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Release: Jun 27, 2009 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Oliver Stones Natural Born Killers is without a doubt one of the most controversial movies of the 90ies. For years lawsuits have been filed against Stone and Warner was not sure whether and how the movie should be released for a long time.

Successful author John Grisham was partly responsible for Hollywood shaking in fear of the possible consequences for filmmakers, should their movies (supposedly) be responsible for someone killing another human being. Warner themselves hesitated for a long time to release the movie on VHS in Great Britain due to a murder having occurred shortly before the release.

So in the US, the Director's Cut of Natural Born Killers was not released by Warner themselves but by Trimark.

A whole lot had to be cut out of the movie in order to ensure an R-Rating and several trials had to be made to satisfy the MPAA. About one hundred cuts can be identified and will be listed here in detail.
#1 4:01

Mallory hits the cowboy in the face.

DC: 1,42s

#2 4:10

The Cowboy falls back after receiving a kick.

DC: 0,88s

#3 4:13

Mallory smashes a plate on the cowboys head.

DC: 2,42s

#4 4:19

More kicks. Blood splatters.

DC: 9,39s

#5 4:27

The severed finger is seen in color.

DC: 0,63s

#6 4:28

Mickey slices the man open.

DC: 0,42s

#7 4:29


DC: 0,88s

#8 4:57

The knife in the back is visible.

DC: 2,96s

#9 5:00

Mallory hits the head onto the floor more often.

DC: 0,96s

#10 5:01

Mallory is seen a bit longer before she snaps the mans neck.

DC: 0,21s

#11 5:02

A short scene with Mallory is seen later.

No time difference

#12 5:08

She stands over the corpse a bit longer.

DC: 2,04s

#13 5:11

She kicks the corpse.

DC: 2,92s

#14 5:44

The camera moves to the third cowboy who stands in the corner.

DC: 3,63s

#15 7:16

Alternative footage is shown during the credits.

DC: 3,38s | R-Rated: 3,24s

#16 17:45

Mickey hits Mallorys father.

DC: 2,92s

#17 18:17

Er pours more gasoline over the mother.

DC: 2,75s

#18 18:18

He also grins more.

DC: 0,38s

#19 30:48

As Mickey is alone with the hostage, alternative footage is shown. In the R-Rated she sits on top of him with a knife while in the Unrated he rapes her.

DC: 2,29s | R-Rated: 2,12s

#20 46:02

The DC shows a scene in Scagenttis hotel room in color.

DC: 5,30s | R-Rated: 5,04s

#21 46:24

The prostitute wears no bra in the DC.

DC: 13,39s | R-Rated: 12,04s

Director's Cut


#22 46:36


DC: 7,38s | R-Rated: 7,32s

Director's Cut


#23 46:46


DC: 4,88s | R-Rated: 2,92s

#24 46:50


DC: 13,39s | R-Rated: 12,80s

Director's Cut


#25 47:04


DC: 0,83s | R-Rated: 1,12s

#26 51:07

In the DC, the apothecary is hit more often and blood splatters onto the window. In the R-Rated, Mickey is shown shooting.

DC: 1,92s | R-Rated: 0,28s

Director's Cut


#27 53:19

Mallory is beaten.

DC: 1,75s

#28 53:48

This kick is seen later in the R-Rated.

#29 53:49

More beatings for Mickey.

DC: 4,63s

#30 53:52

The DC shows previously unseen kicks while the R-Rated shows those from #28.

DC: 0,54s

#31 53:54

Scagnetti is seen longer.

DC: 0,92s

#32 63:04

Color in the DC, b/w in the R-Rated.

DC: 11,81s | R-Rated: 11,24s

#33 82:29

A guard is stuffed into a washing machine.

DC: 9,93s

#34 83:40

Mickey shoots a guard.

DC: 0,75s

#35 83:49


DC: 0,96s

#36 83:49

One shot is longer in the R-Rated.

R-Rated: 0,52s

#37 83:49

The assistant is gunned down.

DC: 1,29s

#38 83:49

Two short shots have been interchanged.

#39 83:51

More innocents go down.

DC: 0,83s

#40 83:53

Color in the DC, b/w in the R-Rated.

#41 84:10

The guard empties his shotgun.

DC: 0,38s

#42 84:10

The chubby guard lies on the floor.

R-Rated: 1,56s

#43 84:11

The guard puts the gun away. Mickey rounds up the survivors and breaks the chubby guards finger.

DC: 20,07s

#44 85:12

Shots of the riot.

DC: 2,00s

#45 85:17

More walking through the hallway.

DC: 5,47s

#46 87:47

Mallory hits the guard one more time.

DC: 1,08s

#47 88:07

Scagnetti sprays Mallory a bit longer.

