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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Feb 21, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The Theatrical Version has been compared to the Extended Version (both contained on the "Extended Dance Edition"-DVD)

Theatrical Cut: 100:24 min w/o credits (106:57 min w/ credits) NTSC
Extended Version: 115:38 min w/o credits (122:12 min w/credits) NTSC

- 29 altered parts, including
* 17x alternative footage
* 1x theatrical version longer

- difference: 913.6 sec (= 15:14 min)

Alan Parker showed the everyday life of pupils of the famous High School of Performance Art in Manhattan, with the potential of being long shots as early as 1980 in his musical-film of the same name.
In a time of casting-shows and retort-stars, the long overdue remake was served in 2009. Quiet moments in which the characters are depicted a little more are very rare, unfortunately. In return, the dance- and singing-scenes were admittedly directed pretty nicely, following this time's trend of fast cutting and editing.

The rerelease is already out in the US on DVD and Blu-Ray and it contains, next to the regular theatrical version, a close to 15 minutes longer version, on the cover called Extended Dance Edition.
Similar to so many unrated versions, which promise more gore and sex (latest example Jennifer's Body), this one is basically a deceptive pack - the backcover-print "featuring over 15 minutes of thrilling dance footage you couldn't see in theaters!" should not be believed. Actually, there is less dancing as there are mostly only "normal" plot-/dialogue-extensions or some longer songs once in a while. BUT: This does no the movie no harm at all, as it is rather poor in terms of characterstudy. Jenny's casting-act for example, the final meeting of soon-to-be-director Neil with the shady film producer or the talk between Denise and Victor about their solidarity as a band do improve the plot. The longer songs should please the target audience, as well.
So, the extended version surely is the preferring movie version.

Runtime designations are in the following order:
Theatrical Cut in NTSC / Extended Version in NTSC
05:51 / 05:51-06:21

In the Theatrical Cut (= TC) you see Neil half a second longer.

In the Extended Version (= EV) he justifies himself before the jury.

Mr. Dowd (Judge): "Well, Neil, I take it that filmmaking is your number one passion. Now, you wanna tell me why you want to study acting?"
Neil: "Well, you know, I'm a method director. And I believe that actors are the heart of any film. And in order to speak the language of an actor, I must become an actor."
Judge: "You'll do well."

EV 29.7 sec longer

08:34 / 09:04-09:14

Joy is being judged as well.

Mr. Dowd: "Wow. You're fearless, aren't you?"
Joy: "Some say annoying."
Mr. Dowd: "Well, you know, it's possible to be both."

9.9 sec

10:29 / 11:09-13:11

Jenny's performance is only shown in the EV resp. the TC ends with her deep breath.

First, there is a longer frontal shot of her and she now says her lines flawlessly:
"My theory is that when parents get divorced, they're given some kind of a handout. When my parents told me that they were splitting, they told me three things. One, It's not your fault. Two, It's not your fault. And three, It's not your fault. Problem is, I don't buy it. No kid does. I've seen the pictures of when you got married. When you were good-looking, and you smiled at each other. Hell, when you even just looked at each other. So what happened between then and now? Me. I... I came along, and I made you tired and cranky and anxious and I made you lose your hair and gain 20 extra pounds and... Somewhere in all of that, I... You stopped loving each other. So I have my own idea for a handout. Next time tell me: One, happiness is hard. Two, don't make the same mistakes we did. And three, okay, so maybe it is your fault a little. You want me to be honest? You go first."

122.2 sec

17:14 / 19:56-20:04

Denise walks through the hallway insecurely.

8.3 sec

23:46-23:51 / 26:36-26:41

Alternative shots of dancing Alice.

no time difference

Theatrical CutExtended Version

24:07-24:11 / 26:57-27:01

In the EV, Victor enters the room here.
The TC on the other hand keeps showing dancing Alice.

no time difference

Theatrical CutExtended Version

24:14-24:28 / 27:04-28:17

The TC switches earlier to a sideways shot of Alice.
Then, this version shows Victor, who has been standing outside watching and now dares to enter (which ends the scene).

In the EV, though, the shot on the ground is longer and after a cut to Victor, who is standing in the room watching, her performance ends. He then wants to impose his demo-tape to her resp. convince her of his musical skills.

Alice: "Can I help you?"
Victor: "You know, you can really dance."
Alice: "Thanks for the newsflash."
Victor: "But I think you could dance a little better, though, if your music wasn't so wack. I'm just saying."
Alice: "Excuse me?"
Victor: "Yeah. I mean, if you really wanna dance, you need something way better than that.
Alice: "And you know just what that is..."
Victor: "Yeah. Here, listen."
He gives her an earplug and she listens, grinning; "That's just a demo, too. I mean, I'm adding, like, a lot more bass and effects. The second, the second bar, that's not even the final part, let me tell you. I got more stuff that I can show you."
Alice says "Not bad" and leaves.
Victor: "I got more tracks."
Alice says, leaving, as Victor looks at her: "I'm sure you do."

