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original title: Vampiros Lesbos


  • International Version
  • Spanish Version
Release: Oct 02, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the international DVD released by Dolmen and the Spanish version of the movie.

About the Movie

Lucy (who works at a law office) has the same dream very night - a mysterious woman is calling for her. One day she goes to a club with her friend Omar and Lucy recognizes one of the dancers as the woman from her dream. Her office tells her to travel to Istanbul to supervise countess Nadine Carody. Again, she has the feeling to recognize her as the woman from her dreams (as well as the dancer from the club). When the two woman come closer, Nadine appears to be a vampire...

Vampyros Lesbos is Jess Franco's (non-authentic) interpretation of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Contentual, the story is sometimes a little chaotic, therefore it's best to rather concentrate on the music and the images - regarding these aspects, Vampyros Lesbos is one of Franco's better movies.
There are two reasons to take a closer look at Vampyros Lesbos: For one thing, there is the superb soundtrack that is a great addition to the (to some extent) surreal images, making the movie an unusual movie experience. For another thing, Soledad Miranda does a great job as a leading act as countess Nadine Carody. Franco really knows how to capture her beauty to bring it on the big screen.

About the Versions

Apart from the familiar international version, there exists an alternative version of Vampyros Lesbos that was made for the Spanish movie market. Surprisingly, all the nude scenes were either taken out or exchanged with more harmless alternative footage. The different ccourse of action is also very interesting. The Spanish version offers some scenes (also plot-scenes) that can't be found in any other version of the movie or bonus material of other DVDs. These exclusive scenes are highlighted in this report.
The Italian DVD includes the regular international version, therefore in this it will be mentioned as "Ita" in this report.

The Spanish version was recorded from Mexican Pay-TV. The image format differs from time to time, but overall, it contains a little more picture information than the DVD. A little flaw of the DVD is the fact that it is based on a restored version of the movie that contains some scenes with a zoomed image. When you compare it to the Spanish version, the difference occasionally is pretty drastic.

Time: [00:18:18][00:15:44]




Italian DVD: 85:27 min.
Spanish version: 74:22 min.

In the Spanish version there is another cut to Nadine.

Span: 46 sec.


In the Spanish version you see Linda visiting a psychiatrist.

The Ita. at this point shows Nadine dancing. Linda is among the audience and is fascinated by Nadine's dance. Then you see Linda and her boyfriend in bed. She's dreaming of Nadine, who calls for her.

Ita: 5:04 min.
Span: 36 sec.


In the Ita. there's a cut to Nadine.

Ita: 6 sec.


In the Ita. Nadine can be seen a little earlier.

Ita: 5 sec.


The beginning of the scene where Linda bends down was cut out.

Ita: 6 sec.


Linda tells the psychiatrist the ending of her dream and that she has a dream like that every night.

Ita: 36 sec.


In the Spanish version there's an additional panning shot of the ocean.

Span: 49 sec.


Linda (who's lying on the bed) can be seen a little earlier.

Ita: 4 sec.


The Spanish version offers an alternative shot of the dead girl.



Ita: 2 sec.
Span: 2 sec.


The Spanish version now shows an entirely new scene:

The boat is anchored at the jetty. Linda approaches Memmet (Franco himself). They talk a little before she walks to the boat.

Span: 41 sec.


An additional scene of the boat driving towards the island.

Span: 20 sec.


The boat heads for the island.

Span: 13 sec.


In the Ita. Linda pulls off her panties before she runs in the water.

Ita: 11 sec.


In the Spanish version you don't see Nadine and Linda sunbathing naked at the beach.

Ita: 52 sec.


Now follows a cut to the dragon.

Span: 12 sec.


The love scene between Nadine and Linda was (in the Spanish version) heavily cut and sequenced differently. The following scenes are the only "survivors":

Cut to the scorpion. Nadine and Linda sit down on the bed. Cut to the dragon and the moth on the net. Linda is bitten, blood runs down the pane.

The Ita. offers way more scenes (including fumbling, undressing, and sucking blood).

Ita: 3:37 min.
Span: 32 sec.


The Spanish version only offers two shots of boats that sail on the ocean; then follows the scene where Linda wakes up. In between, there's a lot of missing material.

The Ita. shows the events as follows: Linda wakes up - she's lying naked on the floor. She puts on a shirt and walks through the house, calling for Nadine. In the end she finds her - she floats dead (and naked) in the pool. That's too much for her to take - she passes out.
Change of scene: Agra is screaming in her cell; a doctor appears and calms her down. Then, he walks to Dr. Seward and asks him to take a look at Agra. Agra tells him that she had a vision again. Seward asks for the name of the woman in her vision. She only tells him that she is the queen of the night.

