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Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest, The

original title: Luftslottet som sprängdes


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Dec 13, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the theatrical version (German DVD) and the extended version (Dutch DVD)

German DVD: 136:23 min without closing credits (140:55 min with cc) in PAL
Dutch DVD: 176:51 min without cc. (177:51 min with cc) in PAL

* part 1: 88:01 min without cc (88:31 min
* part 2: 88:50 min without cc (89:20 min

128 differences, including
- 62x alternative footage
- 11 scenes where the theatrical version is longer
- 12x alternative cuts
- 1 digital change

time difference: 36:56 min

Stieg Larsson and the "Millennium"-Trilogy

Swedish journalist and author Stieg Larsson was not able to witniss the zenith of his career - just as many others before him. After he died of a heart attack in 2004, 3 of his mystery novels were released posthumous in the following years - resulting in (so far) 15 million sold copies - a surprising international success.
His Millennium-Trilogy is about economic journalist Mikael Blomkvist who writes his articles for a journal called "Millennium". In every book, he's confronted with very tricky issues. But there's an even more interesting caracter - hacker Lisbeth Salander who helps him out every time. Ever since she was a juvenile she's declared insane - no wonder she always scandalizes because of her very odd behavior.
Throughout his books you always recognize Larsson's background: he was one of the editors of the antifascist magazine "Expo" and said to be an expert in knowing right-wing movements. Especially in the first book of the trilogy there are quite a few allusions to this topic.

The first Part of the trilogy - "Män som hatar kvinnor" (which would translate to "Men who hate Women" - instead it was released as "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo") - was released in 2005 and is about a girl from an economically very influential family that disappeared about 40 years ago. Over the course of the story, the family's shady past is brought to light.
In 2006, the sequel "Flickan som lekte med elden" (English title: "The Girl who Played with the Fire" - an accurate translation) was released. At the beginning of the book, one of Millennium's writers is killed shortly before he's able to release an essay about human trafficking. Over the course of the book, Lisbeth becomes one of the suspects - a lot of ther traumatic childhood is brought to light.
In 2007, the last (complete) novel "Luftslottet som sprängdes" (which would translate to something like "The blown up cloud-caslte" - it was released as "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest"). It continues right were the second book left off, carrying forward the open ending. Since we do not want to give away too much, all we have to tell you is that Lisbeth's development again plays an important role in this book.
Overall, Larsson planned to release 10 Millennium-books. There do exist fragments of the parts four to six, but Larsson's life companion keeps them under tight wraps.

The Movie Versions

Between the years 2009 and 2010, the trilogy was made into three movies. It is a Swedish-Danish-German co-production and all the actors speak Swedish. Intentionally it was planned to become a 6-episode TV miniseries (2x 90 min per book) but then it was decided to release all three parts in the theatres in a shorter version. Even though the movies all have a run time of more than 2 hours, every movie misses about 30 minutes of footage that didn't make it into the movie but would have been shown on TV.

As early as June 2010, these longer TV versions were aired on Swedish television. Yet still, it is possible to make a movie-censorship report about it - the TV versions have been released on DVD in the Netherlands (with a little label on the cover that says "Extended Version"). Because of the length, the movie was split in half and put on two DVDs.

Just as usual, an American remake of the movie is already planned: Director David Fincher plans to release the first in 2011. Daniel Craig will take the part of journalist Mikael Blomkvist, Rooney Mara (Nightmare On Elm Street 2010) will be Lisbeth Salander.

Millennium 3: Differences between the Movie and the Book

Everybody knows that for movie adaptations the original material has to be shortened and that not all details from the original novels can be put into the respective movies. This is especially true for Larsson's Millenium trilogy, whose weighty tomes have an average of 700 pages.
Extended versions of movies usually have a longer running-time, which gives the opportunity to include sub-plots, at least to some extent, that had to be cut from the original release. Therefore, the biggest changes from novel to movie will be summarized here. However, the summary might not be complete and many more details had to be changed to match the plot of the movie. However, these are the changes that have surprised fans of the novel the most:

Erika becomes chief editor of a rival publication
It was already mentioned in the second part of the Millenium trilogy The Girl Who Played with Fire that Erika had been offered a job from the much bigger magazine SMP and would begin working for them in a couple of months, but that she had decided not to tell her employees about it because of overall tension in the company. In The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest this becomes reality much sooner than expected. Mikael is a lot more positive about it than Erika would have thought and Malin is promoted to chief editor of the Millenium magazine. Then the newcomer to journalism Henry Cortez comes across information, in the course of his research on child labor, that one of the members of the works council at SMP is involved in illegal business practices and informs Erika about it. Together with further differences between her and the SMP management this causes Erika to quit her job at SMP and return to Millenium.

The movie-adaptations ignore this major plot strand almost completely, including all the sub-plots that result from it. Only the threatening emails to Erika were integrated but in a different context.

Erika's stalker
Erika receives several vulgar emails at work. These emails denounce her as whore and threaten her. Some details lead her to the conclusion that they must have been sent by an employee of SMP, especially because she has had problems with one particular man ever since the started working at SMP. Eventually Erika follows Mikael's advise to ask Lisbeth for help. Lisbeth discovers that not the unpleasant guy with which Erika has problems is the culprit but a friendly, however shallow co-worker. Following that information the bodyguard Susanne Lind, who had been hired by Milton Security in the meantime, puts an eye on that guy and eventually finds out that he used to be classmate of hers and wanted to take revenge because Erika had not payed attention to him back then.

In the movie, however, all the emails are sent to her Millenium email-account. Thus, her colleagues at Millenium (Malin in her old position since she has not been promoted to chief editor) worry about her. Especially Christer cannot understand how Mikael can be so indifferent about the emails. He has Milton Security investigate the case but neither Susanne Lind is mention nor is the case solved eventually. In the movie the emails are simply dismissed as attempts at manipulation by Section-members, which is not proven but also works as an explanation.
This situation also creates more tension between Mikael and Erika: Being afraid of the publication of the explosive Millenium material (In the novel she of course could be that afraid, due to her position at SMP) she does not want the magazine to be printed. This is then done by Mikael behind her back, which makes Erika extremely angry.

The surveillance of Mikael
In the novel Mikael is kept under surveillance by Section members very early on. However, he immediately notices that. Since his apartment is being wiretapped, he almost always sleeps in Lisbeth's secret mansion. He deliberately sets his persecutors on the wrong track and is able to watch them checking his apartment thanks to Milton Security when he is not at home. Furthermore, he hands out new mobile phones to all Millenium employees because their old ones have been bugged as well. The Millenium office is staffed 24/7 so that it stays a safe meeting place and the Section cannot find out how much he really knows. ... before it was only mentioned in staged dramatic phone call between Annika and Mikael that all material had been lost.

