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Legend of Blood Castle, The

original title: Ceremonia sangrienta


  • Spanish DVD
  • International version
Release: Apr 05, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparsion between the Spanish DVD and the Finnish tape.

About the movie

1807: Countess Erzsebet is desperately looking for love of her husband Karl who is more into his hawks and vampire trials. When she accidently recognizes that blood from one of her servants makes a rejuvention to her skin, she is obsessed by the thought of recovering her beauty by the blood of virgins. The sudden death of her husband comes just about time. Returned from the grave she uses Karl to get fresh blood...

Here, the Bathory legend is masterly made by Jorge Grau. Beside good characters in a gothic setting the movie shows a society which accuses everything mystical to originate from vampires and magic. Excessive violence is missing. Moreover, the movie spreads subtle horror and few shocking moments and is one of the best filming of this topic.

Concerning the versions

There are two existing versions of the movie: an international one, which contains nudity, and the Spanish one where nudity has been replaced with harmless alternative material. There is an Italian version existing which contains additional scenes but is lacking some of the known sequences. This version is not considered in this report.
The first DVD release was the Spanish DVD by Filmax which contained the Spanish cut version. The movie was restored, had a good picture but only Spanish sound and no bonus material.
However, the Finnish tape offers the revealing international version of the movie. There are 5 scenes in which the Finnish tape has alternative material. To have it complete also two short intercuts are listed.

For further information to the US DVD by mya and a critical review have a look at the following report.


span: 85:02 Min. (PAL)
finn: 88:11 Min. (PAL)


The man who takes the medallion can be seen longer.

1,76 Sec.



The carriage can be seen longer.

1,40 Sec.


Alternative scene:

The scene in which Karl catches both servants at the attic has been shot in two variations.

The Finnish version shows one of the girls naked, the other one has a opened blouse. The Spanish version shows both completely dressed.


span: 117,68 Sec. (1:57 Min.)
finn: 124,16 Sec. (2:04 Min.)


Alternative scene:

The couple at the lake, the murder of the girl by Karl and Erzsebet's blood shower were filmed in two different versions. The Finnish version offers nudity.


span: 93,00 Sek. (1:33 Min.)
finn: 105,84 Sec. (1:45 Min.)


Alternative scene:

The scene in which Karl kills the blond girl in her room was filmed in two different versions. Even the murder on the black-haired girl afterwards differs slightly.


span: 66,32 Sec. (1:06 Min.)
finn: 92,68 Sec. (1:32 Min.)


Alternative scene:

When the villagers discover the dead girl the Finnish versions shows her naked. The Spanish version shows her dressed in a nightdress.


span: 6,88 Sec.
finn: 6,47 Sec.


Alternative scene:

The scenes in which Marina is killed by Karl and Karl is killed by Erzsebet differ. The Spanish version shows her dressed. In the Finnish version one can see Karl how he cuts off the buttons of her blouse with a dagger.


span: 157,68 (2:37 Min.)
finn: 183,20 (3:03 Min.)