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Lord of the G-Strings: The Femaleship of the String, The


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jan 17, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Frankie - external link: IMDB
R-Rated = 87:08 Min.
Unrated = 98:22 Min.

Missing scenes = 11:14 Min.

Comparison between the German-DVD/R-Rated and the British DVD released by Third Millenium Multimedia (BBFC 18)/Unrated.

Dildo Saggins and her Throbbit friends Horny and Spam are being sent on a mission by the sorcerer Smirnof to destroy Whorespank's dangerous String Tanga, in order to secure the future of Diddle Earth. Unfortunately the malicious magician Sourass is following them.

Lord of the G-Strings is a soft sex parody of Lord of the Rings.
Dildo Saggins is played by Erin Brown, better known under her alias Misty Mundae. She's one of Seduction Cinema's most active actresses and can be seen in such masterpieces as Playmate of the Apes, Spiderbabe, Mummy Raider, Gladiator Eroticvs: The Lesbian Warriors or An Erotic Werewolf In London. These are all soft sex movies and do not feature pornography.

The Unrated Version does not feature more nudity as one might have expected. There are only 11 minutes of extended plot, which is rather irrelevant.
00:00 "Seduction Cinema" logo.
6 Sek.

01:56 A longer black screen in the Unrated version.
2 Sek.

Right after the assignment by Smirnof to destroy the String Tanga, the Throbbits Dildo Saggins, Horny and Spam are walking through a forest in the Unrated version. They are being watched by Ballem and one can here the voice-over of the narrator. In the following scene they meet three other women. While having a conversation they get to know that the three women have been framed by Smirnof because he assigned them as well to destroy one of Whorespank's miracle weapons: her top. Dildo is able to shed light on the situation and the Throbbits are leaving the scene while the other three women are still angry because of Smirnof's false play.
132 Sec.

40:51 After meeting the naked fairy of the forest and her ex-boyfriend, the Unrated version features some cheap looking computer generated scenes of the nature. Later on one can see the three girls. Dildo is having a vision of Whorespank who is fighting someone. Spam thinks it's because of Dildo's g-string and Dildo does believe as well, that the string is speaking to her. Horny and Spam are asking for Dildo's g-string, so that they can fulfill their dreams. Dildo replys that this is an evil weapon that must be destroyed. Lastly one can see another CGI shot.
110,4 Sek.

49:43 Araporn asks Spam and Horny whether they want to know the story of her being queen of Milfonia. She whispers something into Horny's ear and that makes her smile. Change of scene to Smirnof's castle. One can see the magician being visited by Sourass (an old friend). Smirnof can't recognize him, until he's given a special brew by Sourass's assistant. Now his memories are back and Sourass wants to get the G-String. Smirnof realizes that Sourass was attrackted by the powers of evil, which was rather easy to identify because of Sourass's shirt. With the help of the g-string Sourass wants to gain the reign of Diddle Earth. Both are arguing a bit until Sourass is using his secret weapon: his magic fart that knocks out Smirnof easily. Afterwards Sourass covers Smirnof with a cloak that was handed over by his assistant. He uses his magic weapon again. As he raises the blanket again, Smirnof is gone. Sourass is puzzled and gets flatulence. His assistant brings some toilet tissues.
337 Sek.

54:57 End of a sex scene between Dildo, Araporn, Horny and Spam. Afterwards a shot of the castle can be seen. This is followed by Sourass standing in the forest. He is still puzzled because of Smirnof's escape. Suddenly a group of Dorks appears and they inform their master about their findings. Sourass believes he's got Smirnof's trace and therefore he sends the Dorks away. He starts to monologize again and suddenly his flatulence start all over. He jumps out of the picture.
86,5 Sek.