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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Dec 20, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparsion between the Theatrical version (PG13) and the Extended Survival Edition (Unrated), both obtainable from Paramount.

- TV: 101:43 min incl. Credits (NTSC)
- Unrated: 110:07 min incl. credits (NTSC)

- 20 changes incl. 10x alternative material
-difference: 504,1 sec (=8:24 min)

The movie

Drillbit Taylor is another piece of work from the currently very productive Team around Judd and Apatow. Among others Seth Rogan participated with his creativity in writing scripts and the director is no one else then Steven Brill (Little Nick<, Mr. Deeds).
The homeless Drillbit Taylor, mimed by Owen Wilson, uses the naivete of three recently put to school kids Wade, Ryan and Emmit. They are truly nerds and outsiders and directly come into the crosshair of bully Filkons who uses every chance he gets to tease and mock them. In their grief need they order Drillbit Taylor as their bodyguard who now starts to imagine the strangest stories to have himself admired by the boys, in fact he wants their money.

The truly likeable nerds are mostly equal to the guys from Superbad and Drillbit Taylor can be seen as a prequel. A lot of strange jokes can be found her but, because of a PG13 rating, these jokes are a bit more tame then in other Apatow productions.

The longer version

The german release was on 10/02/2008 but only in ist theatrical version. In the U.S. an extended cut was available in the stores. This version is called Extended Survival Edition but is often also called ‘Unrated’ and has an additional runtime for about 8 minutes.

But don’t get mislead by the unrated sign because obscene and naughty material has been rejected from the MPAA. The relevance of the new material gives room for speculations if it is needed, some characters are characterised a bit more precisely, but in general it is just a unspectacular version. Basically the TV is enough.

Runtime facts are given as:
TV in NTSC (Unrated in NTSC)
Alternative material
04:09-04:13 (04:09-04:26)

Drillbit talks differently to driver (David Koechner), the unrated is longer.

Drillbit can be seen a bit longer in the former take: "My family and I, we just ran out of gas and we're trying to get to Disneyland..."
The driver interrupts right here with the statement that they are going to the church. The take of him begins a bit earlier as in the unrated version.


Drillbit says: "My family and I, we just ran out of gas and we're trying to get to the kids to SeaWorld. And, I, like an idiot forgot my wallet. If I can just..."
Der Fahrer responses: "Your legs work okay?"
Drillbit: "Yeah, why?"
The driver answers edgy: "You should walk somewhere and get a job!"
His wife wants to calm him down, he continues: "That's what I have, a job."
Drillbit answers: "We'll get to SeaWorld one way or the other", the church comment is following.

Unrated 13,8 sec longer


04:50 (05:03-05:15)

Jim, ades stepfather, care a bit longer about his own boys and talks to Wade in a mean way.

He bows over to one of his boys; "So, let me smell your breath."
He seems to be happy and asks: "Minty. You swipe on some deodorant?"
The guy agrees, jim turns around to Wade; "You dust the nuts?"
The boys are jeering in the off and Wade answers (fronting Jim): "No, Jim. I did not dust my nuts."
One of the boys adds: "I'll never get tired of that one, Dad."

12 sec

Alternative material
05:34-05:39 (05:59-06:20)

The meeting with the blond girl in the cabrio (Jessica) is different in both versions, the unrated is longer.


She says while looking to the traffic light: "Light... Light changed. Okay."
Then she drives away and Drillbit yells behind her: "I love you."


Jessica: "Hello."
Drillbit: "You got room for two in this little speedster?"
Jessica: "I am in a rush now. But I hostess up at Moon Shadows on the one. So if you get up there just, you know, ask for me. I'm Jessica. 'Cause our chef, Louis, always makes too much chowder. So he'll set you up with a nice plastic bowl of it out back."
Drillbit didn’t expected chowder and stays embarrassed as she drives away.

Unrated 15,8 sec longer

Alternative material
10:28-10:30 (11:09-11:13)

The TV shows Drillbit only saying „Come in!“ when he is told that his things are thrown to the junkyard.