In the adaptation this plot strand was reduced to the basics. There is some drama here and there but overall, their investigation can continue without any big problems.

Mikael and Monica
A recurrent theme in the trilogy: Mikael's love life is also ignored in the third adaptation. In the novel the affair with agent Monica Figuerola is an important part of the plot. There is even the possibility that something more could develop between them. The movie only mentions her as an additional agent on the sideline. There is not even a hint that there could be more between her and Mikael.

Beside those big changes there are several small points that fans of the novel will notice. For example:
The character Jonas Sandberg for some reason is divided into two in the movie. The guy that shows up at Zala's house in the beginning disappears in the middle of the movie and a different one takes over his part in scenes one knows from the novel.
In the novel Niedermann is not mentioned after the scape again before the very end of the story. In the movie the viewer gets information about his whereabouts several times, which is done in two new scenes that are not in the novel. First, Niedermann stands in front of Lisbeth's hospital with a weapon in his hand and then he disappears again. Furthermore, he kills a random guy (probably a homeless) in front of the warehouse which becomes his hideout later at the beginning.
Before Zala dies, some more suspense is built: Obviously his recovery is progressing faster than Lsbeth's. Therefore, she is worried about how to protect herself or rather how she can get rid of him in her condition. At night Zala even manages to get to her door but is brought back to his bed by the nurses.
At the beginning of the move a policeman squanders a chance to lock up Niedermann. He doesn't take Mikael's warning seriously and instead him locks him into the police car. Then he sends two rather week colleagues on a routine survaillance tour. In the movie this was completely omitted and the two just Niedermann lying on the street.
In the novel a colleague of Plague already succeeds in hacking the computer of Teleborian when Lisbeth is still in hospital and she gets access to their hard-drive on which she finds the child pornography. Thus, she already knows what awaits her tormentor before the actual trial. In the adaptation however, Plaque only gets to know about at the first day of the trial and informs Mikael. For Lisbeth as well, these are new facts.

Millennium 3: The extensions of the extended version

Some might have even found the theatrical cut too long and for those the extended cut was certainly not meant. But anyone who has actually read the novel will have wanted some more material, since whole plot strands are omitted in the theatrical cut. Concerning the first underlined differences, one really gets to see some of that in the extended version.
However, there are no news about the previously mentioned differences in the scenes with Erika. It would have probably been to much work to introduce completely new characters and the resulting scenes would have not matched the original footage. The identity of the stalker is also not uncovered in the extended version. Having said that, there are some more threatening emails and the whole strand seems to be better integrated into the overall plot. Fortunately, the surveillance of Mikael is shown in more detail in the extended version and since some of the scenes are arranged differently, this is introduced a lot earlier. The viewers are not only shown the deception scheme with Annika but also the replacement of the bugged mobiles. Furthermore, there is more focus on the support from Milton Security and even Susanne Linder is introduced briefly. Disappointingly, there is no romance between Mikael and Monica in the extended version, either. However, several news scenes, which integrate Monica into the plot better, were added. Monica's connection with Milton Security is also shown. (Monica's boss Edklinth is good friends with Armanskij). All this, in combination with Monica's investigation of the Section members, which has also been extended, adds a great variety of detail to the characters and leaves a more satisfying impression.
The extended version also explains the fate of Jonas Sandberg and shines a light on the "second Sandberg", which nevertheless remains a bit confusing if one has read the novel. The guy in the first half of the movie is said to be Wadensjöö, who according to the novel is the untalented successor in the section management. His sudden disappearance is explained in several new scenes: Gunnar Björck is killed here (as in the novel) by order of the Section, unfortunately Wadensjöö was with him shortly before that and now wants an explanation from his employees. Since he does not get it, he secretly contacts attorney general Ekström - which is found out and results in his murder by the contract-killer brothers Nikolíc. This is a completely new plot strand, since novel-Wadensjöö is taken into custody at the end of the story as all the other Section members. Another rather creative addition to the novel has been removed. The new scenes with Niedermann are not in the extended cut.

Other changes worth noting are for example the changes made at the beginning of movie. Several new scenes with Gullberg and Lisbeth in the hospital, establish the storyline more slowly but make everything also easier to understand. Zala and Lisbeth also come closer to each other. In a new scenes he almost makes it to her bed. The cooperation between Mikael and Sonja also gets more space in the extended version.

In addition to that, one also has to mention (like in the previous parts) the completely new opening credits. Each parts shows the credits on a background of nicely drawn pictures, which show scenes from the movie as well as one of Millenium 2.

Overall, Millenium 3 is most thoughtfully extended part of the trilogy. The characters are given more depth and the plot leaves a coherent impression, mainly thanks to the re-arrangement of several scenes.


This is where it's getting a little tricky - A release that can be enjoyed by english-speaking customers without problems does not exist. The DVDs that were released in North America and Great Britain all only contain the theatrical version. Even though an extended DVD-Version has been released for every movie, they were only released in the Netherlands - and they also only contain the Swedish audio track and optional Dutch subtitles.
However, if you're able to understand Dutch, you're in for a gread product: The DVDs are packaged as a digipak with an imprint. If you have a Blu-Ray player, you can also purchase the Extended Versions on Blu-Ray. The two DVDs all include about 80 minutes of exclusive bonus material (some of this bonus material is in English!).

The running-time references are given as following:
Theatrical Version (German DVD) / Extended Version (Dutch DVDs - part 1+2 each have an individual index)

Millennium 3: Part 1

credits / alternative
00:00-00:43 / 00:00-02:53

The two versions begin differently.

theatrical version

credits and threatening music

extended version

A look back to Millenium 2, then the known exclusive opening credits follow.

extended version 130 sec longer

Therefore, the first life action scene shows different credits, since the actors are already shown in the exclusive opening credits of the extended version.

00:57-01:46 / 03:07-03:25

In the theatrical version, they names of the lead actors are shown here, and in between additional credits Lisbeth is brought to the hospital - in between there are flashbacks to the previous part of the movie series.

The extended version omits the credits and flashbacks and different parts of the shots of Lisbeth landing at the hospital were used.

theatrical version 31 sec longer

02:01-02:04 / 03:40-03:42

The theatrical version cuts to a shot from the perspective of the police car, whereas the extended version does not have any inter-cut here and thus stays with the original perspective longer.
theatrical version 1,1 sec longer

theatrical versionextended version

02:09-02:10 / 03:47-03:48

When Niedermann kicks the policeman, the theatrical version shows this in a close-up for half a second. Again, the extended version does not have this inter-cut.
extended version 0,2 sec longer

theatrical versionextended version

02:39 / 04:17-04:27
Zala is brought in on a stretcher. Behind hm Anders enters the room together with Lisbeth.

10,2 sec

alternative / re-cut
02:43-02:48 / 04:31-04:40

The extended version shows a close-up of the incision and another one of Anders operating from a different perspective.

