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Puppet Master


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated Version
Release: Jun 30, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated Version and the Unrated Version

The first of nine "Puppet master" movies belongs to the best of the series, beside part two and three. Starting with the fourth movie the series became more and more tame. The eighth movie "Puppet Master: The Legacy" contains almost only puppet scenes and can be considered as something like a "Best Of" of the series.

The first DVD from Full Moon/Koch contained only the R-Rated Version. Only in the year 2008 has been released on DVD in the USA. Also on this DVD is a 3D version of the movie, but that is not really worth the effort.

R-Rated = 85:00 Min.
Unrated = 86:35 Min.
00:00 The Paramount logo is missing in the R-Rated.
18 Sec.

11:02 After Andre Toulon has shot himself, this shot is longer.
0,7 Sec.

11:03 Beginning of a shot of the dead Toulon.
1,4 Sec.

48:45 Blade looks through the key hole and the camera zooms in. Then we see Frank and Megan having sex and the camera zooms in even closer.
7,5 Sec.

48:50 End of a shot of the both having sex.
0,8 Sec.

48:56 The camera moves around the two as they have sex.
11,4 Sec.

49:05 Once again - more sex.
8,7 Sec.

60:09 We see Dana sitting there gasping after Blade has cut her with the knife. As she takes the hand from her throat we can see a deep cut.
1,9 Sec.

72:47 Neil hits Alex in the face three more times.
10 Sec.

72:59 Neil hits him again.
4,7 Sec.

75:19 As Tunneler digs himself into Neils leg the shot is longer.
0,4 Sec.

76:41 Neil holds onto the ceiling of the elevator and looks at his right hand. Three fingers are missing and green blood squirts out.
5,8 Sec.

76:45 More shots of him and his disfigured hand.
6,4 Sec.

76:50 End of a shot of Neil on the floor as Pinhead grabs his head.
4,4 Sec.

77:04 End of the shot of Blade stabbing into Neils hand.
0,3 Sec.

77:28 Tunneler digs into Neils throat. Green blood gushes out.
2,2 Sec.

77:40 Longer shot of Blade sticking his hook hand into Neils mouth..
1,8 Sec.

77:48 Longer shot of Ms. Leech yucking up a leech.
2,4 Sec.

78:40 Shot of Neil with a leech in his mouth. The following close up of Tunneler digging into his throat is shorter in the R-Rated.
4 Sec.

85:00 After the ending credits the Paramount logo is shown again.
5,1 Sec.