In the unrated he reactes like: "That's where I eat! You don't put a man's belongings where he eats!"

Unrated 1,8 sec longer


10:40 (11:23-11:43)

Drillbit discusses longer with the policemen.

"Where's the compassion? Protect and serve. That's what it says."
The policemen says: "You wanna know what I have compassion for? The homeless who are mentally ill, the homeless who are drug-addicted. Buddy, you're just a jackass.
Drillbit tries to defend himself: "Oh, guy hits a little bit of bump in the road and he's a jackass? Maybe I should go smoke some crack and get your sympathy."

20,2 sec

20:04 (21:07-21:40)

The guys are runing way longer away from bully Filkins in his car before they reach the girls’ garden.

Up the driveway they hide themself behind a corner. Filkins follows them with squealing tyres and they have to run away again.

They are running down back to the street and try to find help at the people in the car.
In the inside there is the boy wade had met while waiting for the bus. The mother asks what those guys wanted and the boy closes his window where Wade is waiting for help
"Just keep driving, Mom. It's none of our business."
They drive away and Filkins can be seen who comes near.

insgesamt 33,3 sec

Alternative material
28:41-28:45 (30:17-30:28)

The TV shows Wade and Ryan longer, Drillbits next sentence can be heard from the off.
He walks towards the wall and says: "Silver alloy, one of the strongest ever constructed."

The unrated shows him making fun with the rolled silver.
He presents it to Wade: "Okay. Observe its momentary reflective blinding capabilities."
Wade looks at is and Drillbit tosses him onto the couch; "Bang! You're defenseless."
Die letzte Einstellung setzt dann auch etwas früher ein als in der KF (siehe letztes Bild).
The last take comes a bit earlier in the TV (see last picture)

Unrated 7,6 sec longer

29:18 (31:01-31:10)

After Drillbit has taken various worthy thing while telling flimsy reasons Ryan tries to propose something useful.
He comes with a baseball bat and asks: "You think you might need this?"
Drillbit doesn’t like it: "This piece of crap's not worth anything. As a's too obvious."

8,9 sec

32:25 (34:17)

Drillbit can be seen for additional 5 frames.

0,2 sec

Alternative material
32:27-32:36 (34:19-35:08)

The sequence differs when the boys told Drillbit to go to Filkins.


Drillbit takes his glasses, Ryan says: "I want you to gnaw on his skull..."
Drillbit moves and says: "Okay. Come here for a second. Come here."


Drillbit is wearing the glasses in a closer take and Ryan is saying: "I want you to gnaw on his skull..."
Wade asks "What's the plan?"
Drillbit: "Shut up. Guys, I'm gonna check this dude out."
He moves and the guys are looking with a thrill of anticipation.
Drillbit faces Filkins and says "Excuse me", Filkins sets himself up and the boys are looking amazed.
Drillbit doesn’t want to do anything and just says: "Just got to kind of stand here for a second."
After he just did Drillbit responses "All right. Hey, take it easy, man" and goes back to the boys.
He tells them what has happend but the boys did expect something different and feel disappointed.
"He's thin, but sinewy and muscular. He's got a low center of gravity which means he's fast like a jack rabbit. He didn't take a shower today or yesterday. He's got bad breath. He's got a couple of cavities which is not improving..."

When Ryan interrupts him can be seen in both versions.
Unrated 39,9 sec longer

32:37 (35:09-35:10)

After the close-up of Ryan the TV misses a short view on Wade and Ryan.

0,7 sec

Alternative material
38:36-38:40 (41:09-41:57)

The TV shows Drillbit standing in the forest how he declares that the boys have just survived 10% of their training yet.

The unrated shows a little ‘practice’ first.

The camera moves down from the highest top of the trees, Drillbit sleeps and the boys are sitting on the ground in deep meditation.
Wade tries to be funny and mumbles "Boobies..."
The boys are jeering and Ryan tries to overcome the fun with a loud spoken “Penis!”.
Drillbit awakes and sayst: "All right. Open your eyes, let your body drift back into consciousness. Namaste. Thank you for your practice. That concludes the meditation time. Okay. How do you feel?"
Wade says happily: "I feel good. I think my biceps are coming in."
Drillbit says (in another view in the TV): "Guns are coming in. Now, listen. We're about 10% done with the training."