The theatrical version stays longer with the previous shot and shows the radiogram a bit earlier.

Extended version 4 sec longer

02:54-03:04 / 04:46

The radiogram is shown approx. 1 sec. longer in the theatrical version. Then the mentioned shots (see pictures) of the extended version are shown.

+ 9,9 sec

03:06-03:11 / 04:48-04:53
The theatrical version fades out here and shows the name of the director.

The extended version, instead, shows the working Anders longer and then pans over to his assistants and their equipment.

no time difference

The introduction to the actual story seems obviously tightened in the theatrical version. The extended version shows Mikeal visiting Lisbeth and how the latter is recruited by Anders Johannson in more detail and in a different order.
Several scenes were arranged differently. The following summarizes the scenes up until the point where both version continue almost identically.

03:19-04:38 / 05:01-06:54

theatrical version

Another fade-out and the title of the movie appears.

The Mikael gets himself a coffee and begins to write his book about Lisbeth. This is shown later in the extended version.

03:49-03:51 / 18:01-18:04

The extended version stays longer with the previous shot and Mikael already grabs his glasses here. In the theatrical version the next shot begins a bit earlier.

EV 1,4 sec longer

alternative / digital change
03:55-04:38 / 18:08-18:37

A text appears in the background of the shot of Mikael in the theatrical version. In the extended version the shot is not edited.

theatrical versionextended version

After that the two versions become noticeably different from each other. Mikael reads out the text in both versions, but in additio to that the theatrical version shows a scene with Mikael in the hospital and how Zala is admitted to the hospital in fast-forward.
Then shots of Lisbeth and Zala alone in their beds follow. These are longer and Lisbeth already talks to Anders here, (which is thus a transition to the conversation between them that is in both versions.)

Since these scenes are shown earlier in the extended version, additional scenes of Mikeal in his apartment are shown for the remaining part of the text, which he is reading out in the off.

Then with the last words of text, two shots of Zala getting up and Lisbeth watching out for him in her bed are shown.
(This is the transition to the scene in which Zala is trying to get to Lisbeth room that follows later in the extended version)

theatrical version is 13,9 sec longer

extended version

five new scenes

- Mikael paces the anteroom of the hospital impatiently and hears on the radio about Niedermann's escape and the murder of the policeman.

- Gullberg is shown having breakfast. He turns up the volume of his radio when the connection to Lisbeth Sander is mentioned.

- Mikael talks with Anders. The latter informs him about the injuries and that Lisbeth will probably recover if she gets enough rest. Therefore, he is not allowed to visit her and can only keep watch in front of her room.

- Bublanski hands over a pack of paper to Ekström - Gunnar's report, which he asks Ekström to read to form an opinion about Lisbeth and Zala.

- The conversation between Lisbeth and Anders is more detailed at the beginning and the shot of her and Anders bent over her bed is shown earlier.

extended version is 33,6 sec longer

05:10-05:57 / 07:26-13:53
A new long section with new scenes is shown in the extended version, whereas the theatrical version already shows the meeting at Millenium here, whch the extended version shows later. The two versions continue together when the police checks suspicious cars in search for Niedermann.

theatrical version
Mikeal explains the content of their upcoming issue and seems extremely tired.

Only the theatrical version longer
05:10-05:12 / 16:12

The shot begins slightly later in the extended version; when the Millenium cover is not on screen anymore.

+ 1,6 sec

05:40 / 16:40-16:42

Erika is shown longer and Mikael a little earlier.

1,5 sec

05:55-05:57 / 16:57-17:38

In the theatrical version Mikael walks away longer in the same shot. (no pictures)

In the extended version this is also shown from a different perspective with Christer and Malin in the background, then again Erika. She stands up and talks again with the overtired Mikael. She suggests him to take some rest, because it would be obvious that he stressed out. Mikael says goodbye with a kiss.

extended version 39 sec longer

extended version

- Sonja and Jerker arrive at the hospital and discuss the names about which they want to ask Zala.

- Mikael is woken up by Anders and is allowed to enter Lisbeth's room. There he sits down and remains sitting much longer than in the theatrical version. Moreover, he finds Lisbeth's smartphone in her jacket.

- Sonja and Jerker visit Zala. The latter wants to talk about the attempted murder of Lisbeth, but Sonja immediately changes the topic to Niedermann, the murderer of the policeman.
Zala continues to present himself as a poor crippled guy, which makes Jerker and Sonja address the SiPo-file and the murders of Dag/Mia/Bjurman. Zala becomes silent and after the two have left his room, they agree with each other that they need more evidence against him next time to be able to pressure him.

- Sonja talks to Mikael again at the reception desk, but neither of them could get any new information. Mikael talks Sonja into returning to Stockholm by car together. In the car he reveals his plan to publish Lisbeth's true story in form of a book. But to do that Niedermann would have to be caught and Mikael hopes Sonja to be his partner because he trusts her.

- Wadensjöö visits Zala; this scene is also shown in the theatrical version later.

extended version 339,8 sec longer

alternative / re-cut
06:09-08:07 / 14:05-14:34

Also after this short scene, the following scenes are arranged differently.

theatrical version

Meeting between Clinton and Gullberg that is shown later in the extended version.

06:21-06:23 / 20:55-20:56

nonsense shortening/extension of the shot of Gullberg and Clinton's daughter in the door.

KF 1 sec longer

06:40 / 21:13-21:27

The long shot is longer. Then a close-up of Clinton and after that Clinton is shown a bit earlier. Clinton says that they would need proof that could only be found in the Section archives.

14,6 sec

extended version

Niedermann throws one of his hostages out of his car, shown in the theatrical version later. (see: 23:35)

theatrical version 88,5 sec longer

09:25 / 15:52-15:55

Anders longer, he utters Zala's codename Karl Axel Bodin.

3 sec

alternative / re-cut
09:42-13:34 / 16:12-23:29

After the conversation between Anders and Lisbeth there is another annoying re-cut massacre and some new scenes in each version. The two version continue almost identically only when Gullbergs begins to write the threatening letters.

theatrical version

- Wadensjöö visits Zala, which was already shown in the extended version.

09:42 / 12:03-12:29

The extended version also shows how Wadensjöö enters the hospital and goes to Zala's room. The theatrical version begins when he is already in the room.

25,9 sec

10:54-10:55 / 13:41-13:42

The theatrical version shows Zala longer, whereas the extended version shows Wadensjöö earlier. Not really worth mentioning.

no time difference

Strangely enough the ending of this scene is missing in the extended version. Wadensjöö leaves the room and Zala orders him to get rid of Lisbeth.

