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original title: Xia ri fu xing


  • Regular Version
  • Japanese Extended Version
Release: Mar 06, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the Regular Version and the Japanese Extended Version (both included on the Japanese Blu-Ray released by Paramount / Twin)

- 1 divergent scene
- Difference in time: 423.4 (= 7:03 min)

In 1981 Jackie Chan got a small part in an US all-star-cast flick called "The Cannonball Run". The credits of this flick were accompanied by outtakes and apparently Jackie kept this in mind. Ever since the 1985 movie Police Story this became a trademark part of his flicks which was epsecially interesting for fans because of the spectacular stunts. However, all the in-between movies of the early 80's also had outtakes like this. While some of them are only included in the extra footage of the DVDs/Blu-Rays, there exist several Asian releases (especially in Japan) that integrated them into the movie itself.

Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars is quite a curious case. Being the third part of the Lucky Stars-series (Part 1: Winners & Sinners / Part 2: My Lucky Stars aka Tokyo Powerman). Only the Japanese Version of this flick includes roughly 8 minutes of outtakes towards the end that originate from all three movies. Most of the scenes are outtakes of Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars. This long part includes bloopers from the film shooting, while the scenes from the other movies are often highlights of great stunts.
For this, a short part of the final gag that includes sidecharacters running around was cut out. However, as a fan you can probably live without this if you in return get a few scenes of Sammo playing around with tennis rackets or Yuen Biao doing a few more flips.
The outtakes that are included in various outlandish releases of My Lucky Stars and Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars consist of different material. The montage from this comparison is ONLY included on the Japanese releases.

NOTE: Thie Japanese Extended Version on the Japanese Blu-Ray was included in SD (since the HD variant of the Reguar Version is just an upscaling, the difference between the two is not really noticeable). The master of the movie is the Fortune Star master of the Regular Version which means that it is possible that earlier Japanese releases might have included other differences which are no longer in the movie now. The credits of the outtakes included in the best possible quality are probably the most important feature of the Japanese Version anyways.

Plus, don't forget: There also exists a Taiwanese Extended Version that includes a lot of additional footage in the movie itself as you can see in the corresponding report zeigt.

Time designations are given as follows:
Regular Version / Japanese Extended Version
92:00-92:46 / 92:00-99:50

The Regular Version shows a pretty long scene of a vast amount of people coming out of the elevator, who then walk around for a while in the following shot.

(46.1 sec)

In the Japanese Version the image instead freezes during the previous scene, followed by a white screen that shows the faces of the three heroes popping up as well as a reference to the following NG-Shots.

The first scenes originate from Winners & Sinners. While many of the scenes are just repetitions of memorable stunts and fights you in between see a few nice outtakes.
After a failed somersault in the warehouse, Sammo lies on the ground and looks towards the camera. The outtakes of the restaurant scene show that Sammo's stomach attack does not work immediately or Jackie not being satisfied with a jumpkick against two bad guys. During one of the takes, Jackie hurts himself a little and holds his head. Shortly later there are a few bloopers during his jump through the flaming hoop.
The final ride on rollerblades where Jackie passes underneath a few trucks apparently worked out without problems.

Another short white screen is followed by scenes from My Lucky Stars. At first there's the sequence on the Ferris wheel where Jackie seems to be worried about the hight. You can see him and Sammo (who was also directing) doing some calculations.
After a few rapid fight scenes inside you see shots of the camera crew, matrtresses and Jackie inside a small trolley during his fight with the ninjas in the park.
Then follow a few comedic scenes (the guys under Barbara's bed, and Sammo's Police Story homage) as well as some more sequences of Sammo's job as a director.
Jackie carefully tests out the middle platform of an escalator. Shortly after that he reaches for a weapon behind him but misses it - he grins.
At the end, the image freezes during a shot of Jackie and Yuen Biao inside the car.

This time the scenes follow without a white screeen as a transition. All following scenes originate from the main movie Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars. During the first shot of Jackie fooling around the image freezes when he stupidly looks at the camera. Again there's some text. The music gets more playful and the image freezes every now and again, showing some speech balloons when Jackie messed up something.
You see several nice slow motion flips by Yuen Biao which were not included in the final movie because of his opponent's reaction that didn't fit.
Sammo juggles the tennis rackets around a little and is a little overchallanged by Richard Norton's attacks.
Then follow several takes of Jackie struggling ofer his jumpkick from off the forklift. Sammo's final slow motion kick against Norton apparently didn't work out the first time: After jumping up he lands hard on the floor. One of the stuntmen's fall in several cola-boxes apparently hurt more than intended.
After a few more comedic scenes (e.g. fooling around with cola bottle props) there are a few nice test shots and failed punches and kicks exchanged by Jackie and Dick Wei.
Subsequently, Philipp Ko is simply unable to loose his collar in a cool way. Right after that bit, one of Biao's punches hits him harder than expected. During one of the next takes of that sene he grapples Biao's hair.
At the end there are several takes of Jackie trying to getdown the ladder while attacking a bad guy. In the end, the image "folds together" and the NG-Shots are over.

(overall 459.5 sec)

Japanese Version 423.4 sec (= 7:04 min) longer

The rest of the 1.5 minutes of the movie are identical: There are several shots of people walking around in the background.