How Ryan gets excited about it can be seen in both versions again.
Unrated 43,8 sec länger

Alternative material
46:29-46:31 (49:46-50:43)

The TV shows a short view from the house after Wade’s talking to his stepfather. Afterwards Drillbit’s camouflage technique is available.

The unrated shows Ryan leaving the house with his mother and how he says good bye to her. Drill and the other boys observe him from a tree.
Ryans motherr: "You got lunch money?
Ryan: "Yep."
Ryans motherr: "You got any tests today?
Ryan: "See you and the questions."
Ryans mother: "Don't fresh-off to any of your teachers. All right, come here, give mommy a kiss. Come on, punky-wunky. I love you."
Shw gives him a noisy kiss on his cheek and says: "Bye. I love you!", worauf Ryan "Bye. I love you, Mommy!"
While he waves farewell Wade makes fun about him and leaves the tree. Ryan turns around angrily.
Emmit says "Black ops in the hizzouse" and Drillbit says: "This old soldier could use a kissy from mommy. Come on. I'm going in to the school today. Drillbit is going in. Very visible. Let's do it."
Ryan doesn’t agree: "You can't go in there looking like that."
Drillbit: "Why?"
Ryan: "You look like Crocodile Dundee or something."
Drillbit: "Screw you. What're you talking about?"
Ryan: "I'm just saying we need to clean you up."
Drillbit: "Wrong. This soldier doesn't clean up. What you see is what you get.
Wade: "Drillbit, you just don't look like a teacher. I mean, we need you to blend in. The camouflage technique."
Ryan takes Drillbit with him; "In my house. Come on."

Unrated 55,6 sec longer

Alternative material
59:00-59:02 (63:12-63:35)

Lisa reacts differently to Drillbits question if they should meet up after school.

The TV shows her being happy and she says: "I'd love to."

The unrated shows her shivering a bit longer.
"Rule 35A in the teacher's manual states that you cannot date other teachers."
Drillbit, baffled: "Oh, really. Yeah. Probably a good policy."
Lisa: "Yeah. So it's a good thing you're a doctor."
Drillbit looks surprised and she says with a smile: "So, yes."

Unrated 20,3 sec longer

Alternative material
62:10-62:15 (66:43-67:24)

Drillbit talks slightly longer with Wade after they have heard the Burger King slogan.

The TV shows Wade laughing and Drillbit stands up.

In the unrated Wade says: "Plus, what you did. The whole black ops bodyguard thing."
Drillbit gets up and moves around, he tells something about his youth and childhood:
"Well, yeah. Yeah. I actually wanted to be a doctor. Yeah. But my old man was an Army colonel, wouldn't pay for me to go to college. Yeah. He always said, ´Drillbit, you're not the doctor type. You're stupid.` I guess he thought that because I didn't get good grades or like to go to school. I don't know. Maybe he was right."
Wade: "So you became an army of one."

Drillbit repeats the term only in the unrated right before Wade gets up again, which is also available in the TV.

We can hear Drillbit from the off in the TV "Men talking about women". There is an overlap to another question: "What else is there?".
Unrated 36,4 sec longer

Alternative material
63:06-63:12 (68:15-69:46)

Drillbit walks around with Lisa and meets some old friends before he opens the bottle of wine.

The TV only shows a frontal shot where he does something with the bottle.
Lisa meint: "And here I was all worried that you were gonna take me to some hip dance club or something."
Drillbit: "That's definitely not me."

