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  • UK DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Apr 21, 2011 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
In fall 2010, Momentum Pictures relased the thriller Burning Bright with Briana Evigan (Step Up 2 the Streets) and Garret Dillahunt (Last House on the Left) as leads in the UK. The Rental Version of the movie was released in December 2010 in Germany, the Retail Version in January 2011 - both released by Sony Pictures.

While Burning Bright was rated "FSK 16" in Germany, it got a "BBFC 12" in the UK but the DVD itself is rated "BBFC 15" due to a trailer. But what no one noticed: with a length of almost 86 min, the German Version is more than 3 min longer than the UK Version. Even the German cover artwork lacks a note that it contains an Extended Version or sth.

Which brings up the question whether the censorship is just for the releases in the UK or not. Especially the two additional scenes with the spray can look very much like the typical BBFC cuts because that could be copied really easy.

But one can only assume whether or not that's the case because the US DVD hasn't been released so far.

Compared are the UK DVD by Momentum Pictures and the German DVD by Sony Pictures.

1 longer logo in the UK Version
1 altered order of scenes including new and alternate scenes
2 additional scenes in the German Version

The German Version is approx. 3:34 minutes longer than the UK Version.
0:00 Min
Different logos at the beginning.


UK: + 6 sec

Altered order of the scenes

D: 54:03 Min / UK: 54:09 Min

From now on the versions continue differently. Furthermore the German Version contains some additional and altenate shots.

To keep it simple, this entire alteration is being counted as one huge difference. Moreover the scenes of the UK Version, that contain the exact same footage as the German Version, don't have any extra screens.

Order Uncut Version

Additional scene
Kelly sits down to rest. She watches Tom starring at the ceiling fan.

Alternate scene
She gets an old shirt from the box and starts tearing it apart to bandage the leg wound.

Additional scene
Kelly explains she was actually supposed to be at college, she liked her roommate, she had to learn for the exam and would smoke one after another while learning all night. She continues she'd have a cute guy next to her who told her he was in love with her. Meanwhile she keeps bandaging her wound.

Equal scene
Kelly tries not to cry and searches the documents spread on the ground. She finds a life insurance for her and her brother, effected by her stepdad. In case they die, he'd get $250,000.

Equal scene
She can't hold her tears back anymore and hopes God showed a way out of there.

Additional scene
She watches Tom and dreams about him talking to her about the death by a tiger objectively.

Equal scene
Now she searches the desk for a gun at the other end of the room. When she finally finds it, she puts a couple of earlier-found rounds in it.

Extended scene
Johnny sits at the bar talking to the Sheriff. They're talking about the bought tiger, Kelly's college ambitions and his wife's suicide.

Order UK Version

Alternate scene
Kelly tears the shirt apart to bandage her leg wound.

Altered order of the scenes
In the UK Version, she talks to God to ask him for help first. Not until then she searches the documents on the ground and becomes aware of her stepdad's intention. The footage itself is equal to the footage in the German Version.

Shortened/ Alternate scene
Now the scene with Johnny talking to the Sheriff at the bar follows immediately. His wife's suicide is not being mentioned in the UK Version.

Equal scene in a different passage
Now the scene with Kelly. She searches the desk for the gun and puts a couple of rounds in it.

Uncut Version: + 3:07 min

Additional scene

1:07:38 Min
Looking for sth. appropiate to fight the tiger, she reaches for a spray can and tests if she can create a flame with the spray can and the lighter. The scene is interrupted by intercuts to Tom.

Uncut Version: + 29.4 sec

Additional scene

1:08:47 Minuten
Kelly sprays at the cloth of her home-made torch. The UK Version contains an additional shot of Tom instead.

Uncut Version: + 3.6 sec