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  • US DVD (FRF)
  • VHS (Aubdon)
Release: Oct 19, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Several movies of Radley Metzger were released by FRF (distributed by Image Entertainment) in a special Metzger DVD series. Among them "Score" in a heavily censored version.

Some information about the movie: Score is not (as this censorship-report could make one think) pornography. It's sex-farce with great dialogues, it's well directed and has a great soundtrack.

According to a post from the Imdb board Metzger was involved in this release and authorized it. However, this censored version is not recommendable. First of all, the explicit scene cause the movie to have a totally different effect on the viewer and secondly, the additional cuts destroy the great soundtrack.

According to Imdb, about 30 minutes of hardcore material was removed for the DVD release. This claim is questionable. In comparison with the VHS from Aubdon only 7 minutes are missing and not only HC scenes.

The pictures in this censorship-report are kept "soft" deliberately. The only explicit pictures are the oral-sex and masturbation between Jackie and Eddie. No details are shown in the the lesbian and penetration scenes.


US DVD: 84:38 min.
Aubdon VHS: 91:47 min.

Jack helps Eddie to take off his shoes.

18 sec.


Part of the zoom-in on Elvira is missing.

2 sec.


Elvira caresses Betsy's body.

6 sec.


The shot begins a little earlier here. It is shown how the hands "unite".

9 sec.


The pan shot over Jackie and Eddie continues and Jack's erect penis becomes visible.

10 sec.


Part of the lesbian scene is missing.

19 sec.


Again, a part from the lesbian scene is missing.

After that Eddie and Jack hold each other's penises.

1:36 min.


The zoom-in on Eddie continues. After that Jack makes a step toward him.

6 sec.


A short shot showing how Jack is being pleased orally by Eddie is missing.

1 sec.


This time a longer sequence of Eddie receiving oral sex from Jack is missing.

49 sec.


Again, oral sex scenes between Eddie and Jackie are missing.

36 sec.


The camera pans down Jack's body.

3 sec.


Elvira presents are pubic area longer.

3 sec.


The scene where Betsy caresses Elvira's pubic area is missing.

4 sec.


The camera pans around Eddie and Jack, Jack's erect penis is shown.

13 sec.


Part of the love scene is missing, in-between there is an inter-cut to Eddie and Jack.

15 sec.


It is briefly shown how Eddie approaches Jack's pubic area.

0,5 sec.


Now Jack is pleased orally by Eddie.

6 sec.


One shot of the oral sex between Jack and Eddie was removed.

5 sec.


Betsy satisfies Elvira orally.

3 sec.


Again, part of the oral sex between both couples is missing.

4 sec.


Same as with the last cut. First a cut to Eddie and Jack, then one to Elvira and Betsy.

10 sec.


Jack and Eddie are pleasing each other gegenseitig in the 69. position.

32 sec.


Here, the uncensored version shows a shot in which Betsy is being pleased by Elvira. The DVD shows an alternative scene of Betsy.

VHS: 2 sec.
DVD: 3 sec.


The "love game" between Elvira and Betsy is shown in the mirror.

8 sec.


Elvira penetrates Betsy.

6 sec.


Again part of the love scene between Elvira and Betsy is missing.

8 sec.


Jack penetrates Eddie.

17 sec.


A short part of the penetration is missing.

3 sec.


Dito: Eddie and Jack have fun in bed and change their position.

24 sec.


And again Jack and Eddie.

4 sec.