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  • International Extended Version
  • US Theatrical Version
Release: Jul 12, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the International Version (Extended Version) and the US Version, both taken from the British Blu-ray.

15 alterations, consisting of
* 10x alternative framework plot
=> International Version: 930 sec (= 15:30 min)
=> US Version: 791,1 sec (= 13:11 min)
* 3x additional framework plot in the International Version: 80,3 sec
* 1 extension during one scene in the International Version: 16,9 sec
* 1 extension during one scene in the US Version: 3,4 sec

Difference in running time: 232,7 sec (= 3:53 min)

The Movie

There was probably no other movie in recent history which was as star-studded and yet as heavily criticized or ignored by critics and viewers alike. Here and there the word "cult" appeared in reviews as well, but the overwhelming majority of reactions was negative.

The idea for the movie – to create a modern remake of Kentucky Fried Movie - was conceived in the early 2000s. Rather soon, the combined writing power of the Farrelly brothers, the Zucker brothers and the South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone was available but no studio could be found. The two latter writing teams got out of the project after a while, but Peter Farrelly was able to shoot the first scene with Kate Winslet and the testicle-chinned Hugh Jackman and the desaster ran its course.
A studio was found and in the course of four years 12 other directors added their own scenes to the project, always starring big Hollywood stars. Each of these stars only had to be booked for a few days, making them more affordable, and they were lured in by the aptly named episode The Catch with Winslet and Jackman. A few stars like George Clooney or Colin Farrell were smart enough to decline, but eventually the producers were able to complete the movie with only 6 million dollars and a lot of patience.

It is hard to say for which reason the movie was disappointing. Whether you like toilet humor or not, a few of the joke ideas would – at least on paper – look quite funny. However, the timing of the jokes somehow never seems to be right and many gags drag on for just too long. In contrast to Kentucky Fried Movie, there is no alteration between nonsense jokes, clever parodies and other creative gags but only dumbed-down provocational humor. It is still a curious movie and interesting to watch once (with the same reasoning behind as watching a car accident), but only a handful of viewers will want to watch it several times... but, of course, taste is subjective.

The Movie Versions

a) General

The situation concerning the different movie versions is as unconventional as the movie. Educated guesses have to be made about the reasons for this because it was never openly discussed in interviews or movie reviews. However, it is a fact the frame plot holding the stories together is completely different outside of the US.

Whereas viewers in Europe and elsewhere can watch three youths searching for an especially shocking videoclip, the US Version features the story of an unsuccessful writer trying to pitch his ideas. We cannot say with certainty which of the two options existed first. It is possible that the writer story was filmed after bad audience reactions to the poorly made teenager story, especially because the high quality material with a few stars in it is nothing one would keey lying on the cutting room floor.
From now on the version with the teenagers will be called International Version and the one with the write US Theatrical Version.

b) Checked Home Cinema Releases

The home cinema releases bring another movie cut into play: the extended version of the international version. The time difference of the German Blu-ray, labeled "Extended Edition" and theatrical version is four minutes. However, this is an extension of the International Version and not the US Theatrical Version. It would have been nice, of course, if it had been possible to clearly separate this situation in two comparisons (International Theatrical vs. Extended International Theatrical and International Theatrical vs US Theatrical), but the available releases did unfortunately not allow it. The following discs were brought in for research:

German Blu-ray: Contains only the Extended International Version (the cover also says "Extended Version")
British Blu-ray: Also contains the Extended International Version (without a hint on the cover) PLUS an "Alternate Cut", which is the US Theatrical Version.
US Blu-ray: The "Outrageous Edition" contains the US Theatrical Version without any extensions and an "Alternate Cut", advertised as "the version not shown in theaters". Guess what it is? Right, the Extended International Version.

We can of course not completely rule out the possibilty that the normal International Theatrical Version can be fount on some release somewhere in the world. However, at least on the probably three most available editions, only the Extended Version of it could be found and was available for a comparison. The fact that the two versions differ only in one shot during the episodes can maybe be seen as a hint that the additional four minutes of the Extended International Version can (almost) completely be found in the frame story.

c) Differences

And now, finally, the direct comparison! The frame plots are each seperated in ten sequences and both of them are about fifteen minutes long. The transitions to the episodes are never really smooth, but the US Version's alternative seems a lot more sensible (if this word can actually be used in connection to a movie like this). The US frame plot with Dennis Quaid, Greg Kinnear, Common and Seth MacFarlane, which refers to the actual content and actors of the episodes from time to time and actually makes some sense, is unfortunately funnier than some of the episodes combined. In comparison, the storyline with the teenagers looking for a video is quite moronic and not really funny.

