie is not really recommended, since it's a combination of low-budged-softcore-film with preposterous scenes and a few splatter sequences. The latter especially happens with the title-giving robots, who (correspondant to their physiognomy) have white blood.

On January 31st, 2012, 8-Films (rightholder for the German release of the movie) releases an extended version of the movie in Austria. The speciality of this release is the fact that this - thus far - is the only release of this extended cut (with roughly 15 additional minutes) worldwide! Thus, the cover talks about a "Worldwide exclusive uncensored-fully-restored-uncut-Version", specified by the remark "The Special Extension Version - incl. 15 Min Extended Erotibotic TITS & ASS, Gore and more!".

We could get a copy of this release and as you will see, all extensions only concern the sexscenes. Thus, the advertisement for additional gore is simply wrong; however, the sex scene additions are quite extensive. This doesn't always fit in with the rest of the movie, since some dialogue is repeated and some of the postures of the additional scenes do not blend in with the scenes they were added to - thus you can see why they were cut out in the first place. However, regarding the overall quality of the movie, this won't disturb you too much.
Of course, Erotibot in both versions is far from being a hardcore movie, however you can think of it this way: the regular version is a weird little trash-genre-mix, while the extended ersion is a softcore-film with short splatter sequences. Those viewers who watch the movie because of Maria Ozawa should definitiely watch the extended cut.

For this report, 8-Films provided a screener-DVD that includes the extended version; it was included in it's original Japanese language with German substitles (which you will see on some of the screenshots). The final release will also include a fully dubbed version.

The time designation will be listed as follows:
Japanese DVD (regular version) [NTSC] / Austrian DVD (extended version) [NTSC]
The Japanese DVD starts with a slightly longer black screen (1.3 sec) at the beginning of the movie.

16:23 / 16:22-16:23

When the Erotibot unbuttons the top, the shot begins unspectacularly earlier.

1.6 sec

16:32 / 16:32-16:38

Two shots are unspectacularly longer when he opens the bra.

5.6 sec

16:34 / 16:40-16:43

Ditto, before the bra is finally taken off.

3.1 sec

16:39 / 16:48-17:10

At first you see Tamayo slightly longer, followed by a shot of the Erotibot taking off her skirt, tights, and slip. The latter is taken off while you see a shot of her butt.

22.2 sec

16:45 / 17:16-17:19

Tamayo turns around while you see a shot of her feet.

3.5 sec

16:49 / 17:23-17:26

Two shots are slightly longer at their beginning and end.

2.6 sec

Alternative Footage
16:50-16:51 / 17:27-17:31

In the Extended Version you see Tamayo distinclty longer. In retun, the Regular Version shots to Erotibot a little earlier who's head is still lowered at the beginning of the shot.

Extended Version 2.8 sec longer

Regular VersionExtended Version

16:54 / 17:34-17:35

Erotibot soaps Tamayo's back a little earlier.

1.4 sec

16:56 / 17:37-17:48

He does that distinctly longer. The following shot begins a little earlier.

10.2 sec

17:11 / 18:03-18:04

Tamayo is shown earlier.

1.1 sec

17:21 / 18:14-18:16

An additional shot is slightly longer.

2 sec

17:31 / 18:26-18:51

An additional shot of Erotibot pouring water over Tamayo's body.

25.2 sec

25:46 / 27:06-27:28

Servant 1 (Suketomo) french kisses Tamayo a little longer before they start having sex lying down.
(This results in a continuity error since they are sitting up after the shot of Erotibot.)

21.7 sec

26:34 / 28:16-30:42

Suketomo replies to Tamayo's question whether or not she should be ashamed. Then he extensively touches her breasts; at first, Tamayo seems startled, however, after a while she's aroused.
In the end Suketomo sucks her nipples; you can hear the sounds of his CPU.

Parts of this scene are also included in the Regular Version (see next cut).

146 sec

28:24-29:00 / 32:32

At this point you also in the regular version see Suketomo touching her breasts and sucking her nipples.
However, the order of the scenes is different.

+ 35.5 sec

Alternative Footage
29:00-29:03 / 32:32-33:01

In the Regular Version you see a short shot of Suketomo moving his tongue towards Tamayo's private parts. You can hear the sounds of his CPU.

The Extended Version, however, shows a much longer take of Suketomo (without any mechanic sounds) goes down on her; the action itself is shown longer as well.
The following shot of Tamayo moaning starts a little earlier.

Extended Version 25.8 sec longer

During the rest of the scene you aslo do not hear Suketomo's CPU making noises in the Extended Version; thus, the scene looks more like a "normal" sex scene.

