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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Feb 11, 2013 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
No one has probably ever expected Paranormal Activity expected to become a huge success and cause a boom of Found Footage films. The series has already made it to 3 sequels and 2 spin-offs. A fifth movie is in production and will start in movie theaters just in time at Halloween 2013. But before that is going to happen, Paranormal Activity 4 has its home theater premiere. Just like the previous ones, the third sequel gets an Unrated Cut as well. The new footage doesn't improve the weakest part so far at all but it doesn't make the movie worse either. They're a nice bonus and that's it. One shouldn't expect classic unrated footage though. But then again who would have expected otherwise?

Compared are the R-Rated Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version, both available on the DVD by Paramount.

The Unrated Version contains 4 new scenes and it's 566.1 seconds (~9:26 minutes) longer than the Theatrical Version. Furthermore, one scene lacks the notification of date and place.

The remaining difference results from additional credits at the end of the Unrated Version.
2:14 Minutes
Halloween: Wyatt is running across an alley in a ninja costume. His sister Alex and her friend Ben are chasing him. At some point, she catches up with him. Then they're going trick or treating. The first "victim" is Mr. Kramer. Alex introduces Ben to him. Then they go to the next house with a scarecrow in front of it. Wyatt doesn't want to go there for candy, so Ben walks over there. Having arrived, he lifts the hand of the scarecrow and says it wasn't real. But when he's reaching for the candy, the scarecrow jumps up and Ben gets scared. Ben says he'd almost peed his pants and Wyatt explains: "That's why they called SCAREcrow.". The three of them are walking along the road, they recognize the new neighbors. Lil Robbie is standing at the fence. He's watching them, then he runs off.

Back at home, lil Wyatt shows the candy to his mom. She's impressed and keeps putting color an her Halloween cookies. In the next scene, Wyatt puts his candy on the table. Alex snatches some candy and runs. Ben asks for a piece of candy as well but Wyatt rejects him. He rather shows his nunchuck skills to Ben. Wyatt's dad comes in and wants to take his son to bed. He says he liked Ben's "bank robber" costume and leaves. Ben explains it wasn't a bank rubber costume at all.

Ben enters the living room, puts his camera on the table and sits next to the cat. Then Ben reaches for the candy (he managed to get a piece after all). He wants to talk to the cat about Alex. Apparently, she's not in the mood and leaves.

Change of scenery: Alex - meanwhile in a fariy costume - and Ben intend to go to a party. Before they hit the road, her dad wants to know where the rest of her costume was. They laugh, then Alex and Ben leave. Outside, Ben asks Alex if he was her best friend. She confirms it and they keep walking down the street. At the house of the new neighbors, they notice lil Robbie standing at the window. Ben and Alex run away.

200.5 sec

R-Rated: 2:16 Minutes/ Unrated: 5:38 Minutes
notification of date and place - "Henderson, NV. November 1, 2011" - is missing in the Unrated Version.
no difference


8:19 Minutes
Jake shows his "Palate Expander" to Ben. Because Ben doesn't get it, he asks about it over and over again. Then Jake shows it to a girl and repeats it was a Palate Expander. When Ben finally got it, he asks why he didn't say so in the first place. Everybody laughs.

In the next scene, he rolls up a pizza and says it was "Purrito", a rolled up pizza that looks like a burrito. Alex's dad comes in to look if anything's alright. He points his finger at Ben and says he had a gun. Then he returns to the kitchen. Jake (not onscreen at the time) wants to know what kind of gun.
37 sec

22:09 Minutes
Alex calls Wyatt and Robbie in her room. She wants to show them a cool video on the laptop. The boys are sitting in front of the laptop, they look mesmerized. There's no video playing but a birds' twittering is audible. After a few seconds, a loud scream follows. Being terrified, Wyatt runs off. Robbie follows him unimpressed. Alex says she shouldn't scare him like that.

Subsequently, Alex is looking for her mother in the entire house. She walks down the stairs and sees Robbie lying on the living room floor. He's not moving. When she's arrived down there, he's gone of course. Alex keeps walking. Then she walks across a dark hallway. The doorhandle at the end of the hallway moves. Suddenly, the door opens. Alex gets scared and her mom comes in. While they're going to the kitchen, the mother asks Alex about school. Alex says she got an A in chemistry.

145.3 sec

52:39 Minutes
The events of night #8 are Unrated exclusive. After a few short impressions of the dark house and Alex sleeping, Wyatt strays in his room. When his bed moves, Alex wakes up and Wyatt goes back to sleep.

Change of scenery to the living room: Alex is coming down the stairs, turns on the light goes to the kitchen. Then she leaves and wants to go back upstairs. At that moment, a book falls from the shelf. Alex puts it back and leaves. The back hits the floor again, Alex puts it back again. All of sudden, she hears noises from upstairs. Being alarmed, she looks at the ceiling. After a while, she goes in the direction of the stairs, turns off the light and goes upstairs.

183.3 sec