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  • German DVD
Release: Jun 16, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut UK DVD by Metrodome / In2Film (BBFC PG) and the uncut German FSK 16 DVD by Universal / Koch Media.

There are missing 1 minute and 19.5 seconds within 8 scenes.

Two scenes had to be cut to get a PG rating for the theatrical release of the movie (condom in Howard's wallet / tentacle tongue in the cigarette lighter socket). This version was then released by CIC Video in 1987 on VHS with the same rating. The later PG DVD release by Metrodome was cut more heavily. All scenes with sexual content were removed, among others. But an uncut DVD with a BBFC 12 rating was also released in the UK.
3 min
The uncut version has Howard looking at the cover of the magazine, after he took it out of the envelope. He opens the magazine and says something like: Let's see who you interviewed this month!. He inspects "Miss October" and says that some of her body parts are obviously lifted.
11 sec.

11 min
Howard starts up a bit and looks around when the room starts shaking from the quake. The UK version sets in again when he drops the magazine.
3 sec.

18 min
Beverly finds a condom in Howard's wallet. At first, she's a little bit confused, but then she can't suppress a little smile. She puts the condom back into the wallet.
8 sec.

27 min
Howard pushes a wagon with towels and massage oil through the corridors of the sauna/massage club and shakes his head while looking at some couples kissing and touching each other. He says that the mating season has begun, apparently.
22 sec.

27 min
A couple is making out in the hot tub. The door opens and the guy enters accompanied by Howard. Howard tells him in panic that he can't swim. The UK version sets in again when the guy pushes Howard into the hot tub.
4.5 sec.

28 min
Howard comes up to the surface and gasps for air. The kissing couple can be seen in the background. Howard asks himself why something like that happens to him of all people.
8 sec.

29 min
Some cuts were made when Howard is standing in front of the store window looking at the TVs, where he sees for example reports about the duck hunting season or commercials for roast duck. The following things are missing: Daffy Duck gets squashed by a demolition ball and in another show, a hunter is giving an interview, in which he says that a hunter can shoot about 15 ducks. Howard makes a disgusted and scared face.
5 sec.

68 min
A tentacle tongue comes out of Jenning's mouth and slowly moves towards Beverly, who is screaming and raising her hands in disgust. The tongue keeps moving and Jenning thrusts it into the cigarette lighter socket. An electric current, which Jenning needs to recharge his energy, is flowing through the tongue. The beginning of the part with the approaching truck was also shortened.
18 sec.