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Family Guy Season 10, British DVD Box


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Family Guy

9.03 Welcome Back Carter


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Oct 17, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the uncensored DVD Version (DVD Version represented by the UK release "Season 10").

- 5 differences, among them one with auditory differences and one with alternate footage
- Difference: 56.5 sec

As usual, almost any newer episode of Family Guy has been released as uncensored and extended version on DVD. The latest season 10 has just started to air in the US (September 2011) but the last episode released on DVD is episode "8.08". It's available on "Volume 8" and was released in June 2010. Since then, no further box has been released or even announced so far for some reason. But the English people know what they're doing. While the UK counterpart was always released a couple of months after the box set in the US (the UK Season 9 equal to the US Vol. 8 was released 5 months later), the next UK box is already available. "Season 10" contains the episodes "8.09" until "8.19", the episode Partial Terms of Endearment, which got banned from TV in the US, plus the first 3 episodes of season 9 and it was released in May 2011.

The fifteenth and last episode of the box, 9x03 ("Welcome Back, Carter"), contains some new story sequences, especially the second one is ridiculously crazy and it would have fitted perfectly in the TV version too in relation to the earlier in the episode mentioned "owlery" by Carter. A completely different statement at a later point was re-recorded quite obviously due to censorship reasons. The audio censorship of the slightly too hard curse word "goddamn" is already known from previous episodes.

Rodginald keeps singing: "...and a hat that has a giant plume. And if someday you're feeling rather saucy you can put the chewing gum in the hat."

Consequently the following animation differs slightly for Rodginald holds his arm up for some more frames just in the DVD version (no pictures).

DVD version 14 sec longer


More discussion aboard which leads to a strange incident with a seagull.

Carter: "Why don't you say it louder, idiot?"
Peter: "I thought sailors only slept with little boys."
Thereupon a seagull joins them and laughs monotonously about Peter's joke.
Carter: "Knock it off. Now, look, Peter, I... Shut up. Now, Peter, you can't... Damn it. Oh, shut up. Look what you did, you jackass."
Peter: "What? I didn't mean to..."
Carter: "Stop it."
Peter: "It liked my joke."
Carter: "It won't shut up."
He takes his cell phone: "Yes, give me the owlery, please. Release the owls.""
Immediately some owls fly by and carry the seagull away.

In the TV version Peter still has his arms held outstretched in the first frames of the following animation, this is slightly different to the DVD version (no pictures).

DVD version 26 sec longer

Audio censorship
Peter's cursing was re-recorded for the TV version without the word printed in bold:
"Goddamn right..."

DVD version 0,2 sec longer
Image for orientation


Carter tells something completely different and it's kind of self-explanatory why they changed this for the TV version.

TV: "I have no idea what women are like nowadays. Last time I was on the dating scene, Joe McCarthy was on a rampage looking for anything red. Oh, back then I called my penis Joe McCarthy."
DVD: "I haven't even had normal sexual relations in a long time. With Babs, I finish in my hand, and just throw it at her."

TV version 3 sec longer

TV versionDVD version


After the stay at the club follows a completely new scene: Carter gets tattooed by Peter.

Peter: "Carter, if there's one thing girls like, it's a guy with tattoos. When Babs sees this one, she's gonna take you back."
Carter: "Nice. What's the tattoo?"
Peter: "Oh, it's great. It's a donkey's vagina."
Carter: "What...? How is that gonna...?"
Instantly a donkey jumps into the picture and copulates with Carter off-screen.
Carter: "Peter, stop him!"
Peter: "No, this is good. This means I did a good job."

19,3 sec