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Sister Emanuelle

original title: Suor Emanuelle


  • US DVD
  • Danish DVD
Release: Jul 22, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US-DVD from Severin and the Danish DVD from Another World Entertainment.

Monica is sent, due to her behavior, to a Christian boarding school (which is run by nuns) by her father. Sister Emanuelle takes care of her, but innocently looking Monica turns out a devil in disguise who bewitches not only Emanuelle and her roommate, but also an escaped convict...

On the AWE DVD you can for the first time find the more explicit hardcore version of this movie. The missing scenes were taken from a VHS tape, but there is no significant difference in picture quality. At ca. [01:02:30] there is an insertion from the VHS tape, too, however of a scene which is included in the soft version anyhow (Emanuelle changing).
There are just two really explicit scenes which last in total ca. 6 secs.: Monica's oral intercourse with the conductor and the (rather short) insertion of a penis during the dream sequence between Emanuelle and Rene. The remaining material consists of extensions of already existing soft scenes.
Contrary to the (rather unnecessary) new hardcore scenes, the extensions seem like fitting parts of the movie. This can be seen quite well during the scene where Emanuelle and the tied up Monica are fooling around. In the soft version, there is a rather severe cut. Monica has just been tied up and all of a sudden, she is almost naked.

The missing scenes can be found in the bonus material of the US DVD. However, this just mentioned scene of Emanuelle and Monica is of much worse quality than on the AWE DVD.
It is further noticeable that during the lesbian scene of Monica and her stepmother, the first insertion of hardcore material is made at a different spot, but that is of no real significance. However, some shots of Monica pleasing her stepmother orally before her father enters the room are missing there. Those shots are included in the soft version. On it is mentioned that said shots are missing in the Italian version, too, so presumably this version was used for the deleted scene.
During the fellatio scene between Monica and the conductor, the alternative material of the soft version is included in the deleted scenes, just directly after the hardcore insertion.

Which version/DVD can be recommended best?

The hardcore version on the AWE DVD can be recommended best. Unfortunately, it is only available in 1.66:1 aspect ratio. The soft version included on this DVD has an aspect ratio of 1.78:1. Both versions have an English soundtrack.

The US DVD version has the advantage of both English and Italian (with optional English subtitles) soundtracks.

If one doesn't need the Italian soundtrack, as the English dubbing is quite good, one should get hold of the AWE DVD, or buy both DVDs.
Comparison of picture:

Another World Entertainment hardcore:

Another World Entertainment soft version:



AWE SC: 88:15 mins. (PAL)
AWE HC: 91:39 mins. (PAL)
Severin: 91:52 mins. (NTSC)

Different material was used during the oral intercourse scene between Monica and the conductor.



HC: 4 secs.
SC: 3 secs.


After Monica has undressed in front of Rene, this scene continues a bit: she is stroking her body with her hands.

HC: 8 secs.


When Emanuelle is bending over, you can see a short cut to a penis in the HC version. In the SC version, there is no such cut and you still see Emanuelle.


HC: 2 secs.
SC: 2 secs.


During the love scene between Monica and her stepmother, different material was used.



HC: 15 secs.
SC: 2 secs.


In the HC version you can see Monica picking up a banana and peeling it. She and her stepmother each take a small bite and afterwards, Monica moves the banana over her stepmother's body.

And another shot of Monica and her stepmother during their fooling around.

HC: 1:17 mins.


A somewhat longer shot of Monica and Emanuelle playing around after Emanuelle has tied her up is missing.

HC: 1:48 mins.


On the Danish DVD, the castle after the end credits can be seen a bit longer, whereas on the US DVD, there is a black screen.



HC: 42 secs.
SC: 42 secs.