+ 27,7 sec

- exclusive: Mikael talks with Annika in her apartment. She is still intimidated by Lisbeth's indictment for attempted manslaughter. Mikael brushes it off as self-defense and mentions the conspiracy against Lisbeth and her mother. Then he gives the exonerating report from Gunnar to her. Annika is surprised how far Mikael goes to help Lisbeth.

- exclusive: Gullberg burns copies of Gunnar's report in the fireplace.

extended version

Two scenes that were already shown in the theatrical version earlier.

- Meeting for the new issue of the Millenium-magazine.
- Mikael begins to write the book early in the morning and completely overtired. As mentioned early the shots are arranged completely different here.

Right after that, follows a new scene with Lisbeth in the hospital: At night Zala comes limping to her room. When she notices that the only weapon she can find is a pencil. But luckily, when he opens the door and looks into her room, a nurse comes and sends him back to his room.

Another new scene: Gullberg is again shown having breakfast. Then he leaves.

Now the meeting between Gullberg and Clinton, which was already shown earlier in the theatrical version.

EV 205,3 sec länger

13:41 / 23:37-23:48

A first shot of letters on the table. Gullberg puts them aside. Then he groans loudly.

11,4 sec

13:47-13:53 / 23:54-24:00

The extended version shows an additional close-up of the letter on which Gullberg writes a threat.
Instead of that, the theatrical version shows the following shot earlier.

no time difference

theatrical versionextended version

14:08 / 24:15-24:26

Gullberg walks away from his apartment door and to a taxi in an additional shot.

11,2 sec

16:29 / 26:47-26:49

Annika a bit earlier.

1,6 sec

16:37 / 26:57-27:01

Lisbeth at the end of the scene longer

4,4 sec

18:25-18:30 / 28:49-28:55

The extended version cuts to an additional shot from the side when Gullberg's weapon falls to the ground. In the theatrical version the original shot is thus longer.

extended version 0,4 sec longer

theatrical versionextended version

18:30 / 28:55-30:39

Right after that an additional scene follows in the extended version: A conversation between Bublanski and Ekström about how to find Niedermann. Bublanski thinks that he has probably not left Sweden yet, especially because a European arrest warrant has been issued. Furthermore, Zala would be said to be his only contact and so Ekström wants to have him questioned again. Then Bublanski stands up and asks him whether he has read the report which he had given him (in a previous scene from the extended version). Ekström replies that he read it but that it would be useless and that it had been confiscated as secret document anyway. Bublanski is stunned and sits down again but before their discussion can go on, Sonja storms in with the news of Zala's death.

Now the extended version already shows how Lisbeth grins happily after she got to know about Zala's death. (no pictures)
104,3 sec

19:12-19:34 / 31:21

After the phone call between Annika and Mikael, the theatrical version also shows Lisbeth grinning.

+ 22 sec

22:50-22:51 / 34:37-34:39

The extended version shows the first shot of the press conference earlier, the theatrical version shows the last shot of Christer longer.

EV 0,9 sec longer

23:06-23:09 / 34:54-34:57

In the extended version Ekström says in a close-up that the name of perpetrator will not be disclosed any time soon. The following shot of Mikael begins insignificantly earlier.
EV 0,4 sec länger

theatrical versionextended version

23:17-23:21 / 35:05-35:09

In the extended version an shot over Ekström's shoulder. The following pan-shot begins noticeably earlier and Bublanski who is looking over to Mikael sceptically is shown, whereas the theatrical version joins this scene when Ekström is already in the picture.

no time difference

KinofassungExtended Version

23:23-23:24 / 35:11

The theatrical version shows Ekström longer. The extended version shows the next shot a couple of frames earlier.

theatrical version 0,8 sec longer

23:27-23:31 / 35:14-35:18

In the theatrical version a shot of Ekström from the front.
The extended version first shows Mikael longer and then a shot over Ekström's shoulder.

theatrical version 0,4 sec longer

theatrical versionextended version

23:35-23:55 / 35:22-35:44

Interesting: In the theatrical version the scene in which Niedermann throws the hostage out of the car, which is shown in the extended version earlier, is shown here and the last part of the press conference plays on the radio.

23:35-23:46 / 14:04-14:14

At the beginning an alternative shot of Niedermann was used. In the theatrical version he bends down to the radio and then looks to the side. In the extended version he admonishes his involuntary guest one time and the camera pans over to her. ( The theatrical version continues with the shot that shows her. )

theatrical version 1,5 sec longer

theatrical versionExtended Version

23:55 / 14:23-14:34

The last shot is much longer. The woman continues to sob but at least gets out of the ditch herself. (This leaves a different impression than the theatrical version in which the scene ends right after the woman was pushed out of the car. )

11,6 sec

The extended version also shows an additional scene that matches the incident: Gunnar watches a broadcast of the press conference on TV and thinks about it. That's how the viewer gets to hear Ekström's last words.

extended version 1,9 sec longer

alternative / re-cut
23:55-28:36 / 35:44-36:32

The theatrical version shows two sets of scenes here. The first one is split up in the extended version and shown at several different points later in the movie. The second one is a theatrical exclusive.

- Lisbeth attempts to walk in the hospital for the first time after the incident. The Mikael and Erika are shown on their way back from a restaurant. Mikael finds a car suspicious.

25:12-25:15 / 49:23-49:26

The only and relatively unusual change in the two minutes of new scenes: When Mikael and Erika step out of the door, some of the footage is in freeze frame and during those one can hear the clicking of a camera. In the extended version these scene was not specifically edited, (but one can still hear the clicking of a camera).

no time difference

- Clinton visits Teleborian and they discuss what to do next: For these 2,5 min there was apparently no time in the extended version and so this scene is theatrical exclusive.
The angry Teleborian has to come to terms with the fact that due to the events there is no way to get around a lawsuit. They plan to send Lisbeth back to St. Stefan with the help of a new psychological examination. They also talk about Ekström and the copies of Gunnar's report. When they leave Clinton furthermore explains the family relations to Niedermann.

The extended version first shows a scene of Niedermann in the living room of Svavelsjö's financial expert Göransson, whose wife is sitting bound and gagged in the background. This scene is shown in the theatrical version much later in the movie. see: 66:18-66:39 / 19:11 for more details.

After that the scene with Mikael begins earlier. He sits in front of his laptop, gets himself an apple and stands up when his mobile starts ringing.

theatrical version 232,5 sec longer

29:04 / 37:00-38:14

Additional scene before Annika is robbed: Mikael with Sonja in a cafe.
They try to figure out the connection between Gullberg and Zala. Mikael continues to believe in his theory that a whole organization is behind everything. Sonja also addresses the demand that Gunnar's report must be kept secret.

74 sec

alternative / re-cut
30:09-30:37 / 39:19-45:49

A larger additional set of scenes in the extended version before Ekström talks to Nyström.
However, the theatrical version also shows a short alternative scene. The theatrical version shows a shot of the city and Armanskij when Mikael is calling him.

