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  • Extended Cut
Release: Jun 25, 2012 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
Since Facebook is the worldwide no. 1 when it comes to communication between teenagers, parties are often organized via this channel. Even though this platform is not really mentioned in the context of the party film Project X, it surely was a major inspiration for the events that go down on that documented evening. When looking at the way the party night progresses, especially those real-life cases come to mind where unsuspecting teenagers made a little mistake by inviting way more people via FB than they originally wanted. The escalation that followed was quickly covered by the media. Project X drives this concept to the extreme and manages to entertain solidly along the way, even though the audience stays somewhat distanced. Just watching instead of partying yourself does leave you a bit frustrated, even if itís just a film where the action takes place.

While the film was quite successful in cinemas with a worldwide box office of 95 million Dollars, Warner Bros. intends to squeeze some more money out of it by releasing the Blu-ray with an exclusive extended cut (or better: "#XTENDEDCUT to the Break of Dawn, yo"). This version adds some pointless plot and numerous party impressions (ranging from eye candy to disgusting things). Even though Warner officially doesnít release unrated versions any more, the new material would surely be suitable to call the extended cut as such. If you donít discard this film because of its premise, you should have a little more fun with the longer version. However, if you just want to test if the film suits you, the theatrical cut surely is sufficient to give you the necessary impression.

Compared are the Theatrical Version (R-Rated) (featured on the US DVD by Warner Bros.) with the Extended Cut (R-Rated) (featured on the US Blu-ray by Warner Bros.).

18 differences, consisting of
15 extended scenes
2 additional scenes
1 scene with alternate material
1 extended scene with alternate material

The Extended Cut runs 383.76 sec. or approx. 6 minutes 24 seconds longer than the Theatrical Version.
Additional scene
0:20:49: J.B. rings the bell of another neighbor and informs him that there will be a party and that itís probably going to make some noise. While doing so, he acts a bit awkward by telling the man that he could call him, send him a text or contact him on Facebook since heís an open guy.
30,8 sec.

Extended scene
0:34:21: Someone cheers and more breasts can be seen.
2,92 sec.

Extended scene
0:34:29: The underwater view of the girl swimming to the surface is a bit longer.
0,68 sec.

Extended scene
0:34:31: Obviously, the young woman bought a bathing slip that doesnít fit right.
2,08 sec.

Extended scene
0:34:36: More topless diving.
1,08 sec.

Extended scene
0:34:39: Some catching in the pool. The winner rejoices.
10,4 sec.

Extended scene
0:45:34: After the cops have gone and the party started again, thereís another collage with many party impressions. Here, the extended cut is longer and differs also in the order of the scenes in comparison to the theatrical version. Scenes of fundamental importance are not delivered, though.
114,68 sec.

Extended scene mit alternativem Bildmaterial
0:51:41: While the theatrical version plays real music after the birthday song, the extended shows a guest that wants to present his personal birthday rap to Thomas. However, instead of congratulating, he disses Thomas, Costa and J.B. in a very rude manner. When the public starts booing, Costa takes the mike away from the guy and the DJ starts playing the music.
The extended cut runs 70,56 sec. longer

Extended scene
0:53:54: The extended cut shows earlier how Kirby exits the pool. No goodies to see here, though.
0,96 sec.

Extended scene
0:54:30: Thomas films Kirbys upper body and legs and praises her knee but asks him to stop that.
8,72 sec.

Extended scene
0:55:09: While smoking the joint, Costa and J.B. philosophize about the fact that their crown jewels were at the midgets eye level.
8,28 sec.

Extended scene
0:57:11: Another montage of party impressions that is longer in the extended cut. This time, the menu offers: groping, kissing, partying, breasts, vomit and a close-up of a young woman urinating on the floor. Cheers.
29,56 sec.

Extended scene
0:59:52: Alexis and Thomas caress and kiss each other. The taking off begins earlier and you donít jump into it like it is done in the theatrical version.
24 sec.

Extended scene
1:00:21: The extended cut is also longer and not so interrupted by cuts when Alexis and Thomas switch their sexual endeavor to the bed. Also, it seems that two different takes were used. Envy arises when thinking about the principal photography.
18,72 sec.

Extended scene
1:04:07: Breasts.
16,04 sec.

Extended scene
1:09:15: The crowd cheers and Thomas breakdances.
7,16 sec.

Extended scene
1:09:26: Some cellulite.
2,16 sec.

Additional scene
1:09:49: Impressions of the party, this time around, theyíre the ugly ones. Okay, there are breasts and kisses, but one guy vomits and two others urinate on his face while he unloads into the toilet. Then, we see camera operator Dax who tells the camera that this is his first party ever and that he doesnít think that every party passes off like this.
34,96 sec.