DC: 8,93s

#48 89:18

On of the guards glides to the floor longer after being shot. Blood drips from the ceiling.

DC: 1,25s

#49 89:20

More turmoil in the small room.

DC: 0,50s

#50 90:03

Mallory stabs Scagnetti in the throat.

DC: 0,71s

#51 90:03

Closer shot of the next stabbing in the DC.

DC: 0,83s | R-Rated: 0,76s

#52 90:05

Longer shot of the stab wound.

DC: 1,34s

#53 90:06

Scagnetti gasps with the knife in his throat.

DC: 1,79s

#54 90:08

Shot of Scagnetti; Mallory running towards Mickey.

DC: 2,75s

#55 90:38

Scagnetti gasps some more.

DC: 2,00s

#56 90:38

A short shot of Scagnetti is seen a bit later in the DC.

#57 90:44


DC: 0,17s

#58 90:44


DC: 0,63s

#59 90:44

Alternative footage of Mickey aiming at Scagnetti, pulling the trigger and recognizing that his gun is empty.

DC: 7,93s | R-Rated: 7,36s

Director's Cut


#60 90:59

Alternative shot of Scagnetti. W only see the knife in the DC.

DC: 2,67s | R-Rated: 1,48s

#61 91:51

A TV audience is seen in the DC while the R-Rated shows more of the riot.

b>DC: 3,38s | R-Rated: 1,08s

#62 91:57

The assault on a convict is longer.

DC: 2,34s

#63 92:01

A guard is stuffed into an oven.

DC: 13,18s

#64 92:08

More shots of the riot.

DC: 3,71s

#65 92:13


DC: 2,17s

#66 92:17

A convict gets his throat slit.

DC: 8,30s

#67 92:49

Alternative footage as the explosion hauls a convict off screen.

DC: 1,75s | R-Rated: 1,64s

#68 93:00

More gunshots.

DC: 2,29s

#69 93:08


DC: 1,38s

#70 93:18

Mickey and his group are walking through the hallway.

DC: 1,59s

#71 93:22


DC: 3,00s

#72 93:28


DC: 1,21s

#73 93:29

The first of Mickeys hostages are gunned down by the guards.

DC: 1,34s

#74 93:31

The broadcasting team is shot.

DC: 5,76s

#75 94:42
The R-Rated shows Wayne shooting the guard. In the DC we only see the guard getting hit.

DC: 1,67s | R-Rated: 2,16s

#76 95:24

The shot of the half dead guard at the stairs is different.

DC: 3,75s | R-Rated: 2,68s

#77 95:32

Alternative footage as the guard is shot.

DC: 6,38s | R-Rated: 1,32s

Director's Cut


#78 95:45

Waynes hand in the DC, McClusky in the R-Rated.

DC: 0,21s | R-Rated: 0,12s

#79 95:45

The destroyed hand again.

DC: 1,29s

#80 95:45

McClusky in the R-Rated.

R-Rated: 0,32s

#81 95:45

McClusky, Wayne and Mallory.

DC: 2,54s

#82 95:54

A dangling corpse in the next room.

DC: 2,09s

#83 95:54

Longer shot of the group walking into the room.

DC: 1,42s

#84 96:02

More shots of the bloodstained room.

DC: 4,92s

#85 100:19

More approaching convicts are shot.

DC: 1,67s

#86 100:20


DC: 1,17s

#87 100:27

McClusky recognizes the approaching convicts.

KF: 1,28s

#88 100:31

McClusky gets out his tear gas.

DC: 1,34s

#89 100:32

The group escapes through the entrance.

R-Rated: 1,76s

#90 100:32

Part of this scene is seen later in the DC.

#91 101:40

More convicts run towards the guards.

R-Rated: 1,20s

#92 101:41

More convicts in the DC.

DC: 0,67s

#93 101:48

McClusky between the convicts.

DC: 1,67s

#94 101:51


DC: 2,13s

#95 101:51

The group runs out a bit longer.

DC: 0,62s

#96 101:53

McCluskys death can only be guessed in the R-Rated. In the DC we see body parts flying around and his impaled head.

DC: 12,22s | R-Rated: 9,72s

Director's Cut


#97 106:01

Wayne gets shot. (Almost no direct hits can be seen in the R-Rated.)

DC: 0,46s

#98 106:02


DC: 0,54s

#99 106:03


DC: 0,71s

#100 106:07


DC: 1,00s

#101 106:07

A short shot is in color in the R-Rated.

DC: 0,54s | R-Rated: 0,44s

#102 106:09

Wayne lies at the tree a bit longer.

DC: 0,92s

#103 106:17


DC: 0,38s