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Cathy's Curse

original title: Cauchemares


  • US Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Oct 22, 2017 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the US Theatrical Version and the Director's Cut. Both are included on the US Blu-ray released by Severin.

George Gimble and his mother flee from their father in a cloak-and-dagger operation. The latter stays behind wiht his daughter. He angrily chases the mother with his car, however, he has anaccident and burns along with Laura. Years later, George, his wife Vivian and their daughter Cathy return to his childhood residence so that Vivian can recover from a mental breakdown. While seeking through the attic, Cathy finds an old puppet that has a negetive effect on her. She pushes the maid out of the window, injures kids from the neighborhood while playing and turns the janitor into an alcoholic. A medium finds out, that Cathy is possessed by Laura's ghost. Will George and Vivian break the curse?

"Cathy's Curse" is a solid movie that tried to cash in on the amazing success of "The Exorcist". As a result, the movie about a posessed kid uses a lot of well-known sequences - such as the murder of adults, hovering objects and heavy swearing. The ending is rather anti-climactic and leaves open a lot of questions. Yet, if you get yourself into the rather calm storytelling, you will most definitively be entertained.

The Canadian movie apparently was a little too long for American studios. As a result, 9 minutes were missing when it hit the American theaters in 1980. Additionally, they added two title cards to clarify the story. By now, the movie is public domain and thus included on numerous DVDs (among others released by Mill Creek, Brentwood and Alpha Video). Severin gave the movie a US Blu-ray-release. Besides the theatrical version it also includes the uncut Canadian version (which here is called Director's Cut). Quality-wise, this release is much better than the cheap DVD-releases.
Most cuts in the US-version revolve around the plot, mainly in the first half of the movie. The family's arrival at the house is shown longer and there is a new scene where George and Cathy are cooking for the sick mother. Also, there are several trivial scenes of Cathy opening doors. Also, the aforementioned title cards are missing. Apart from that, there are some minor cuts that probably resultet from film tears during the reel change. The US version is not worse, especially, since the movie gets interesting quicker. It might even be the preferred version for a first view.

By the way - you can legally watch the movie on - the image quailty is pretty bad, though.

US Version: 81:49 min.
Director's Cut: 90:44 min.

The US version begins with the information that Geroge Gimble's mother had separated him from his father and sister.

US Version: 6 sec.


The Director's Cut includes longer opening credits along with additional shots of the burning car.

Director's Cut: 37 sec.


The Director's Cut shows the title. The US version instead uses a title card that explains that George will return to his childhood home.

US Version:

Director's Cut:

US Version: 8 sec.
Director's Cut: 3 sec.


Mary – a maid – says, that she had never believed she would ever work in this house again. She hopes that Mrs. Gimble will find some rest. She calls for Paul and asks him for the time. Then she says that her car should come soon. She feels very sorry that the Gimbles have lost their newborn baby. The car comes up and George gets out.

The US Version instead simply displays the date.

US Version:

Director's Cut:

Director's Cut: 50 sec.
US Version: 6 sec.


George finds his mother's sewing kit, the bookshelf and his father's chair. He walks to the next room and finds out, that the statue is still in its place. When he picks it up, the arm falls off. He thinks that this can be repaired. Then he goes over to Vivian and tells her, that she should not feel like in a museum. Everything can be changed. Then he tells her, that Mary could help with the housework so that Vivian can rest.

Director's Cut: 1:40 min.


Cathy sits at the breakfast table and repeats a rhyme about Jack and Jill. Vivian halts because she feels uncomfortable.

Director's Cut: 24 Sek.


Vivian looks at the garden. Then George joins her, accompanied by three children. The latter explain that they went for a walk. George asks, why they had to walk around on his porperty. Then the doorbell rings and Margaret – the three kids' mother – appears. She apologizes for their behavior. They all introduce each other. Vivian suggests that they could meet up again. Margaret thinks that this is a good idea and leaves.

Director's Cut: 1:33 Min.


Cathy walks upstairs and takes a look at the different rooms. We can hear the vacuum, im the background.

Director's Cut: 35 sec.


George stands at the window and smokes. Then he goes back to the desk to repair the statue. He brings the statute back to its place when he hears the dog whimpering outside. He walks over and pets it. He thinks, that the dog has to get used to the new home first.

Director's Cut: 1:23 min.


The love scene starts earlier in the Director's Cut. The camea pans to Vivian and George who kiss on the bed.

Director's Cut: 26 sec.


Vivian jumps up in bed while Cathy smashes her head on her pillow.

Director's Cut: 5 sec.


Cathy comes down. Her father calms her down and says that they have to take care of her mother. She will probably be better soon, he says.

After that we see George and Cathy in the kitchen. They make an omelette together. She seems to know where all the necessary things – such as the pan – are. Cathy takes the tray wand walks upstairs.

Director's Cut: 1:33 min.


In the Director's Cut we see Paul walking into the kitchen. The US version fades out and cuts to the scene when he sits down.

Director's Cut:

US Version:

Director's Cut: 5 sec.
US Version: 2 sec.


Cathy is shown earlier. In the next shot, we see Laura earlier holding the puppet.

Director's Cut: 4 sec.