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original title: Jian hua yan yu jiang nan


  • BBFC 18 DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Aug 28, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut UK DVD by Eastern Heroes (BBFC 18) and the uncut German DVD by Splendid (FSK 16).

- 4 cuts
- total cut length: 451,8 sec (= 7:32 min)

The remaining difference in running time is because of the alternative logos.

This ordinary Jackie Chan flick from the Lo Weo era was only cut shortened in the UK. Unfortunately, the enthusiast label Hongkong Legends did not license the movie for a reissue. This means that the British have to cope with the release by Eastern Heroes. Its quality is quite bad: Not only is the picture quality in the gutter, the picture was also zoomed to full screen and then cropped at the top and the bottom in order to be able to write 16:9 on the box. The cuts are not that important, here and there some plot shreds are missing. It is quite possible that these are just mastering mistakes, the movie was also available uncut on VHS. At least one of the missing scenes was missing on the HK DVD by Winners Entertainment and the old Japanese DVD by Broadway, too. (see 47:14 / 51:31-53:39)

In Germany, the movie is available uncut with a FSK 16 rating, but its quality is not significantly better than the one of the UK version. The US DVD is not better in terms of quality either. The only alternative seem to be the newer Japanese release by Universal, which has a better quality image but does not feature subtitles.

Thanks to Mr. White, who supplied the UK DVD.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
UK DVD in PAL / German DVD in PAL
The UK DVD shows the logo of Lo Weis production company, the German DVD shows the (longer) logo of Fortune Star instead.

German DVD 23,2 sec longer


01:30-02:22 / 01:53-02:45

The English credits are shown in English, the German version features chinese symbols instead.


28:30 / 28:54-32:22

Longer in the shelter: Chan Chung turns to Chin Chin and calms her down, he then leaves.
She remembers an earlier meeting with Siao Lei (Jackie). Chan comes back and she asks him to settle elsewhere so she can forget the past.

This scene was missing in the old German release and is therefore only included in Chinese with German subtitles on the new DVD.

208 sec

30:27 / 34:19-34:44

After he called Chin Chin in the Darg, one can see Siao waking up in front of the bamboo hut the next morning. He goes inside.

25,5 sec

47:14 / 51:31-53:39

Chan Chung approaches the still mourning Chin Chin and offers her some tea, then we can see the leader of the Dragon Clan in the tea house. He feels dishonored and wants to abandon the search for a successor, but his followers can soothe him.

The UK DVD starts again when Jackie approaches the tea house.

128,5 sec

61:26 / 67:52-69:22

Before the injured Siao is being cockered up, one can see another conversation between Chan Chung and Chin Chin.
He says that Siao probably was dead already and that he was going to an important meting now. Chin Chin would regret if she accompanied him - which she refuses instantly. Of course, this is what he wanted to hear and he immediately states that they should leave.

89,8 sec

The "The End" overlay can be seen in front of a black background in the German Version, the UK DVD shows it during the last shot instead.


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