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1.04 Am I a Winner?


  • Movie Version
  • TV Version
Release: Mar 03, 2016 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the cut US DVD by Artisan Entertainment (Not Rated / Movie Version) and the uncut German DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment (FSK 16 / TV Version).

The differences:

7 cuts = 11 minutes and 2 seconds.

In an experimental laboratory, janitor Harlan Williams gets contaminated by mysterious chemicals set free by an explosion. Due to radiation, he slowly mutates in a mysterious way. The government intends to figure out what happened to Harlan at any cost so they assign their best and most cold-blooded agent. Harlan, his wife Gina and the wonderful and young head of security Terry are in grave danger. They run from the brutal killer while Toddhunter, head of science and a totally obsessed professor, keeps experimenting. He intends to finish his secret object successfully, no matter what the cost.

The miniseries produced for US TV is based on an idea by Stephen King who also wrote most parts of the screenplay. All in all, 7 episodes with a total length of more than 6 hours were produced (among them a two-part episode). The ratings were not exactly satisfying though and they got lower with every episode. For that reason, the decision not to continue the show - as originally planned - was made. Unfortunately, the last episode ended with a cliffhanger because further were originally planned - as already mentioned. For the VHS and DVD release, a second alternate ending that ends the story was shot. Also, the running time of more than 6 hours was lowered to almost 4 hours in order to release it as a feature film. Apparently, the studio did not want to "torture" the audience with a feature film longer than 6 hours one more time. As for the actors, there are some quite familiar faces in Golden Years - such as Frances Sternhagen, Ed Lauter and R.D. Call. Especially fans of The X-Files should not be oblivious to the last two actors.

The Movie Version with a lack of story elements and an actual ending is available on VHS and DVD worldwide. In the Netherlands, the longer TV Version has been released on DVD by Video/FilmExpress. In Germany, it has been released on DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment. It is doubtful that the cliffhanger ending from the TV Version is available in the bonus features somewhere...
0 Min
Recap and end credits are missing.
2 min 8 sec

10 Min
With the shot of Andrews in the car, the TV Version fades off. Then a black screen, followed by a shot of Terry on the way to the entrance.
5 sec

22 Min
Extended shot of Andrews driving. A shot of Terry, Gina and Harlan leaving the house. Terry asks Gina if she had a lipstick and if she could borrow it. Gina passes it to her. Terry then asks Harlan for the house key and goes back inside. Harlan approaches Gina and asks "Do you still think we can trust he?". Gina says "Yes". Then they get to the car.
40 sec

24 Min
Extended shot of Andrews in front of the mirror with Terry's message. The TV Version fades out. Then Andrew at the shooting range. He is reloading his weapon. A sequence that illustrates what is going on Andrew's mind follows: He and Terry are talking in some room. A man in the room next door screams because he is getting tortured by by Andrew's goon. Terry tells Andrews to tell his guy to stop.
Andrews: Give me five more minutes!
Terry: He won't last that long! You've got everything that kid knows! It ends now!
Andrews: Can't do it! Sorry!
Terry throws a map with pictures in his direction and says: You'd better be wrong!
Andrew looks at the pictures. They show Andrew executing somebody and holding aloft the severed head. Andrew wants to know how Terry got these pictures.
Terry: It doesn't matter! What matters is that these are only copies! So you call off your friend Rafael or you'll about yourself in the paper! All the news that's fot to print!
Andrews: What's the matter with you, Terry? Been taking stupid pills? When did that start?
Terry: Around the time you started to enjoy your work!
Andrews: You won't go though with it! You haven't got the guts!
We now see Andrews back in reality. At the shooting range, he aims at the target an fires off several shots. He then thinks of himself and Terry again.
Terry: I've got the guts! And guess what! For a limited time only... Oh, look! The photographs have a soundtrack! Isn't that special? To apply pressure, she now shows him a tape.
Andrews: What if I just kill you? Short circuit that quacking mouth of yours for once and all!
Terry: You'll be a worldwide attraction! Bigger than Michael Jackson!
Andrews: What happened to you?
Terry: No... The question is... What in the hell's happening to you? She holds the pictures right in front of his face. Andrews does not like the pictures in his face and changes that. Then he runs backwards. More screaming as a result of the ongoing torture follows. Andrews opens the opens and tells his goon to stop. Then Andrews at the shooting range again. He keeps firing off some rounds and imagines he was shooting at Terry.
3 min 29 sec

33 Min
At the police station, the Sheriff hands over pictures of the hostages to his men.
Sheriff: We have photos of each of the hostages! We know that he's armed! But I want everyone to keep their weapons holstered! He's a confused old man who probably doesn't even remember what he's done! We don't want anyone to get hurt! Any questions? His men shake their heads and leave.

Terry makes a turn. Then we are inside the car.
Gina: Why did you turn off? You said we'd be safe on 20 for at least two hours!
Terry: I know! I thought we would be, but the road was getting warm!
Harlan: How do you know that?
Terry: It's just something you feel! Okay?
Harlan: Yeah, I think I felt something myself!
Terry: You're okay, Pop! You may just have a chance after all!
1 min 22 sec

42 Min
Terry, Gina and Harlan leave in the stolen meat wagon. A boy watches them drive off. Then he runs to the non-locked car Terry left behind. He calls for his buddies and gets in.
53 sec

45 Min
Shot of Harlan and Gina in the car. Then the camera pans to Terry behind the wheel.

At the police station, Fredericks yells at the Sheriff that he was the one in charge and that he did not want to have Officer Feronda around any longer. Andrews shows up and the Sheriff says goodbye. A conversation between Andrews and Fredericks follows.
Andrews: I hope you're not going to disappoint me!
Fredericks: I've had this thing ready for hours! ? hands Andrew the information on a sheet.
?: What good will it do? Seven cars have been reported missing!
Andrews: This is everything? Cars, trucks, motorcycles?
Fredericks: Yep, including the hearse!
Andrews: What hearse?
Fredericks: The cops say they have a very distressed undertaker from the town of Crowswood on their hands! Seems he parked his hearse at the mall at Rockbury to watch a movie, then came back out and the hearse was gone!
Andrews: And these kids boosted Terry's car from the very same mall?
Fredericks: You don't think...
Andrews: I know! It's what I'd do!
Fredericks: Smart Woman!
Andrews: Yeah, she ought to be! I trained her! You got the hearse's license number?
Fredericks: No, but I'll get it!
Fredericks runs away when the conversation is over. Andrews picks up the phone and calls General Crewes. The camera zooms in on Andrews, then the end credits.
2 min 25 sec