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original title: La collina degli stivali


  • International Version
  • Long Version
Release: Aug 26, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the international Version taken from the old German DVD by New KSM and the restored long version taken from the new German DVD by Studio Canal

39 differences, consisting of
* 25 extensions in the long version
* 12 recuts
* 2 cuts in the long version

Running time difference: 275,5 sec (= 4:36 min)

A few mastering mistakes in the longer version, which are all shorter than 0,5 sec, will not be mentioned here. The running time difference due to the different credits was not counted for the comparison either.

The new German DVD

The new DVD by Studio Kanal, which was released on July 19th 2012 contains the to date longest version of this Spencer/Hill classic. The Italian DVD featured this version of the movie, but only in a zoomed in 1,85:1 ratio with bad picture quality. However, the new French DVD also features the newly restored high quality footage and probably was the source for the new German release. The result looks pretty nice and definitely better than some of the older releases containing the international version. Possibly this is just the original version of the film, but since there were almost only shorter versions released so far we are going to call it "long version" here, as can also be read on the back of the DVD.

A major part of the additional material could already be seen in the German comedy version of the movie, which was based on the long version but lacking some of the scenes of the international version. Additionally, there are some recuts and rearrangements of scenes to be found especially in the second half of the movie.
The "integral version" on the old German DVD is a kind of selfmade version, in which the international version was used as a basis (in term of scene alignment). Then, some incomplete footage with bad quality was added and the result can be called nothing but not recommendable.

However, there are two new scenes in this long version that sum up to almost half a minute and are marked as "exclusively in the long version". There are also some cuts marked with *, those were included in the comedy version but not in the integral version. These explain why the difference between comedy version and integral version is longer than the mentioned 30 seconds.

However, there are also two cuts in the long version! In the finale, there is a short shot of Tom that can be found in the international and comedy version but not in the long version. The shot of the two brothers jumping to another roof is also shorter than in the comedy version although it is based on the long version. Both missing shots are only minor details, but it is a pity that there is still no complete version of this movie.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
Old German DVD in PAL / New German DVD in PAL

An additional company logo at the beginning of the new German DVD (not counted for the running time difference).

5,2 sec


The credits differ.

Old German DVDNew German DVD

03:14 / 03:19-04:06

A clown is advertising for a circus. The only cowboy listening to him does not seem to be very impressed. The beginning of the following shot of the dancer is missing is lacking a second as well.

46,6 sec

05:49 / 06:41-06:56

Hill is crouching half a second longer, then the action with the 'flying men' starts.

15,2 sec

07:26 / 08:34-08:45

Additional first shots in the circus. At first the 'flying men', then the audience. Another cut to Hill's pursuer, who discovers a window which the former obviously used to flee. The international version starts again when the trapeze artists can be seen.

11,3 sec

08:02 / 09:21-09:26

Additional shot of the pursuers.

5,3 sec

08:11 / 09:35-09:38

More shots of Hill and his pursuers.

3,2 sec

* 09:13 / 10:40-10:43

A first shot of the serious looking boy and a cut to Tom looking back and winking at him.

3,2 sec *

09:59 / 11:29-11:37

Mamy is talking longer to his horses, he thinks they eat too much.

7,4 sec

14:33 / 16:11-16:20

More dialog between Mamy and Tom while digging.

9,4 sec

17:43 / 19:30-19:37

The shot is longer, Mamy takes his hat and puts it on a crystal ball.

7,1 sec

17:52 / 19:46-19:51

Two shots are longer at the end/beginning.

4,8 sec

* 19:35 / 21:34-21:36

Two additional shots of Mamy and the showmen before the former starts talking to Hill.

2,1 sec *

31:59-33:06 / 34:00

In the international version (IV), the introduction scene with Bud Spencer can be seen here: His colleague Baby Doll is chopping wood while Bud Spencer is fishing. However, he is not really paying attention and Baby Doll has to wake him up when a fish actually bites.

+ 66,4 sec

34:18 / 35:12-36:19

The same scene can be found in the long version (= LV) not before Hill has relaxed a bit and immediately before he is riding into the town with Tom. An insignificant second more at the end.

67,4 sec

* 45:54 / 47:55-47:57

Hill and Spencer can be seen a bit longer.

1,9 sec *

48:39 / 50:43-51:10

An additional scene after Moore went into the hotel with Fisher: Mamy and Spencer are talking in the carriage.

27 sec

Immediately after the last extension, a realignment of scenes resp. a large recut follows. There are also two shots, which can only be seen in the long version and two more extensions.

The first thing to follow is an overview of the different scene blocks, afterwards a description of the additional footage during the recut scenes.

International Version

Before the recut:
Moore and Fisher go into the hotel.

Scene block 1:
- Moore talks to Fisher and goes to the room. He hears someone begging for his rights.
- The showmen talk with Sharp and the McAdams house is being shot at.
- Moore notices the midget clown entering the room through the fireplace. He wakes Moore and gives him a note.

Scene block 2:
- Moore notices in a gathering that all of the inhabitants of the land are already dead and Fisher is staking out his claims.
- The circus workers erect the tent.

Following Scene:
The midgets are announcing the artists in the circus.

Long Version

Before the recut:
- Moore and Fisher go into the hotel.
- Spencer and Mamy talk in the carriage.

Scene Block 2:
- Moore notices in a gathering that all of the inhabitants of the land are already dead and Fisher is staking out his claims.
- The circus workers erect the tent.

