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Evil. Ed

original title: Evil Ed


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jul 31, 2010 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut US DVD by A-Pix Entertainment (R-Rated) and the uncut DVD by the German label Screen Power (
= US Unrated).

2 minutes and 58.25 seconds in 15 scenes were removed.

In the US, a shorter version was released (apart from the uncut and unrated version). Reportedly, the DVD by Ardusty Home Entertainment also only contains the shorter R-Rated version, despite the note "Unrated Director's cut". But this has not been checked.
3 min.
The scene with the fighting married couple is missing completely. The woman threatens her husband with divorce. He then angers her until she gets up and leaves the room.
83 sec.

10 min.
The madman repeatedly cuts the woman's bloodstained arm with his knife. Subsequently, he strikes his head twice against the slashes on the arm.
12 sec.

16 min.
When Sam asks Ed in, one sees a guy shooting himself in the head on the TV in the background.
2 sec.

25 min.
One sees the madman chopping off the foot of the woman on the stretcher.
0.25 sec.

26 min.
Now he strikes several blows upon the screaming woman with his hatchet. Lots of blood splashes against him.
14.5 sec.

45 min.
Nick receives considerably more blows in the face by Ed.
18.5 sec.

52 min.
Ed hits the burglar's head against the edge of the table and then asks him whether he liked headbanging. After that, he goes on banging the man's head against the table's edge.
9.5 sec.

53 min.
Ed strikes a few blows upon the burglar's head with the telephone.
5.5 sec.

77 min.
A member of the task force is shot dead by Ed and falls to the ground shortly after.
3 sec.

77 min.
One sees another man from the task force getting shot for some longer time.
2 sec.

79 min.
The captain is hit by Ed's bullets.
6 sec.

80 min.
As Ed lances Mel, one sees the pole emerging from under the stretcher, followed by a gush of blood.
1 sec.

80 min.
The camera pans from the bloodstained pole to Ed.
2.5 sec.

81 min.
Ed strikes out with the scalpel. He does not get round to use it, however, since Nick shoots his Hand off. Ed grabs the remaining portion of his arm. Meanwhile, another piece of the arm gets shot off, which he now holds in his hand. He throws the piece away and then receives a gory shot in the stomach.
16 sec.

81 min.
Now, half of Ed's head is shot off. The smashed heap that used to be part of his head, slaps against the wall with a gush of blood. It then falls to the ground. The next shot is of the rest of the head, shown a little longer.
2.5 sec.