The unrated shows Drillbit and Lisa on the way, he says: "I love coming out here. Actually, I used to live in a small place near here until it got re-zoned. Yeah."
Lisa: "That's a shame."
Drillbit: "Nah. Probably just as well."
They meet a homeless guy; "Hey, stranger. Can you spare some change, stranger?"
Drillbit gives something to him, the homeless guy says: "Sucker" and both are moving on.
They meet another man; "Got some money for some food? Hi."
Drillbit pushes something into his box (or not) and pushest he man away: "No time to be cheap".
Drillsbits thief partner shows up and asks him for a dollar.
Drillbit wants to get out of the situation and hands him a dollar. The man uses the situation and introduces himself: "Hey, can I get another dollar?"
Drillbit complies his wish and while they are passing by the thief says: "You look familiar."

Lisa is happy"You know that you're a better person than me, because, I hate to say it, but I just get irritated."
Drillbit says: "They irritate the shit out of me. I felt like... But then you have to think, they work for the grace of God, so..."
Lisa: "That's cute."
Drillbit: "Hey, you want to see something cool? Come here."
Blend-in to the skyline, the camera moves down where Drillbit is sitting at a romantic dinner.
Lisa: "So what else do you have in here?"
Drillbit, with a bottle of wine: "Two-buck Chuck."
Lisa: "You know that wine? I love this wine. That's all a teacher can afford.
Drillbit: "Tell me about it."
He puts the bottle away and the TV continues with the same shot.
("And here I was all worried that you were gonna take me to some hip dance club or something."
Drillbit: "That's definitely not me.")

Unrated 84,5 sec longer

76:45 (83:19-83:38)

After Drill had stolen the car with the valuables only the unrated shows the saddened boys who meet Wades family.

Frontal shot of the boys, Wade says: "I'm dead."
Ryan agrees: "You're dead" and Emmit adds: "I'm sad."
The family moves towards the boys, Wade’s mom asks: "Wade, what's wrong? Is everything okay?"
Wade: "Yeah, but you're not gonna wanna go home."
Jim angrily: "Oh, no, no, no. The cable go out?
One of the sons: "If it is, you're dead."

19,4 sec

77:21 (84:14-85:11)

The meeting in the principal’s room starts earlier. Filkins gives a strange description about what has happened and the crowd gets angry about Drillbit.

Filkins: "I just... I think it's weird, you know, that this is what I get for trying to make them feel like a part of the group. I mean, I saw it like a school tradition. It's hazing, yeah, but just to, you know, make them feel like they belonged. Sort of like a fun initiation. I mean, didn't you all have that when you were kids?"
Wades agrees; "Yeah. I remember my first few days. Got tied to the flagpole, egged a few times. At the end of it, it's all laughs.Yeah, Wade, boys, you really shouldn't have panicked like that."
Ryans mother agrees as well: "Yeah, this boy's not dangerous, not compared to a dirty, homeless ex-soldier."
Filkins says: "The more I think about it, that guy, he could've really hurt me."
The boys are helplessly looking at each other and the principal says: "All right. I'm... I'm sorry, but your boys brought a fugitive onto school property threatening the safety of my students."

Filkins looks satisfied and the principal continues, pointing his finger onto the boys : "Now, I don't... I don't wanna point any fingers here, but I think we all know who's to blame."
Filkins: "You put my life in danger, guys. It's worse than any hazing that anybody could do. I'm just lucky I was able to defend myself."

56,6 sec

88:54 (96:44-96:51)

Just before Ronnie, Filkin’s mate, enterst he room the unrated shows him with a girl.

Ronnie kisses her and says: "You're like, super-hot. I'm never gonna leave you."
Filkins yells from the off: "Ronnie! You're missing out."
Ronnie immediatly goes away and leaves her alone.

7,1 sec

101:38 (109:35-110:01)

Just before the Paramount logo appears the extended version offers another scene which shows Drillbit’s next job.

A boys runs out of a room, is is about to cry; "Help! I'm bleeding!"
Drillbit appears from a side room, dressed in doctor’s clothes and looks at the injury: "Come here, soldier. Let me take a look at that. Come here. Jump up there. You got a little bloody nose. Tilt your head back, 45-degree angle. What happened?"
Boy: "Somebody punched me."
Drillbit: "Tell me his name. Names. It'll never happen again."

26,2 sec