Scene Block 1:
- Moore talks to Fisher and goes to the room. With two extensions. He hears someone begging for his rights.
- The showmen talk with Sharp and the McAdams house is being shot at. With an additional shot at the beginning.
- Moore notices the midget clown entering the room through the fireplace. He wakes Moore and gives him a note.

Following Scene:
The midgets are announcing the artists in the circus.

Exclusively in the Long Version
49:01 / 55:34-55:43

A bit more dialog between Fsiher and Moore, who says that the death rate seems to be quite high in that area.

9,4 sec

Exclusively in the Long Version
49:44 / 56:26-56:48

There is an additional scene before Moore can be seen in his room.

The quiet village can be seen, the camera tracks backwards and it becomes obvious that this is the view from Moore's window. He turns around and walks around the IV starts again when Mr. Pitt enters the picture.

22,4 sec

* 50:46 / 57:50-58:19

The landscape can be seen, then the camera pans to the hideout of the showmen. The midget stands in the front guarding it before entering.

28,6 sec *

* 55:44 / 52:46-52:50

Moore scornfully looks to Fisher's assistant, who can then be seen.

4 sec *

58:19 / 61:57-62:22

The parade of the midget clowns is interrupted by an additional scene of the gathering. Two more dead people are found and Moore leaves the room.

24,8 sec

Long Version cut
73:23-73:24 / 76:25

A shot from the side of Tom is missing, although it appears in both the IV and the comedy version.

+ 1,3 sec

There is a quite extensive (but not very spectacular) recut during the showdown. Several shots were realigned, e.g. the IV shows the protagonists first, then the pursuers, whereas it is the other way round in the LV. The two versions therefore create different emphases, the viewing experience is still mostly the same.
Readers not interested in this can concentrate on the real extensions that follow, those are kept in bold and feature screenshots.

74:16-74:28 / 78:17

Earlier in the IV: Baby Doll, Spencer/Hill and Tom walk around in an additional shot, dialog between Spencer/Hill.

+ 12,6 sec

74:38 / 78:27-78:58

The same shot can be seen 10 seconds later in the LV. Then another shot of the pursuers, which was inserted later in the IV (see next alteration).

31,1 sec

74:56-75:28 / 79:16

After the shot of Spencer's/Hill's allies walking towards the camera, the IV shows the shot of the pursuers from before. Afterwards, Spencer and Baby Doll can be seen earlier.

+ 31,9 sec

75:34 / 79:22-80:08

And now in the LV...
Afterwards a different and longer shot of bad guys walking around, which was almost completely inserted in the IV later in two parts (see next two alterations). Almost 5 seconds are missing in the middle, see screenshot..

46,2 sec

76:14-76:21 / 80:48

The first part of the already shown (in the LV) shot of the bad guys walking around.

+ 7,3 sec

76:30 / 80:57-81:06

Finally, a really new scene again: The brothers wait longer on the roof and then jump to another one.

8,9 sec

Long Version cut

The just mentioned scene is even longer in the Comedy Version (9 seconds)
Here are two screenshots from that version, unfortunately in bad quality. The two walk a bit longer over the roof and then crouch before jumping.

76:30-76:49 / 81:06

Now the IV is showing almost the complete rest of the shot that could already be seen at 79:22-80:08 in the LV.

+ 19,2 sec

76:49 / 81:06-81:21

Hill and Tom are walking around. The only screenshot just shows the latter part of the shot, see the next alteration for the reason why.

15,4 sec

77:10-77:17 / 81:42

After the brothers could be seen on the roof, Hill and Tom also walk around in the IV but the shot stops a lot earlier.

+ 7,7 sec

77:17 / 81:42-81:51

A shot of the bad guys in the LV, then the two versions are in synchronicity again (sideways shot of Hill and Tom).

9,5 sec

77:28-77:37 / 82:02

The shot of the bad guys can now also be seen in the IV.

+ 9,3 sec

77:59-79:06 / 82:24

A block of three scenes can be seen earlier in the IV:
- Tom defends himself against the bandits and is being saved by a fellow artist in the last minute.
- The two brothers get rid of an attacker.
- The midget clowns also attack, one of them can be seen swinging on a rape during following turmoil.

+ 66,8 sec

81:05 / 84:23-84:31

The villagers can be seen running, a wounded guy shows them the way.

7,6 sec

81:40 / 85:05-85:41

The first of the earlier mentioned three scenes, now in the LV: Tom defends himself against the bandits.

36,4 sec

81:55 / 85:55-85:58

The shot of a guy running around is a bit longer in the LV.

2,4 sec

81:55-82:08 / 85:56-86:06

The scene with the villagers from 81:05 / 84:23-84:31 can be seen here.

Additionally, two shots swapped order:
- The IV shows Spencer and Babdy Doll inside, then the burning house and then how they run away.
- The LV shows the burning house first and then Spencer and Baby Doll in one coherent and longer scene inside and then running away.

International Version 6,4 sec longer

* 83:07 / 87:05-87:31

And the second of the previously mentioned three scenes: The two brothers get rid of an attacker. Then additional footage: they do a somersault in the air and a shot of the shooting follows.

26 sec *

83:32 / 87:56-88:14

The final part of the three-scene-block: The attack of the midget clowns.

18,3 sec


The ending credits roll in the new version over a freeze frame of the last scene and in front of a black background in the international version.
Theren is also two mentionings of the (French) restoration team in the new version.

Old German DVDNew German DVD

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