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original title: La bestia nello spazio


  • Unrated
  • Hardcore Version
Release: Mar 09, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Unrated and the Hardcore Version released by Severin.

In search of Antalium (a very important metal) captain Larry Madison and his crew end up on a so far uncharted planet. There, a megalomaniac supercomputer and Onaf (a hary hybrid, half man half whatsoever) reign over everything.

"Beast in Space" is one of Alfonso Brescia's Sc-Fi movies, released in the late 70's/early 80's. The movie is a weird mix of cheap cardboard backdrops, odd "future logic" and a lot of sleaze - to put it another way: entertaining as hell! The movie's climax (about an hour into the movie) is an orgy on the mysterious planet and the appearance of the "Beast in Space". Contentual the scene reminds one of "La BÍte" from Borowczyk (ironically Sirpa Lane, main actress in "La BÍte" again has to serve as the victim). For the XXX-Version some more explicit material was added, as well as a rubber penis for the Beast.

It is not easy to tell what is the "right" version of the movie. The rubber penis of course adds up to the movie's abstrusity but the rest of the HC-material is rather uninteresting. If you really are interested in this movie it is worth to buy both versions, since both include different bonus material. If you just want to take a gender I recomment the unrated version.

The images all originate from the unrated version.
Running time:

Unrated: 92:01 min.
XXX: 91:03 min.

When Onaf drops his robe, the XXX version includes an alternative scene where you can see his penis.

UN: 1 sec.
XXX: 1 sec.


Again you can see the penis in the XXX version.

UN: 4 sec.
XXX: 4 sec.


Onaf runs square to Sondra.

UN: 2 sec.
XXX: 3 sec.


In the XXX version there is a cut to Onaf's Penis while in the unrated version you see a tracking shot down his legs.

UN: 3 sec.
XXX: 2 sec.


In the unrated version you see Onaf's hoofs, in the XXX version you see his penis.

UN: 1 sec.
XXX: 2 sec.


Alternative scenes:

When Sondra is raped you can (in the XXX version) see that Onaf uses his penis, in the unrated version you see some "softer" scenes.

Strictly speaking, there are again and again scenes that are identical in both versions. For the sake of simplicity, the cuts are just taken together here.

UN: 44 sec.
XXX: 45 sec.


The XXX version offers pretty explicit material of the couple having sexual intercourse, while the unrated version shows alternative footage (e.g. cuts to Sondra and Madison).

In between there are short scenes that are included in both versions.

UN: 1:28 min.
XXX: 1:29 min.


The XXX version offers a short HC-scene of the couple, in the unrated version there is a cut to Madison.

UN: 3 sec.
XXX: 3 sec.


As before there is a cut to Madison instead of a short HC-scene.

UN: 6 sec.
XXX: 5 sec.


While the unrated version cuts to Sondra, the XXX version offers an explicit scene of the couple having sexual intercourse.

UN: 3 sec.
XXX: 3 sec.


You can see the couple having sexual intercourse (XXX version), while in the unrated version there's a cut to Madison.

UN: 4 sec.
XXX: 4 sec.


In the flashback scene there is a more explicit scene of Sondra's rape (XXX version).

UN: 1 sec.
XXX: 1 sec.