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Release: Apr 24, 2008 - Author: magiccop - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored R-Rated version and the uncensored Unrated version (both versions published by MTI Home Video). As usual the movie was released in a shortened R-Rated and an uncut Unrated version in the US. Aside from explicit violence the R-Rated misses some juicy sex and nudity as well. Additionally all hardcore or nude pictures on walls have been blurred. Here some examples:

Left side R-Rated /right side Unrated:

The time codes refer to the R-Rated version:
R-Rated = 76:40 min.
Unrated = 81:03 min.

Difference = 263,5 sec.
01:08 At the strip club. There's an extended shot of a go-go girl dancing.
4,6 sec

01:32 More footage of the go-go girl "working".
4,1 sec

01:49 Ditto.
4,9 sec

02:02 The woman writhes on the ground.
6,1 sec

02:11 She writhes erotically in front of the gangster boss. He waves bills around.
13,8 sec

05:04 A short shot of the magazine, showing a blood splattered, decapitated woman's corpse, is missing as the Asian guy shows the issue to the butcher. This cut is unnoticeable in the R-Rated version because the shot of the guys looking at the magazine is simply put back together and continues fluidly.
0,9 sec

06:43 Another part of the go-go girls dance is missing.
23,6 sec

19:13 As Sarah and Linda are bent over the monitor there's a fade to white transition to a couple having sex in the Unrated.
30,5 sec

20:35 As Linda rolls some toilet paper off the paper reel at the rest room, two quickly inter-cut frames have been blurred in the R-Rated. No time difference.

Left side R-Rated / Right side Unrated:

20:41 Ditto.

Left side R-Rated / Right side Unrated:

28:38 After the sex scene of Mike and Sarah, the R-Rated misses Darren and Linda doing it on the toilet. Again, the cut is not noticeable in the R-Rated.
20,5 sec

37:23 As Mike stabs the table-leg into the executor's chest there's more blood splattering on his face. Also Mike's severed arm falling to the ground is missing entirely.
7,4 sec

37:38 Missing shot of the executor impaling Mike with the machete. Blood sprays around.
2,1 sec

37:53 As the executor swings the machete, there's a missing shot of Mike's head getting cut off.
1,2 sec

37:54 Short shot of the blood spraying stump.
0,2 sec

39:09 Longer shot of the guy letting the glass tube slide over Sarah's body and an inter-cut to tied up Linda.
20,3 sec

39:24 As he rams the tube into Sarah's mouth the end of the shot is missing. The following shot showing the tube sticking out of her mouth is missing as well.
0,5 sec

39:25 Short shot of the tube getting pushed in even further.
1,2 sec

40:16 The tube including the snake is pushed further into her throat.
1,1 sec

40:37 Shot of Sarah's mouth being stapled shut and inter-cuts to the gangster boss watching enthusiastically.
3,5 sec

42:13 After the executor stabbed Sarah with the machete, the R-Rated misses bloody shots of him cutting her body open with the blade. The snake crawls out of the gaping wound. Inter-cuts to tied up Linda.
19,1 sec

44:00 Missing shot of the executor circling around Linda's nipple with the machete.
5,9 sec

44:21 Short shot of indefinable body parts.
0,9 sec

44:47 Shot of the machete penetrating Linda's breast.
1 sec

44:47 The machete is pushed in deeper and gets pulled back out (accompanied with a lot of blood loss). Cut on Linda's face.
4,9 sec.

49:50 Missing shot of the waiter bringing in a tray, lifting the cover and showing it to the whimpering Emily (the piece of meat on it looks like a penis).
13,9 sec

49:57 Emily kneels before the waiter who forces her to eat the meat with his gun drawn. Unwillingly, she takes a bite and covers her mouth with her hand in disgust.
27,1 sec

50:15 Longer shot of Emily stabbing the waiter with the knife and getting sprayed with blood.
7,8 sec

53:20 Shot of the dead waiter. Blood gushes out of his neck.
6,4 sec

65:05 As Miles attacks the bald gangster, blood sprays out of his throat (view from behind).
0,5 sec

65:22 After Miles killed a guy with a sword, there's a missing shot of blood spraying from his stomach to the ground.
4 sec

65:48 A longer shot of the guy who got his face sliced by Miles. He goes down, spitting blood.
2,7 sec

66:48 Missing shot of the executor decapitating the gangster boss with a device and then putting the head on the ground. A shot of the headless body is also missing.
10,3 sec

66:56 Another shot of the bloody body.
2 sec.

69:25 A shot of the pole Emily impaled the executor with. Emily lets go of the pole.
9,3 sec

69:39 The beginning of the shot after Miles killed the executor with the sword is missing. Blood is spraying into his face.
1,2 sec