Do not misunderstand: the frame plot called The Pitch does not really make the movie any better, however, if you have to watch it, choose the US Version! The four minutes longer Extended Version is mostly longer because it spreads its frame plot out longer, which could actually be considered a disadvantage.

Running time designations are formatted like this
International Version / US Theatrical Version
01:03-06:01 / 01:03-02:29

Alternate footage directly after the opening credits till the first sketch The Catch with Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman as alternate introduction to the movie.

The International Version begins with Calvin and J.J. shooting a little stunt video. The former gets hit in the face with a dart while having another dart in his mouth. They euphorically present the result as "The Human Dartboard" on YouTube and realize that the click rate is rising incredibly fast. But their excitement won't last long because the younger brother appears on the screen and has real pleasure in telling them that he had cloned YouTube and manipulated the clicks.
As revenge, they intend to snatch Baxter's laptop and catch as many viruses as possible on some porn sites. To lure him out of his room, they make up something called "Movie 43" - a clip allegedly removed from the internet by FBI, CIA and other agencies. It's even supposed to be too hard for the "country" Amsterdam. To track it down, they claim to need Baxter's help. Baxter feels changed and gets over there. After Calvin and J.J. told him some BS about the clip can affect one, he gets cracking. Calvin claims he had to gurad the door and leaves the room. J.J. stays with Baxter who is surfing on some underground sites and he got a first hit.

The US Version begins with screenplay writer Charlie Wessel at the office of studio employee Griffin Schraeder. He tries to convince him of his new suggestions he allegedly has appointment for with further studions as well.
Charlie says he had gotten the idea during a conversation with Isabella Rossellini in Paris. His movie is supposed to be smart and have heart, kind of like "The Help". Griffin is getting more interested and Charlie explains the movie was about a career woman on her way to a blind date.

International Version 211.8 sec longer

13:18-13:52 / 09:46-11:01

The framework plot continues differently between The Catch and Homeschooled with Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts and Jeremy Allen White.

In the International Version, J.J. is shocked but he tells Baxter to keep searching. Calvon drops by, proudly presents Baxter's laptop and takes it to the bathroom. In the bathroom, he searches for "pornography with viruses" with some google rip-off while Baxter is loading the next video in the other room.

In the US Version on the other hand, Griffin is similarly shocked and points out that Charlie had been talking about a movie with heart. He also explains Kate Winslet would never do something like that (ha!). At first, Charlie doesn't understand what Griffin is up to but then he speaks in high terms of his idea - it's also supposed to be a true story based on one of his acquaintances. Moreover, he claims the testicles attached to his chin were only a metaphor for any kind of flaw that people see in other people without any chance actually realizing that someone's "The One". Griffin thinks it could have been illustrated a little bit more subtle. He lets Charlie continue though and he says it was just the beginning and the story was going to take a turn in the before-mentioned direction - a classic story with heart.

US Version 41 sec longer

Additional frameplot work in the International Version
19:44-19:50 / 16:54-16:55

While the US Version immediately (well, after a 1-second-long black screen actually) cuts from Homeschooled to The Proposition (Anna Faris + Chris Pratt), the International Version contains a bit more frameplot work: J.J. wants Baxter to keep searching.

International Version 5.2 sec longer

Clip longer in the International Version
27:06-27:23 / 24:11

The ending of The Proposition is longer in the International Version. Julia also says she wanted to marry him and the camera tracks upwards, accompanied by some epic music.

International Version 16.9 sec longer

27:23-28:46 / 24:11-26:19

The framework plot continues differently between The Proposition and Veronica with Kieran Culkin and Emma Stone.

The International Version begins with Calvin on the can. He's surfing on and can't wait to see the older chick who's preparing for her performance. Calvin praises the peace sign on her shorts.
J.J. interrupts by opening the door and calling him to the other room where Baxter is doing his A Beautiful Mind impression. Then Baxter in the room, he's doing some freaky calculations. Baxter asks Calvin for further information and begins with the question where Calvin had heard about the video in the first place. He babbles "Stevie... Schraeder" and Baxter starts searching with the dubious elite software Falcontron (which allegedly can only be used by 50 people worldwide). He explains he could use it because he hacked the Federal Intelligence Service. Since the two of them aren't familiar with the German word "Bundesnachrichtendienst" (= Federal Intelligence Service), they're making fun of him because they believe he made it up. Meanwhile, Baxter has found another clip.