EV 58,9 sec longer

27:10-27:12 / 30:59-31:32

In the EV Marco sings the song much longer - first the teacher (Ms. Rowan) is shown longer, then the other students' reactions.
Finally, Jenny looks to the side, shaking her head.

The TC shows just an alternative shot of Jenny.

EV 31.4 sec longer

28:14-28:19 / 32:34-34:57

The TC fades from Marco to the camera take on the sheet of music, from there to playing Denise again.

The EV on the other hand offers more additional scene, resulting from the judge giving the students a note book and several moments from the students' everyday life are shown to his respective words.

"These are not diaries. They're journals. I'm not interested in what you had for breakfast, or what you think of your stepmom's boob job. Not even your latest breakup. I wanna know about the world you inhabit. The people around you. Who are they? How do they behave? Language and behavior, that's all the actor's got to work with. So keep your eyes open. Observe. Record. How is emotion expressed through action? Gesture? Understand other people. And you'll begin to understand yourself."

EV 137.9 sec longer

31:09-31:10 / 37:47-37:48

In the extended version, the teacher Ms. Kraft calls another student in a closer shot.
(The previous shot is also slightly longer in the TC)

TC 0.6 sec longer

Theatrical CutExtended Version

31:12 / 37:50-38:10

First, the EV features the other step dancer after the view on Kevin. His successor is then also shown in the TC, the earlier removed shot of the teacher has been reimplemented in between in the extended version.

20,6 sec

31:17-38:18 / 38:15-38:20

The TC offers only a short close-up of the legs, whereas the EV features a longer shot and then moves on to the following shot much earlier - the movement from the TC is being done in a long shot.

EV 4.1 sec longer

KinofassungExtended Version

31:19 / 38:21

The TC keeps showing the long shot a few frames, the EV shows the close-up of the legs earlier.

no time difference

Theatrical CutExtended Version

38:15-38:16 / 45:17-46:17

A large part of Denise's song is only features in EV.

"Until the morning
sun appears
Making light
of all my fears
I dry the tears
I've never shown
Out here on my own
But when I'm down
and feelin' blue
I close my eyes
so I can be with you
Oh, baby, be strong for me
Baby, belong to me
Help me through
Help me need you"

The TC on the other hand features only another shot of her fingers on the piano keys, then the versions are synchronous again as the line "Sometimes I wonder" is sung.

EV 58.7 sec longer

42:04 / 50:05-50:20

The dancing scene is a little longer.

15.4 sec

42:08-42:10 / 50:24-50:31

The TC features a camera take downwards a girl.
The EV shows somebody eating an apple.

EV 5.2 sec longer

Theatrical CutExtended Version

52:10 / 60:31-61:02

In the EV, the first scene in "Junio Year" shows Marco bursting into one of Denise's musical lessons, informing her about an upcoming record deal.

Marco: "Denise! We got in with the label. They want us to come in and talk about our stuff. Can you go? Tomorrow, after school."
Denise: "I'm supposed to have extra piano..."
Marco: "No, no, cancel it. No, no. Cancel it, cancel it. Meet me out front at 3:00, all right? Sorry. This is it, Denise. Our big break. I can feel it!"
He leaves and Denise says, perplexedly, to her group: "Okay. Sorry, let's... Sorry."

30.4 sec

59:33 / 68:25-69:56

After the talk with the record boss, the EV features an additional scene. Ms. Kraft rebukes a student, and a discussion about her weigth is taking place.

Ms. Kraft: "You're not even trying, Rosie. Ballet is a requirement for every student dancer in this school."
Rosie: "But, Ms. Kraft, I'm good at hip-hop!"
Ms. Kraft: "My job isn't to cast music videos. It's to train serious dancers. P.A. isn't about just doing whatever you want. It's about becoming a complete performer. I... I don't know where you fit in here."
Rosie: "Fit in here? What's that supposed to mean?"
Ms. Kraft: "It means you're gonna keep flailing around and you're not gonna..."
Rosie: "This isn't about me, is it? You don't like my body. Admit it!"
Ms. Kraft: "Don't be ridiculous. Modern companies are full of girls who don't have the..."
Rosie: "Oh, really? Then how come this department is filled with skinny little girls with no titties and tight little butts, walking around drinking Diet Coke? I ain't never gonna be like them. And I don't wanna be. You want girls who've been starving themselves, and look like they're 11 and have so little body fat they can't even get a period to dance parts for real women. And that sucks! You're part of a machinery of oppression, Ms. Kraft. Just admit it."
Ms. Kraft: "Hey! First of all, don't speak to me like that. Don't speak to any teacher like that. It's very rude. It's also very ugly. And second of all, you know that's not true. I want my dancers to be healthy, and I talk to you all about that all the time. You don't have a good technique, and you're not working toward a technique. And yet, I wanna keep you here. Shit."