The extended version stays longer with Mikael in his apartment. He is then shown making the phone call - however, he does not call Armanskij but Annika. Like in the novel he deliberately spreads panic by saying that all evidence has been lost because he knows that he is being eavesdropped.
Matching this, the Section is shown eavesdropping him. During that Clinton takes a look at the stolen report. This short scene of the Scene is shown in the theatrical version about 50 min later and in a different context.

The next scene is also shown much later in the theatrical version. The extended version follows the original plot of the novel here.
Sonny is given the info that Niedermann hides in Göransson's apartment. They immediately drive there but Niedermann has already left and they only find two dead people.

Then three more new scene:

- A conversation between Gunnar and Wadensjöö. The former is given information about the plans of the Section and is told that Clinton and Gullberg were behind the assassination of Zala. He also admits that he got the ball rolling by giving the report to Bjurman. Wadensjöö tries to calm him down.

- A phone call between Clinton and Teleborian is hinted at but one only sees how Clinton accepts a call.

- Meeting of the Millenium employees in a bar. Mikael explains that all of them would be bugged and then gets out the new mobile phones, which he has bought for conversations about Lisbeth. Christer thinks this measure is over the top, which prompts Mikael to again stress the magnitude of their discovery by reminding them of the stolen report and the assassination of Zala. He also eludes to possible connections with the secret police and at the end Erika mentions that their persecutors would think that Millenium would have no cencrete evidence at the moment.

extended version 361,7 sec longer

31:52 / 47:04-50:24

Two additional scenes in the extended version before Teleborian tries to get access to Lisbeth. In between a set of scenes is shown that is shown earlier in the theatrical version.

- new: Bublanski talks with Gunnar on the phone and makes an appointment on the same day at 11 o'clock. The conversation is about Zala and at first Gunnar is reluctant but Bublanski promises an informal chat on a friendly basis.
Again the eavesdropping Section members are shown. Clinton wonders what Gunnar's motives are and Nyström mentions that he also handed the documents to Bjurman before. This seems to be a silent agreement on Gunnar's fate.

- Lisbeth's first attempts at walking in the hospital. Then Erika and Mikael in the restaurant. (see the above!)

- new: Gunnar arrives home and sees that the fan has been removed from the ceiling of the living room. Then he hears a sound in the house and turns around.

200,2 sec

34:03-35:04 / 52:35-54:00
In the theatrical version Teleborian only takes away the bag in the foreground. During that Anders is shown in a close-up.
The extended version shows a shot of Teleborian leaving the room from further away. It has the same length as the one in the theatrical version.

theatrical versionextended version

Directly afterward each version continues with a different alternative scene.

The theatrical version shows a Millenium meeting.

34:52-35:04 / 56:44-57:01

The theatrical version shows the photo of Gullberg here, the extended version instead shows a longer shot of Mikael.
The remaining part of the scene contains some at some points hardly noticeable alternative footage.
In the extended version the scene is longer and shows a new sms from Sonja to Mikael, which is a transition to the next scene that follows later.

extended version 5,1 sec longer

The extended version instead shows how Bublanski enters Gunnar's apartment and finds him hanged.
After that a nurse is shown taking care of Clinton.

extended 24,1 sec longer

36:28 / 55:24-58:21

After the conversation between Anders and Lisbeth two new scenes follow and in between that the Millenium meeting was re-integrated (see previous changes).

First a short funeral service for Gunnar at the Section.

After the Millenium meeting. Then again a conversation between Mikael and Sonja in the cafe. She tells him about Gunnar's suicide but Mikael doubts that it was a suicide because Gunnar knew about Zala and had made an appointment with Bublanski shortly before his death. He still believes in his theory and addresses the influence of the organization. Sonja says that Sweden would not be Belarus. Mikael admits that there are some missing links in his theory but states that he could not stand by watching Lisbeth become fair game out of some reason.

in total 177,1 sec

37:39 / 59:32-61:42

two new scenes, after the pizza has been delivered to Lisbeth.

Ekström is again paid a visit by Nyström, this time together with Teleborian. The latter complains extensively about the lack of cooperation by Anders in the hospital. Ekström says that one could not ignore medical opinions but that Lisbeth would be transfered to a different ward anyway due to her fast recovery. Teleborian leaves and Nyström hands him obviously counterfeit pages of Gunnar's report. Then he mentions that the qualities of the man in charge Bublanski would be in doubt.

Meeting Bublanski & co: "Somebody" made sure that the direction of the investigation was transferred to Faste. (A direct consequence of the previous new scene). Sonja is very angry about that. Then Faste enters the room and demands to be given all documents dealing with the investigation results. He also asks about the developments in the Niedermann case and brushes aside Sonja's criticism.

130 sec

only the theatrical version longer
39:05-39:06 / 63:08

Mikael in the theatrical version slightly longer.

+ 0,8 sec

39:10 / 63:12-64:11

Additional conversation between Wadensjöö and Clinton. The former wants to know how Gunnar has died but blabs: A couple of weeks ago he had met him and got to know about the connection with Zala. Clinton of course does not give any further information.

59 sec

41:34-42:22 / 66:35-69:31

The theatrical version shows Lisbeth in the hospital longer. One can hear Mikael's voice from the smartphone. He asks whether it would be ok to give the DVD to Annika and says that they are intent to find out more about Teleborian. Furthermore, he now lives in her house because his own is bugged.

After that Niedermann is shown in his car at night. The radio news say that Lisbeth is going to be transferred to a different ward. Niedermann grabs his gun.

The extended version instead offers several new scenes before the two version continue together with Lisbeth contacting Plague. The connection with the investigator Monica Figuerola becomes much clearer here.

- Mikael shows Armanskij some photos of his persecutors and Göran Martensson is identified as member of the secret service. They discover that nobody knows what exactly Göran does in his current position and that he is thus regarded as lazy. Next Armanskij offers to contact a good friend that also Mikael could trust.

- Armanskij meets said friend: Edklinth from the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, boss of Monica. Actually, only the previous events are summarized here again and Armanskij is given a briefcase.

- Edklinth orders Monica to do research about the events and persons mentioned in the documents.

extended version 127,2 sec longer

alternative / re-cut
42:27-42:31 / 69:36-69:40

An alternative shot was used to show Plague for the first time. The extended version shows him up closer.

no time difference

theatrical versionextended version

42:36-42:39 / 69:45-69:47

Also the next shot of him was replaced with another one of him. The theatrical version now shows the shot that was shown in the extended version at the beginning, but here it's shorter (no new picture).

theatrical version 0,6 sec longer

42:52 / 70:00-71:37

New scene with Monica. She presents the results of her research to Edklinth: Goran has broken in to Mikael's apartment with the help of former car thief Lars Faulsson. This is shown and then Monica meets Susanne Linder from Milton Security. Edklnith concludes from that that Mikael must have commissioned Milton Security.

