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original title: Mondo dei sensi di Emy Wong, Il


  • Theatrical Version
  • Uncut Version
Release: Jul 06, 2015 - Author: Magiccop - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the German VHS tape released by Screen Entertainment (theatrical version) and the US DVD released by Exploitation Digital (uncut version) und der

Regarding the English title, audiences might think that this is an erotic movie in the style of the Emmanuelle or Black Emanuelle movies, however, instead it is a love drama movie with a few erotic scenes.

The original theatrical version that was released on many VHS tapes missed out on 14 minutes which not only means that the audience will miss out on a few important details, but additionally the ending seems pretty different.

Both versions also include a few film tears. Most of them are shorter than 0.5 to 1.5 seconds, therefore they will not be mentioned below.
34:31 After the ship berthed at the jetty, the theatrical version misses out on Emy and George walking through the city together while talking. While doing so they completely forget about teh time and the ship leaves the harbor. Emy suggests that they could visit both their fathers. Said and done. Emy introduces George to her father who shows George his garden with a lot of bonsai trees. Meanwhile, Emy prepares lunch. They talk for a while.
215 sec

58:57 Emy writes a letter. She starts to cry and her father comes in to calm her down. She says that George does not answer any of her letters. The father says that everything will be all right in the end.
71.5 sec

77:59 Towards the end there is a longer, very important block of scenes: You can see Emy and George inside a restaurant. He is happy to be back with her, yet Emy seems a little down. When a man enters the store, Emy behaves weird and wants to leave. After all, the man used to be one of her customers. He comes to the table, waves a few banknotes and says that he is one of the greatest whores around.

Of course, George has no idea what is going on and wants to punch the guy. A brawl breaks out and George wins.

When he goes back to the table, he blacks out and collapses. Emy runs to him and calls for help.

Subsequently there are a few scenes in the hospital where Emy sits at Georges sickbed. A doctor and former colleague of Emy comes into the room and asks what is going on. When Emy tells him what happened, the doctor says that they have to do a few more tests.

Subsequently we see Emy in front of the room waiting for the doctor. When he comes, he tells her that George suffers from an incurable disease. He will wake up from the coma, however, he does not have much time left.

The beginning of the scene of Helen and Emy is missing, too. Helen tells her that she and her colleague knew about George's status. However, they were not brave enough to tell her.

Overall runtime: 351 sec

78:06 Helen and Emy hug a little longer and Helen apologizes for what she did to the two of them.

Subsequently we see George and Emy in the hospital. George gets ready to leave the hospital and tells her that he wants to marry her right away. Emy looks afraid.

Overall runtime: 39.5 sec

79:30 George and Emy are in each others arms. Suddenly, George has a seizure and dies in Emy's arms. Emy can't take it, gets a knife from her drawer and stabs herself in the stomach. She falls down next to her husband and just before she dies, she takes his hand.
180.5 sec

80:43 On the US-DVD, the music goes on a little longer in front of a black screen.
26 sec