91,4 sec

62:30-62:31 / 72:53-73:19

In the TC, you see Ms. Rowan longer from the front.

The EV shows the sideways shot earlier and Ms. Rowan starts singing a few lines already. The students cheer.

EV 24.7 sec longer

In the TC, the song only starts at the following, slightly louder sounds of the band, which startle Ms. Rowan.

62:34-62:36 / 73:22-73:24

In the EV, the shot is longer and she grabs the microphone again, then the following shot starts a little earlier.
The TC on the other hand adds the take of cheering students again (not picturized again).

no time difference

Only TC longer
62:50-62:51 / 73:38

In the TC, you see Ms. Rowan slightly longer.

+ 0.6 sec

62:54 / 73:41-73:46

The students cheer a bit longer, then another shot of the teacher on stage. (Before Joy says "She's amazing!")

4.4 sec

62:56-63:03 / 73:48-74:15

The reaction "Of course she is" takes place in the same shot in the TC, whereas in the EV, he says this in another shot.

Theatrical CutExtended Version

Then, the EV shows much more of her singing routine.

The last takes, which are also featured in the TC, are rearranged here, though, for continuity purposes.
(First her on stage saying "Here am I" and also a little earlier, then the cheering students)

EV 20.3 sec longer

66:45 / 77:57-79:21

The record boss runs to Denise and gives her his card. Then another naive talk of Neil with the alleged movie producer resp. obviously the reason why he later talks about being broke.

RB: "Wait, wait. Hold, hold on. Now, you were born to do this. You know that."
Denise: "You know what, thank you, but I can't. I just can't..."
RB: "I know they're your friends. But what I'm trying to do for you could make you a star. Look. Just take my card and think about it, all right?"
Malik in the background: "Denise! You coming?"
She joins him and Malik gives the record boss an evil eye.

Neil puts a cheque for 5000$ on his screenplay; "So, this is all I've been able to come up with for the moment, 'cause my financiers were slightly shallow..."
Man: "Don't worry about the money. I mean, we'll shoot some scenes. We'll cut a mini-trailer. We'll use that to get more money."
Neil: "I'm feeling it. I mean, I've already got this storyboard thing going with... I've got some visuals here. I thought I could run this by you. I have a shot list in my bag somewhere if you'd like to see it now."
The man only friendly says: "You just get into your process. Sure. I've already talked to my friends at Sundance. This is exactly what they're looking for."
Neil is overwhelmed and pounds his fist; "That's incredible. Let's make a movie. Let's make a movie."

together 83.6 sec

77:56-77:58 / 90:32-92:05

The EV fades away a little earlier, then an additional scene takes place. Denise tells Victor she turned the record boss down.

Victor: "Did he call you again?"
Denise: "Yeah, he called me again."
Victor: "So does he want you to record an album or something?"
Denise: "Yeah. He wanted me to work with Damon and Poyser, whoever those people are."
Victor: "What'd you say?"
Denise: "I told him no."
Victor: Because of your pops?"
Denise: "No."
Victor: "What? Because of us?"
Denise: "Yes, because of us. It's you, me and Malik. That's it. Package deal."
Victor: "Denise, look, I... I don't wanna keep you from your dreams, all right? That man's right, you were born to sing."
She angrily stops playing; "Jesus, Victor! Enough already. Before you and Malik, I didn't even realize I could sing that music. That I loved that music. I didn't even know who I was. You guys believed in me, so I'm not gonna sell you out. And that's that. Now, can we get back to practice?"
Victor: "Yeah."

The TC fades here from the station to the next scene.

EV 91.5 sec longer

88:14-88:17 / 102:21-102:42

In the EV there is a tracking shot to Victor, who then does a Keyboard-solo.

The TC features a different shot of Malik as the fade takes place.

EV 18.4 sec longer

88:53 / 103:18-103:37

Malik comes to Denise, both continue singing and spin in the process.

18.5 sec

95:09 / 109:53-110:00

A camera take around the posing girl.

6.7 sec

95:21-95:23 / 110:12-110:37

The shot a little longer, then you see the two in the EV again from the side and some ballette-steps take place.

In the TC, the strings are shown shortly, then the lifting continues as in the EV (there, it was one shot resp. this happens after the camera take around the two).

EV 22.6 sec longer