Mikael also is shown results in the respective offices: Milton Security's surveillance cameras have recorded what the two did in Mikael's apartment. Mikeal says that he would already know where to live from now on, (which is an alternative explanation why he is in Lisbeth's villa in the next scene.) - In the theatrical version he has already given that information to Lisbeth via smartphone at this point (as described above)
96,5 sec

43:49 / 72:34-73:10
First a shot of an outside location, then the shot of the Millenium offices begins earlier: First, Erika receives a threatening email while the group is discussing the title page of the special issue about Zala/Lisbeth, but Erika does not mention it.

36,2 sec

45:19 / 74:40-76:45

A couple of additional scenes before Mikael arrives at state secretary Janeryd's office.

- Ekström gets a call and looks around anxiously after nobody has answered the phone.

- Mikael in the car. He has to refuel and in the background Niedermann walks through the picture. (Only the novel mentions that Niedermann went regularly to a gas station when he was hiding in Zala's warehouse.)

- A meeting between Nyström and Clinton. The former informs Clinton that Ekström is getting aonymous calls from somebody who knows about Zala, (apparently it is Wadensjöö, who had voiced criticism over the secrecy surrounding Gunnar before).
Clinton says he should tell Ekström that the Section would take care of the issue and that it was about national security.

- Wadensjöö in a phone booth. He makes an appointment with Ekström for 9 o'clock.

in total 124,8 sec

45:34-45:38 / 77:00-77:04

An alternative shot of state secretary Janeryd in the cafe. In the extended version he has already taken off his glasses. The Mikael is shown slightly earlier.

extended version 0,3 sec longer

theatrical versionextended version

46:51 / 78:17-79:00

The conversation outside begins earlier. Janeryd says that the prime minister told him about the Section for the first time in 1976 and that he described them as an important military secret in Sweden. As early as that, he did not want to have anything to do with it and had to promise never to tell the public about it.

42,8 sec

47:21 / 79:30-79:37

The shot from the front begins earlier. Mikael asks where the Section used to meet and Janeryd answers that their meeting places were several apartments outside the city.

7,2 sec

47:53-49:11 / 80:09

Before Monica welcomes Mikael while sitting on the stairs to his apartment, the theatrical version already shows the scene with Lisbeth and Plague. He tells her about the conversation between Jonas and Teleborian.

The extended version shows this scene in the second part within the first big set of alternative scenes.

+ 78,6 sec

53:22-53:32 / 84:19-84:29

The extended version switches here to a pan-shot at close range of Monica's computer, which is followed by more alternative shots. The theatrical version stays with the long shot longer and joins the extended version with last shot of Mikael.

no time difference

theatrical versionextended version

53:49-53:54 / 84:46-84:52

The theatrical version only shows a long shot. The extended version shows Edlinkth and Mikael in a close-up and cuts then back to the long shot in the theatrical version at the corresponding moment.

extended version 0,6 sec longer

theatrical versionextended version

53:56 / 84:54-86:26

Instead the shot is longer at the end in the extended version. Then an additional as well as a scene that is here shown earlier than in the theatrical version.

- new: Wadensjöö shows up to meet with Ekström but is apprehended by the brothers Nikolíc and brought to their car.
- Mikael writes about Lisbeth's attempt to explain the abuses of her mother to the authorities. This is shown later in the theatrical version. (see the first big set of alternative scenes in the second part of the extended version, no pictures here)

92,6 sec

54:26-54:27 / 86:56-87:23

After the pan shot of Lisbeth's bed, the theatrical version fades over to the Teleborian-flashback.

Instead, the extended version already shows here how Annika watches the Bjurman-rape-video and only then fades over to the Teleborian-flashback. (see 74:39-77:11)

extended version 25,6 sec longer

54:33 / 87:29-87:31

In the extended version the flashback is interrupted by a shot of of Lisbeth of the present lying in the hospital bed - She is turning her head to one side in panic. The follows the shot of the 12 year old Lisbeth in the bed, which is shown slightly earlier.

1,6 sec

54:37 / 87:35-88:31

The flashback is about 30 seconds longer: Teleborian steps in front of Lisbeth's bed in the St. Stefan's hospital. In between several brief inter-cuts to the panic-stricken Lisbeth of the present. Then the ending credits of the first part of the extended version are shown.

56,4 sec

Millennium 3: Part 2

alternative / credits / re-cut
54:37-57:08 / 00:00-10:30

At the beginning of the second part of the extended version it takes about 10 minutes before it catches up with the theatrical version.
Several new scenes are shown but some scenes from the theatrical version were also omitted.

In the theatrical version Niedermann pays a visit to the hospital but he only aims his weapon at it and then walks away. In between more flashbacks - not only the abuses of Teleborian, but also to Zala and Niedermann etc. Due to the different arrangement of scene here, this is not counted as re-cut. As Lisbeth is told by a nurse somebody has broken into her house.

After that Mikael is shown at his computer. He is still writing Lisbeth's biography and its text is read out by him in the off. - This was shown at the end of the first part in the extended version.

At last the shot of Lisbeth is shown about 8 seconds earlier than in the extended version.

As usual, the extended version begins with a look back at the first part and new opening credits.

After that follow several, with the exception of three, new scenes:

- Anders has to get rid of Faste in the hospital. During that he sees Teleborian leave Lisbeth's hospital room. Anders is angry but can't do anything becomes according to the security guard there was an order from the very top to let Teleborian in. When Anders enters Lisbeth's room he finds her in shock. He tells the security guard about it and the latter replies that it won't happen again.

- At night, the brothers Nikolíc return to Sandström on abandoned path in the woods. Apparently they have disposed of Wadensjöö. The next morning they also dispose of the car keys by throwing them onto a truck that is driving by.

- Another conversation Ekström and Nyström and the latter says that he would contact Ekström if he heard anything new about the mysterious caller but he also says that the anonymous man did not come to the meeting they had agreed on.

- Millenium: Erika receives more threatening emails and discusses with Mikael what to do. This scene is also shown in the theatrical version. (see 69. min)

- Lisbeth paces her room in the hospital with her smartphone. She is writing her autobiography and discribes (in the off) how Teleborian abused her when she was 13.

- Clinton arrives with the new psychiatric report from Sandberg and is reading it when another Section member (Otto Hallberg) enters the room. Hallberg reports that Wadensjöö has disappeared and that he is worried about him. The others remain silent - due to the fact that Wadensjöö was disposed of by the Nikolíc brothers hired by Clinton and Nyström.

