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Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Complete Season One


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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

1.10 The Lair of General Grievous


  • TV Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Mar 25, 2011 - Author: azog - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version (aired on German television) and the Director's Cut (included in the DVD box-set released by Warner Home Video).

Runtime TV = 21:09
Runtime DC = 22:28

After Asajj Ventress freed viceroy Gunray, Jedi Master Kit Fisto takes up pursuit.
Gunray's signal leads him to the Vassek moon. There he meets his former padawan Nahdar Vebb who also followed the signal.
The two of them enter general Grievous' hideout and have to realize that it is one of Count Dooku's traps. However, even the general is staggered by the Count's plan.

Just as usual, the additions of the DC are not that interesting. They quite nicely blend in with the rest of the episode - however, if you don't know the scenes you won't miss them.
TV: 00:00
DC: 00:00
The TV version starts with the "Clone Wars"-logo while the DC at first shows a black screen.
0.92 sec

TV: 02:58
DC: 02:59

After the group found Nute Gunray's alleged hideout the clone says that it smells like droids. They walk on for a while and then the other clone says that it is too dark to see. Then they switch on the lamps on their helmets.

17.08 sec

TV: 03:57
DC: 04:15

The group attacks the viceroy's droids and while they pull back the droids talk to each other. They say that they have never killed a Jedi.

4.88 sec

TV: 04:04
DC: 04:27

Before Nahdar Vebb destroys the last droid he has a little warning for the Republicans.

2.52 sec

TV: 07:48
DC: 08:13
General Grievous is caught off guard by the Jedis in the hallway. After master Kit Fisto told Grievous to surrender, the TV version fades out (followed by the commercial break). The DC doesn't use this effect.
TV: 1.24 sec

TV: 12:13
DC: 12:37

Before the group falls through the trapdoor Nahdar Vebb says that he has a bad feeling about this.

2.72 sec

TV: 13:54
DC: 14:21

When you see Grievous lying on the operating table the TV version fades out. It continues when Gorr fires his first shot.
The DC continues without any interruptions. You see a few more frames of Grievous and the Jedis facing Gorr.

TV: 1.56 sec
DC: 0.96 sec

TV: 18:03
DC: 18:29

Subsequent to defeating Nahdar Vebb Grievous looks in the camera and talks. Aafter saying that he is going to kill them all, he twice asks him if he can hear what he's saying.

2.2 sec

TV: 18:22
DC: 18:50

Before master Kit Fisto steps out the landing platform's walls are shown a little earlier.

0.6 sec

TV: 18:23
DC: 18:52

A short frontal view of Kit Fisto while he steps on the platform.

1.32 sec

TV: 21:04
DC: 21:34

The final circle begins one frame later in the TV version. The credits were almost completely cut out. You only see George Lucas' name and the Lucasfilm logo.

TV: 4.92 sec
DC: 54.24 sec