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Release: Jul 03, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated (US-VHS) and the Unrated Version (US DVD)

"Striptease" tells the touching tale of Erin Grant who fights for the custody of her child. Disappointed and left alone by the jurisdiction, she has to work as a stripper in a nightclub to make a living. Apart from the custody quarrel she finds a flaming admirer in congressman David Dilbeck who pulls her down into a pit of corruption and misuse of power...

Oh boy. Demi Moore getting naked for a 12 Million $ salary, Burt Reynolds half naked and covered in Vaseline from head to toe, completely screwed-up dramaturgy and the weird mixture of comedy, drama and political thriller have earned the movie no less than six Golden Raspberries.
If one is able to bury his demands and look at the movie from the right angle, one might be able to squeeze some entertainment out of this nevertheless. Burt Reynolds as a slimy congressman is wonderful to behold, the perfect strip club world will leave you dumbstruck, the flat as a pancake dramaturgy is delivered with all the subtlety of a jackhammer and the bizarre Finale will kill whatever brain matter you might have left until then. Only Demi Moore, seeming like she takes this mess rather seriously, is a bit off-beat.

In the USA the movie was released on VHS in an R-Rated version that has been toned in a few scenes but still has enough naked skin to offer to keep you from following the downright confusing plot.

R-Rated VHS:

Unrated DVD:

Running time:

R-Rated: 109:51 Min. (NTSC without ending credits)
Unrated: 101:52 Min. (NTSC without ending credits)

After Erin has thrown herself to the ground, a small dialogue between Orly and Shad follows in the Unrated.

Orly: "What's with Princess Di tonight?"
Shad: "Her asshole husband disappeared with the kid again."

Then follows the end of Erins performance. She takes her bra off and writhes on the chair.

Unrated: 46 Sec.


In the R-Rated, alternative footage has been used during the snake dance.



R-Rated: 6 Sec.
Unrated: 22 Sec.


More alternative and longer shots of the snake dance.



R-Rated: 3 Sec.
Unrated: 7 Sec.


Once more, alternative and shorter footage has been used in the R-Rated.



R-Rated: 4 Sec.
Unrated: 16 Sec.


The performance of the blond girl is a bit longer.

Unrated: 52 Sec.

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