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original title: Slugs, muerte viscosa


  • BBFC 18 VHS
  • R-Rated
Release: Sep 21, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the English VHS by New World video (BBFC 18 & cut) and the US DVD by Anchor Bay (R-Rated & uncut)

This slimy bloody Spanish horror flick was released uncut in Germany. In UK instead, only a cut version is available.
Cut Version (UK) = 85:04 min (PAL)
Uncut Version (US) = 89:24 min (NTSC)

Difference = 43 sec
00:00 The US DVD starts slightly earlier (black screen).
2 sec

24:12 Extremly bloody close-up of Mr. Morris chopping off his right hand.
3 sec

35:04 Two missing shots of the hamster. He struggles in his cage because he's got a slug stuck to his body plus an intercut to Foley who looks perplexed.
7.5 sec

36:07 Several shots of Donna after she slipped on the slugs. She's being attacked plus intercuts to her lover Bobby, who seems to be pretty terrified and watches more or less reluctantly.
12 sec

36.13 Shot of the bloodstained back while Donna's struggling, then a shot of Bobby.
6.5 sec

36:17 A further shot of Donna surrounded by slugs and then Bobby again.
3 sec

36:19 Several shots of Bobby's attempt to reach the window plus intercuts to Donna. She calls for him, her eye sticks out of the eye socket.
8 sec

36:24 Close-up of her face.
3 sec