Ita: 4:18 min.
Span: 51 sec.


In the Spanish version now (after Linda woke up) follows the scene of the doctor walking to Dr. Seward to talk to him about Agra.

Span: 36 sec.


The scene with Agra was also placed a little later in the Spanish version. Agra's screaming in her room; then the doctor comes to calm her down.

Span: 53 sec.


Even the panning shot of the clinic follows later than in the Ita.

Span: 9 sec.


Omar can be seen a little earlier when he walks to the clinic.

Span: 13 sec.


Omar enters the clinic in the Spanish version.

Span: 6 sec.


In the Spanish version there's an additional cut to the dragon.

Span: 18 sec.


In the Spanish version you only see a plane landing, followed by a cut to Nadine.

The Ita. instead offers a cut to a boat. Then you see Nadine lying on the bed. Morpho is standing at the door. She says that she is in her parent's house. A few hundred years ago, she was raped by a soldier but count Dracula saves her and turned her into a vampire. Then she says that she now has a disgust for men and is fatally attracted to Linda. Then you see a scene of Linda and Omar having sex, followed by a cut to Nadine and Morpho who are standing at the window.

Ita: 3:07 min.
Span: 35 sec.


In the Spanish version you don't see Linda getting out of bed and walking to the closet.

Ita: 32 sec.


A missing cut to Omar who is lying on his bed with his eyes wide open.

Ita: 3 sec.


In the Spanish version now follows a cut to Agra, who restlessly tosses and turns in her bed.

The Ita. instead shows Nadine and Linda kissing.

Ita: 9 sec.
Span: 20 sec.


Linda pulls Nadine's dress up and starts to kiss her. Then follows the scene of Agra tossing and turning in her bed. Afterwards, Linda and Nadine (having sexual intercourse) can be seen a little earlier.

Ita: 1:07 min.


In the Spanish version now follows a scene where Nadine is lying on the bed; she tells Morpho how she became a vampire.

Then you can see Omar standing at the window a little earlier. (1 sec.)

Span: 3:41 min.


In the Spanish version you see Agra opening the door with a picklock; afterwards, she runs away.

Span: 24 sec.


The Spanish version cuts to the boat anchored at the harbor. Then you see Dr. Sward approaching Agra's bed. This is the dialogue that could already be seen in the Ita. Afterwards, the movie again cuts to the boat.

In the Ita. version you see Omar who drives to the hotel. Linda seems to have disappeared, therefore Omar asks for her at the reception. He's told that she paid her bill and left - the concierge won't tell him where she went. Linda walks to a door and meets Memmet who grabs and stuns her. Then you see Nadine dancing. Morpho and Omar are among the audience. At the end there is a cut to the boat at the harbor.

Ita: 7:23 min.
Span: 1:35 min.


In the Spanish there's a missing scene of Agra tossing and turning in her bed.

Ita: 19 sec.


The Spanish version offers an alternative scene when Nadine comes to Agra who's lying on the bed. In the Spanish version Agra is wearing a nightdres, in the Ita. she's completely naked.



Ita: 1:09 min.
Span: 46 sec.


In the Spanish now follows the scene where Omar drives to the hotel (where he's not able to find Linda), followed by the dancing scene. The scenes with the guests are identical, but the dance itself was completely altered. Some musicians are standing on the stage and Nadine dances around them.

Span: 2:18 min.


In the Spanish version now follow two cuts to the boats, followed by the scene where Linda is kidnapped by Memmet.

The Ita. shows Linda, who is chained in the wine cellar. Memmet appears and wants her to be his mistress. He also shows her the dead girl from an earlier scene. Linda is able to convince him that she also loves him. He unties her. Finally, she kills him with a saw. Then follows a cut to the castle.

Ita: 3:24 min.
Span: 1:02 min.


The waves can be seen a little longer (1 sec.).

Then follows the scene where Memmet is killed by Linda.

Span: 3:19 min.


The Ita. offers a cut to the scorpion.

Ita: 4 sec.


When linda meets the dying Nadine, there are two alternative scenes of this event. In the Ita. is lightly clad while in the Spanish version she wears some pants. In the Spanish version, Linda bites Nadine a little longer.
The scene (in the Spanish version) ends after the cut to the scorpion.



Ita: 1:28 min.
Span: 1:54 min.


In the Ita. you can see how Nadine is bitten by Linda - she dies.

Ita: 18 sec.


After you saw Agra follows the scene of Nadine being bitten and dying.

Span: 18 sec.


Morpho bursts into the house and jostles Linda away from Nadine. He stoops over her and takes the needle out of her eye. Then follows a cut to Nadine.

Ita: 47 sec.


In the Spanish version you see Linda looking sideways.

Span: 2 sec.