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  • Unrated
Release: Aug 19, 2015 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
A comic film adaption of the more blatant kind is presented with this hard entertaining Redneck-Southside-Splatterflick to the hardcore fan. Based of the same titled, meanwhile containing four volumes comic serial (up to now only released in the USA) there comes up a technical succeeded realization definitely looking more expensive as it really was. But let’s focus on the content: the story isn’t new at all but is snappy performed. Somewhere in the deepest south of the USA there is a typical trailer parc in a state of turmoil with the pretty Norma as exemplary chick. She’s much sought-after but tries to emerge, meets a young preppy guy who gets killed by mistake in no time from the prowling Rednecks. Norma pissed off makes a deal with the devil, lock'n'Load – then the trailer parc has become a ghost town. 27 years later the trailers running to seed when a bunch of teenagers along with their intellectual leader choose the parc as a shelter. But it soon turns out that there is moldering more…

As mentionend before, technically there is nothing at all to complain. The cast – all blessed with experience – having fun and not particualry obnoxious. Nice tracking shots, the dusty desolate atmosphere perfectly captured and the music southern rock at ist best. One can see that director Steven Goldman comes from the music video business where he already made clips for "Metallica" and Bruce-Springsteen. The make-up effects are mostly hand made and partly rough without causing nausea. Mainly responsible for that are the Drac - Studios who among others did improve Mel Gibson’s "The Passion of Christ" and "Apocalypto" and also participate in "Pirates of the Carribbean" Producer Ralph Singleton also belongs to this genre and produced some Stephen King adaptions and put on stage for himself ”Graveyard Shift”. The main lack off however is the screen play of Timothy Dolan. For a comic adaption dealing with abuse, snuff videos and cannibalism he wasn’t the right man. He didn’t manage to get the provocative guidelines authentically on paper. Especially peculiar are the sex scenes: they are truly harmless the most important parts covered modest with underwear. What’s all the fuss about ? A wild ride with people wearing bra and boxer shorts ? And the most horrible scenes are, like already mentioned, rather moderate horror even though they contain much more. But ok, what can be expected from a screen writer who gave his debut with "Hansel and Gretel" ?! Right, his previous screen play has been the bad RED RIDING HOOD – but this is more likely on a psychological level.

Since October 2008 the DVD is available in the USA featuring besides the rated R theatrical version the unrated version too. The difference between these two versions is part of this cut report. In total the unrated version runs 40 seconds longer whereas many alternative frame material was used and one different cut has been done. The only really serious difference is the skinning of the pretty boy who is made to dried meat. That is where the unrated version is much more detailed and harder. Apart from that the level of cruelty is almost the same in both versions.
50:01 Min.
When Zombie Roach applies the saw at Tiffany’s arm the close-up of her face starts a litte earlier in the unrated version.
( 12 SF )

50:07 Min.
The first close-up where the arm is sawed off is lessened of the blood splattering.
( 20 SF )

50:10 Min.
Roach is still sawing the arm and again this take runs a little longer at the end, also the beginning of the following close-up onto her face.
( 27 SF )

50:13 Min.
Hm, now both versions are different cut and they contain partly alternative takes. But these can only be seen in single frame scrolling mode. The unrated version runs a little longer at this place.
Rated version = 5 sec.
Unrated version = 6,5 sec.
Total difference = ( 1,5 sec. )


62:06 Min.
The murder of Amber is again different cut. Starting with the pan shot already beginning at Norma i the unrated version until to the last take of the rocking Roach. It should be kept in mind that there is no running time difference and the level of hardness stays almost the same. The unrated version contains 3 more very short takes of splattering blood whereas the rated version comes up with inserts on to Roach. Above all, the length of the takes in detail differ.


64:46 Min.
The sequence, where Skank cuts into Alex’s breast sticks a piece into his mouth and then gets spitted at, is again cut different. There is a close-up in the unrated version with minimal changes in the counter cuts – especially the mirrored ones are conspicuous. At this point the unrated version even runs half a second longer (can be disregarded)


65:22 Min.
Again there is a different cut starting with the knee shot where Michael locates Bridget: in the rated version this scene is interrupted by an insert onto Skank who is still cutting into Alex’s breast whereas less details can be seen. On the other hand the scene goes on in the unrated version and after Michael ran away the slaughterhouse is faded in. Here Alex gets her upper part of the body skinned whith some detailed close-ups. Both versions running again synchronized with the take of the awaking Bridget.
Rated version = ( 26 sec. )
Unrated version = ( 49 sec. )
Total difference = ( 23 sec. )


66:45 Min.
Skank injects Alex the secret recipe of the marinade. Certainly there was used different frame material and also cut different. There is no running time difference however the unrated version shows 2 explicitly close-ups while the rated version runs a little longer during the harmless takes.


67:40 Min.
The take of Alex getting ducked into deep fat fryer runs a little longer.
( 2 sec. )

67:46 Min.
When he is pulled out again the close-up with the hands starts earlier in the unrated version.
( 16 SF )