29:11 / 33:09-33:38

Tamayo moans much longer while Suketomo goes down on her.

Parts of the dialogue are repeated (see previous extension), which is probably the reason to why this scene was cut out for the Regular Version...

29.4 sec

Alternative Scene
29:11-29:13 / 33:38-33:55

In the Regular Version the shot of Suketomo performing oral sex was speed up and includes mechanic noises.

The Extended Version instead shows him much longer and in regular speed; there's no mechanic noise whatsoever.
The subsequent shot of Tamayo is shown slightly earlier.

Extended Version 14.8 sec longer

29:19 / 34:01-34:16

He's touching Tamayo's body way longer.

15.2 sec

31:26 / 36:23-37:59

Tamayo goes down on him longer as well.

96 sec

32:44 / 39:17-39:34

When Erotibot "puts his plug in", the Extended Version cuts to Tamayo and Suketomo, who are starting to actually have sex.

16.4 sec

Alternative Footage
33:07-33:18 / 39:57-40:39

Alternative shots of the sex scene. The Regular Version shows more harmless footage and is shorter.

Regular Version

Extended Version

Extended Version 30.7 sec longer

50:10 / 57:31

The first shot of Suketomo - while Lady Tsukiyo (Maria Ozawa) is on top of him - starts slightly earlier.

0.4 sec

50:20 / 57:41-58:03

Lady Tsukiyo is on top of him much longer; the following shot starts earlier, too.

22.4 sec

50:26 / 58:09-58:14

The shot starts earlier and thus you see Lady Tsukiyo's breasts a little longer. Then the camera pans to her face.

4.5 sec

50:37 / 58:25-58:57

More shots of the cowgirl position; at one point the camera zooms away from Lady Tsukiyo's breasts, only to zoom back in a few moments later.
The following shot of Suketomo starts a little earlier, too...

32 sec

50:43 / 59:03-59:05

...and is slightly longer.

2.3 sec

50:50 / 59:12-59:26

Lady Tsukiyo is shown longer.

13.9 sec

50:54 / 59:30-59:32

After the shot of Asami and Ozawa's breasts jiggling in the foreground, the following long shot begins a little earlier...

1.6 sec

50:57 / 59:35-59:55

...and is distinctly longer. The camera zooms to Lady Tsukiyo and when the camera zoomed in really close, the Regular Version continues.

20 sec

51:03 / 60:01-60:12

Again, the scene is longer in the Extended Version.

10.7 sec

52:23 / 61:32-61:39

The shot begins earlier and you can still see Lady Tsukiyo and Sukemoto in the background; the Regular Version continues when the camera panned to Asami.

7.8 sec

52:41 / 61:57-62:01

Lady Tsukiyo gets it on a little longer; the following shot starts slightly longer.

4 sec

53:05 / 62:25-62:37

The shot is longer (Lady Tsukiyo is on top while Asami licks Sukemoto's face).

11.8 sec

53:11 / 62:43-62:49

Asami is shown earlier when she caresses Sukemoto.

6.4 sec

53:31-53:34 / 63:09-63:11

Unexpected things happen: The Regular Version shows this scene a little longer and thus fades out slightly later.

+ 1.5 sec

67:26 / 77:03-77:04

The shot of Tamayo begins a little earlier.

1.5 sec

67:55 / 77:33-78:02

The distance shot is longer; in his dream, Erotibot became human and now cuddles Tamayo a little earlier. The camera zoomed in closer.

28.8 sec

68:04 / 78:11-79:30

He touches her breasts in the same sequence which continues throughout the next few shots.
The following shots from underneath begin way earlier in the Extended Version.

79 sec

68:10 / 79:36-80:28

Erotibot touches Tamayo's private parts way longer; she moans. Then he pulls her panties down.

52.4 sec

68:24 / 80:43-81:53

The scene is shown from the same perspective; additionally, Erotibot touches her breasts again.
The following shot starts earlier as well.

70.2 sec

68:34 / 82:03-83:29

Erotibot goes to action way longer. While he does so, he strokes Tamayo's hair. Then follow some more sex scenes from various perspectives.

86.7 sec

68:34-68:40 / 83:29

Short parts of 2 sequences from the previous scenes which seemed to fit in here were added in the Regular Version.

+ 6.1 sec

Alternative Footage
68:57-69:02 / 83:47-84:01

The Regular Version fades to white a little earlier, while the Extended Version shows a longer backwards tracking shot.
Then, the Extended Version fades from white to the next shot of Tamayo, while the Regular Version does not have a fading effect at the beginning of this scene.

Extended Version 9.2 sec longer