- Lisbeth receives a call from Plague and is informed about the results of their research about Teleborian - This was shown 10 minutes earlier in the theatrical version.
- A lengthy meeting at Millenium in which Mikael is assigning tasks. This is also shown in the theatrical version later (see 72. min)

- Monica is spying on Clinton

extended version 478,6 sec longer

57:45-57:47 / 11:07-11:09

The theatrical version briefly shows a shot of Lisbeth's smartphone: Plague informs her about the meeting between Teleborian und Sandberg.

Instead of that the extended version shows the previous shot longer. (no picture)

no time difference

only the theatrical version longer
60:09-60:54 / 13:31

Now again two scenes in the theatrical version, one of which was shown in more detail in the extended version earlier in the movie.

- exclusive: Jonas Sandberg's car stops and he takes something out of the trunk. Monica wants to check up on his numberplate and says that Clinton also entered that apartment a couple of hours earlier.
- Sort of shown in detail in the extended version was this: Clinton is handed the report by Sandberg. Of course, the information from Otto Hallberg that Wadensjöö is missing is omitted here, since the corresponding plot strand is not in the theatrical version. - Therefore, Clinton is not interrupted while reading the report.
+ 45,2 sec

61:38-61:39 / 14:15-14:24

Edklinth mentions Albert Schenke to Mikael in the extended version.

The theatrical version shows the next shot of Monica a couple of frames earlier. (no pictures)

extended version 8,8 sec longer

61:59-62:01 / 14:44-14:46

The extended version shows an additional shot of Monica and Edklinth from one side. Accordingly, the theatrical version shows following long shot earlier.

no time difference

theatrical versionextended version

only the theatrical version longer
62:10-62:12 / 14:55

The computer screen is shown longer in the theatrical version.

+ 0,8 sec

62:37-62:38 / 15:19-15:20

In between the theatrical version briefly shows the screen of Lisbeth's computer. She sends the report. The extended version shows the pan shot without any inter-cuts and also longer. (no pictures)

no time difference

63:48 / 16:30

The last shot of Lisbeth slightly longer.

0,2 sec

64:06 / 16:48-16:59

In an additional shot Mikael takes a look at the print-out.

10,4 sec

only the theatrical version longer.
65:04 / 17:57

The shot of Greg begins insignificantly earlier in the theatrical version.

+ 0,4 sec

66:18-66:39 / 19:11

What was shown in the extended version already in the middle of the first part is now also shown in the theatrical version: Niedermann watches TV in the living room of Göransson , the financial adviser of MC. Göransson's wife, bound and gagged is sitting in the background.

alternative 66:18-66:23 / part 1 35:43-35:49

Due to the different context the TV shows something completely different. In the extended version Ekström gives a statement. In the theatrical version a report on Lisbeth's transfer to a different ward is shown.
Furthermore, the next shot of Niedermann begins 1 second earlier in the extended version.

theatrical version 0,5 sec earlier

theatrical versionextended version

In the extended version the information from the newscast of the theatrical version is given from the off in the scene prior to the Niedermann scene.

+ 20,6 sec

67:11-70:47 / 19:43-20:48

After Lisbeth has arrived in her "new home", the two versions drift apart again. The theatrical version shows two scenes that are shown at two totally different points in the extended version and in between there is one that is not in the extended version. The extended version also has one new scene here.

theatrical version

- The theatrical version again shows a set of scene that is shown in the extended version in the first part. Sonny gets the info that Niedermann has been brought to Göransson's apartment for his protection. The immediately drive there but only find two corpses and notice that the money of the club was stolen.

67:11-67:17 / part 1 40:15-40:16

In the theatrical version an additional shot of Svavelsjö MC. The extended version shows a couple of frames more in the first shot. (no pictures)

extended version 6,8 sec longer

67:26 / 40:25-40:27

The shot begins earlier.

1,9 sec

- exclusive: A conversation between Clinton and Nyström at the sick bed of the former. Clinton is reading a copy of Lisbeth's autobiography and begins to worry. However, Nyström tries to calm him down by saying that she couldn't prove anything. But Clinton insists that the Millenium group must not be underestimated.

At last Erika gets another set of threatening emails, which is shown in the extended version at the beginning of the second part. For a change the scene was not re-cut.

extended version

Here, Monica presents the results of her research, in the course of which all Section members are introduced in more detail. Edklinth wants 24/7 surveillance, but Monica lacks the resources to comply with that request.

theatrical version 150,8 sec longer

72:58-74:29 / 22:59-23:00

Only here and after the unsuccessful questioning of Lisbeth does the theatrical version show the lengthy meeting in which Mikael assigns tasks.

only the theatrical version longer
72:58 / 08:38

The first shot begins slightly earlier in the theatrical version.

0,3 sec

In the extended version the previous shot of Ekström and Faste in the elevator is longer. (no pictures)

theatrical version 90,2 sec longer

74:39-77:11 / 23:10-23:24

In the extended version Mikael gives Lisbeth's biography to Annika while they are in the car.

Alternatively, the theatrical version does this in Annika's apartment. Furthermore, Mikael also shows her Bjurman-rape-video, which Annika already saw in the first part of the extended version.

The theatrical version continues with two scenes that are completely missing from the extended version. In between there is one that is shown earlier in the extended version.

- Lisbeth works out in her prison cell

- Afterward Annika watches the movie here, too. The identical footage is shown at the end of part 1 of the extended version, therefore no pictures here.

- Niedermann pushes a homeless man that is idling in front of Zala's warehouse into the water and enters it.

theatrical version 138,4 sec longer

79:08-79:21 / 25:21

The theatrical version here shows the Section doing their surveillance. (This shown in the extended version as early as the 40th minute of the first part after Mikael has told Annika that all their material is lost. )

+ 13,3 sec

80:19-80:24 / 26:18-26:23

The extended version shows a closer shot of Lisbeth already here.

no time difference

theatrical versionextended version

81:06 / 27:05

The extended version stays with Erika longer, the theatrical version cuts earlier to the next shot.

no time difference

81:08 / 27:07-27:08

Instead, said shot of Mikael coming closer is slightly longer in the extended version.

1,3 sec

82:02 / 28:02-28:47

Annika visits Ekström and presents Lisbeth's biography. He tries to draw her attention to the purportedly wrong and weak accusations, but Annika is not convinced.

45 sec

85:31 / 32:16-33:25

After Mikael has arranged the meeting with Erika, he meets Annika in the Millenium offices here. Before that, Christer asks him in the door whether he has heard something about Erika, since she could not be reached via the usual communication channels. Then the disheartened Annika presents the new medical report from Teleborian and says that Lisbeth's biography could not be proven. Mikeal mentions the help of the Section but also that Annika cannot prove easily. She wants to postpone the case, but Mikael replies that Lisbeth would not agree to that.

