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Terror, The

original title: Castle of Terror, The


  • Original Version
  • German DVD
Release: Sep 21, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Compared is the German DVD by ems and the broadcast by TCM.

About the movie:

Soldier Lt. Andre Duvalier gets seperated from his troup and meets a mysterious woman who seems to be seduced by Baron Von Leppe. Duvalier looks for his castle in order to help her and recognizes more secrets...

This flick is genial, especially the history of its making. Roger Corman, who just has made "The Raven" with Boris Karloff, wanted to play tennis one day but because of massiv rain he stayed home and thought about how to use the neat sets of "The Raven" for another movie. The content was written down a paper and Leo Gordon and Jack Hill wrote the script.

Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson took the starring, Nicholsons wife took the female part and the movie was made in only a few days. When Corman would have taken the lead he would have been bind to order a whole crew. That is the reason why his assistent Francis Ford Coppola became the director. When he was forced to do other things Jack Hill and finally Jack Nicholson took the lead during the last days of filming.

Due to the different directors and their personal style it was difficult to create the whole movie. Corman himself made two scenes with the set of "The Masque of the Red Death" to cover some plot holes. Beside the obvious fault the movie earned good critics.

The versions:

The German DVD offers a versions which runs longer for 9 minutes. Dick Miller appears in a new side plot in which he wants to kill the son of Baron Von Leppe. To make it short, the side plot is as strange as the rest of the movie and does not offer anything new beside the fact that Corman just earned some money.

However, where are the origins of these new scenes. The imdb offers some hints.

On the LA World SF Convention Dick Miller has told these scenes where made by Corman. Because of the fact that the original version became public domain, Corman lost the rights and therefor made up new scenes in order to regain the copyright of the new and longer version. The outro shows a date: 1990.

The extended version is not that good and the new scenes are pretty obvious because they were made on video. Unfortunately the German versions contains a violence cut and the German dubbing is bad.

However, the ems version is better than other releases of this classic but the colors look a bit bleak which costs atmosphere. The best version of "The Terror" is broadcasted on TCM. It seems the movie has been restored and offer the correct widescreen format.

The movie is a public domain in the USA and can be legally obtained here:

Comparison of images:




German: 90:41 Min. (PAL)
US: 79:14 Min. (NTSC)

Strangely, the US version runs faster for 4% than the German version.

The credits have been changed compared to the US version.

German: 1:15 Min.
US: 1:43 Min.


After the credits the German version cuts to the castle. Stefan sneaks around the yard, kills a guardian and takes his key. He sneaks through the castle and kills another guard.

He meets Edgar who is incantating something and also wants to kill him but is hit from the behind. He awakes in a cell. Edgar stands next to him and asks him something. Stefan charges for him and Edgars minion Hans has to hold him back.

Stefan awakes on a torturing bench. Edgar wants him to talk but Stefan refuses and Hans continues the torturing process. Stefan wants to tell something to Hans and shows him his tattoo on his neck. He says he wants to tell the whole story when Hans releases him. He does and Stefen starts telling his story.


German: 6:27 Min.

[00:59:41][00:54:19] Censorship in the German version

Gustaf can be seen longer after his eyes have been picked out. Afterwards one can see him in another take.

US: 12 Sec.


The US version shows the "The End" type and the metling face can longer be seen.

The German versions offers more side plot. Stefen explains that Edgar has made a pact with the evil but Hans does not want to believe his words. Edgar appears and shots Stefan. He wants Hans to bring the body to his studio. When Hans bends over one can see his tattooed neck, too.

A new outro.

German: 2:39 Min.
US: 3 Sec.