68,3 sec

85:37-85:43 / 33:31-33:45

The theatrical version shows the long shot longer and then cuts to a shot of Edklinth. The extended version shows Bublanski and Armanskij and cuts to the initial long shot when the theatrical version switches to the shot of Edklinth and thus shows adifferent part of the shot.

extended version 0,2 sec longer

theatrical versionextended version

86:54 / 34:56-34:58

Two shots whose beginnings and endings are insignificantly longer in the extended version.

2 sec

87:21-87:23 / 35:25-35:27

The theatrical version shows an additional shot of Mikael's ringing mobile phone on the table. Therefore, the extended version shows the next shot of Malin and Christer earlier (no pictures).

no time difference

90:38 / 38:42-39:00

Nyström and Clinton longer. Nyström says that he hadn't known anything about the search for the Nikolíc-brothers, but adds that there was no reason to worry, as the two would never confess to the police that they were contract killers.

18,2 sec

90:54 / 39:16-39:20

Erika earlier. She mentions Dag and Mia.

4 sec

91:53-91:56 / 40:19-41:01

Only the extended version shows the night before the trial. Mikael is standing nervously in his room and looks outside. Lisbeth is in her cell and also nervous. After that first shots of the next morning: Somebody is reading about the case in a newspaper.

Instead, the shot in front of the court-house begins earlier in the theatrical version and Bublanski and Mikael enter the picture from the right.

extended version 38,5 sec longer

93:28 / 42:33-42:35

The frontal shot of Lisbeth in the corridor is longer.

1,8 sec

only theatrical version longer
93:34-93:36 / 42:41

Instead, the shot of the legs, which coincidentally has the same length as the previous shot is missing in the extended version.

+ 1,8 sec

96:26 / 45:30-45:36

The extended version also shows an additional and closer shot of Mikael discussing the cover with the man from the printing shop.

In the theatrical version only the previous shot is 0,5 sec longer. (no pictures)

extended version 5,8 sec longer

96:33 / 45:43-45:46

Ekström longer + Annika/Lisbeth earlier.

2,4 sec

A different shot of Ekström. In the extended version he asks looking to the left (also because his monologue is already at a later point because of the previous extension) whether the jury agrees.

extended version 0,7 sec longer

101:47 / 51:00-51:12

More statements by Teleborian. He claims that Lisbeth cannot tell reality from imagination.

11,6 sec

103:26-103:33 / 52:51-52:58

Here, the theatrical version shows a shot of Annika and Lisbeth together on screen and then Teleborian. The extended version shows one after the other and each in a close-up.

no time difference

theatrical versionextended version

only theatrical version longer
103:43-103:44 / 53:08

Teleborian is shown longer in the theatrical version and the following shot begins earlier.

+ 1,5 sec

103:46-103:48 / 53:10-53:12

The theatrical version shows an additional shot of the woman in the jury. The extended version shows the previous shot of Annika and Lisbeth noticeably earlier.

extended version 0,4 sec longer

theatrical versionextended version

104:35 / 53:59-54:12

More dialogue between Mikael and Annika in the extended version. She seems disheartened.

In the theatrical version only the next shot of Annika begins slightly earlier. (no pictures)

extended version 13,2 sec longer

108:03-108:05 / 57:40-57:46

The theatrical version shows Teleborian longer. (no pictures)
Instead, the extended version shows Lisbeth and Annika from a different perspective. Then Annika asks Lisbeth why she calls Teleborian a pig.

extended version 3,9 sec longer

109:30 / 59:11-59:34

Before the trial continues, a shopping window with the new issue of Millenium is shown, then the female reporter from TV4 reports about the case.

(Only in the novel does Mikael give the woman, who has also reported about the events in Millenium material for an exclusive story.)

23,6 sec

110:22 / 60:26-60:28

A shot begins earlier.

1,7 sec

113:21 / 63:27-63:37

More dialogue before the break. Annika asks whether they could be given 1 hour instead of 30 minutes, which is granted.

10,3 sec

alternative / re-cut
114:49-115:04 / 65:05-65:21

Here, different arrests are shown during the trial. The theatrical version shows Nyström, and the extended version shows Hallberg.
The next shot begins slightly earlier in the theatrical version.

EV 0,5 sec longer

only theatrical version longer
115:10 / 65:27

A shot of Annika begins earlier in the theatrical version in order to make up for the lost time with the previous shot.

+ 0,5 sec

115:41-115:57 / 65:58-66:14

Now the other way round. In the theatrical version Hallberg is arrested, in the extended version Nyström. Then the extended version the extended version shows Annika earlier to make up for the running-time difference.

no time difference

117:07-117:09 / 67:24-67:43

In the extended version Annika says more before she calls in her witnesses. She asks the jury to remember the information given by Teleborian. Then she asks him whether he had asked for permission for the transfer to the hospital. The jury awaits his answer but he only looks down sheepishly.

The theatrical version only shows the next shot of Annika earlier. (no pictures)

extended version 17,4 sec longer

117:31 / 68:05-68:11

Jonas Sandberg is beig surrounded by policemen and brought to the ground by them.

5,8 sec

122:18 / 72:57-73:06

In the extended version Annika gives Lisbeth back her keys from Mikael and then packs her things.

The theatrical version shows Ekström leaving the a bit longer (no pictures)

extended version 8,6 sec longer

122:50-122:51 / 73:38-74:00

In the extended version Lisbeth unfastens her seatbelt in a close-up followed by an addiional dialogue with Annika. Lisbeth's answers to Annika's questions are brief and not very clear.

The theatrical version shows the previously omitted shot longer and in that one Lisbeth unfastens her seatbelt. (no pictures)

extended version 20,6 sec longer

only theatrical version longer
123:47-123:52 / 74:56

In the theatrical version Lisbeth walks away on the street longer.

+ 5,5 sec

125:10-125:22 / 76:14-77:06

An alternative take was used when Mikael and Erika fall in each other's arms.
The theatrical version is significantly longer.

theatrical versionextended version

However, the additional scene afterwards is only shown in the extended version: Lisbeth visits Palmgren and goes out for a walk with him.

extended version 40 sec longer

127:17-127:20 / 79:01-79:33

In the theatrical version Lisbeth longer. She is mumbling something.

Instead, the extended version shows an additional scene of her driving. Concidentally, she passes by the same gas station, where Niedermann Mikael walked past each other without noticing in the extended version, (which can be considered a hint to showdown).

extended version 29,3 sec longer

134:16 / 86:29-86:46

Lsbeth watches from the curbside how the police is driving into the warehouse.

17,5 sec

alternative / credits
136:08-140:55 / 88:38-89:20

It ends with an alternative shot:
The theatrical version fades over to the skyline and that's when the ending credits begin.
The extended version again shows Lisbeth sitting at the window (without fading over) and the shorter series-style ending-credits are shown on a black background.

theatrical version 245,4 sec longer

theatrical versionextended version