In the US Version, Griffin gets up. He's walking around the room because he's annoyed. He thinks it's offensive and obscene. Charlie at least likes the emotions his idea has caused and mentions the other meeting again. But he gives up because no one else gives the back of a rat. He adivses him to buy the idea because there would be another meeting just like there was a meeting with Isabella Rossellini plus he hadn't found a job in years.
Charlie's buddy, who's been silent so far, now has had it resp. he asks if he could go now. Charlie agrees but the 40 bucks he offered him to accompany him are being put back on the table. Of course he talks to himself out of it.
Griffin is getting more sceptical now and asks how Charlie had gotten to his office in the first place. Charlie explains they had met at a premiere but Griffin denies it. Having no other choice, Charlie admits he had bribed the security guard with a BJ. Griffin is surprised that he (Jerry) is supposed to be guy. Charlie adds Jerry had been fighting it all the time.
Griffin keeps pushing and intends to call 911 to which Charlie reacts quite drastically: he draws his weapon. With the gun in his face, Griffin is going to listen to what Charlie has to say and Charlie promises something for the entire family.

US Version 44.3 sec longer

Additional frameplot work in the International Version
33:14-33:19 / 30:47-30:48

After Veronica, the US Version fades to black. Then the iBabe commercial. The International Version on the other hand shows Baxter at the computer first. He's typing, finds the commercial and clicks play.

International Version 3.5 sec longer

43:33-44:44 / 41:02-42:27

After the Superhero Speed Dating remains unchanged in either of the versions, the framework plot differs between the subsequent Machine Kids clip and remaining part of the iBabe segment again.

In the International Version, a red button pops up on the screen and Baxter wants to click on it. But some guy appears, introduces himself as Minotaurus (later on, we get to know his actual name: Vrankovich) and warns then not to click on the button. They ask for Movie 43 and Vrankovich lists all kind of heinousnesses that might occur as physical reaction (brains chopped up into little pieces, a rat gnawing on the eyes....) plus he claims this movie could be reason for the entire human race to collapse.
Now and some shots of Calvin preparing to spank the monkey in the bathroom.
While J.J. emphasizes again Vrankovich had to have been talking about something else (because they were just screwing with Baxter after all), Vrankovich adds he had sworn to make sure that anyone and everyone keeps his distance from Movie 43. Baxter believes it's real because even he can't triangulate Vrankovich's location. As a result, he clicks on the red button.

In the US Version, Charlie speaks in high terms of his idea with the commercials during the movie and Griffin agrees anxiously. But Charlie has reason to believe he only said because he has a gun pointed at him. That's why he demands a check from the studio in order to get a legit confirmation. Griffin says only the head of the studio could do that which is why Charlie wants to pay him a visit now.
On the studio lot, Charlie also threatens to use the grenade in his sweater if he makes a single sound. Griffin is surprised that, besides a gun, Charlie just brought a grenade as if it was no big deal. Charlie simply explains he wants to sell his scrupt under any circumstances. He calms down now and says he didn't want to push Griffin too hard and tells him to simply tell during the next conversation what he liked best. In this context, he recalls many others of his brilliant ideas and he reaches for his notes when they're outside.

US Version 13.8 sec longer

Additional frameplot work in the International Version
48:34-49:43 / 46:17

Between the remaining part of iBabe with Richard Gere and Middleschool Date with Christopher Mintz-Please and Chloë Grace Moretz, only the International Version contains some more framework plot.

Vrankovich wants to end the search and offers the kids money or women if they promise to stop immediately. At the same time, some Asians show up in the background and take Vrankovich hostage. They also mention one could see the future with Movie 43.
Baxter wants to know from J.J. if the previously made up Stevie Schraeder had actually told all that. Before he can respond, the Asians follow up on Stevie Schraeder. In a very agressive way, they demand the boys keep searching to which Vrankovich does not agree to (from the background).

International Version 69.8 sec longer

Clip longer in the US Version
49:43 / 46:17-46:20

In the US Version, the Middleschool Date clip begins earlier because it shows Nathan and Amanda in front of the TV and the iBabe commercial is on.

US Version 3.4 sec longer

55:17-56:08 / 51:54-55:24

The framework plot continues differently between the Tampax commercial and Happy Birthday with Johnny Knoxville, Seann William Scott and Gerard Butler.

In the International Version, the Asians have an ace up their sleeves. As a matter of fact, they did found their complettely harmless classmate Stevie Schraeder. They tied him up to a chair. Baxter tells him to tell the Asians about Movie 43 but Schraeder doesn't have a clue what he's talking about for obvious reasons. As punishment for his silence, they cut off one of his fingers (offscreen).
Now, J.J. admits to Baxter that Movie 43 didn't actually exist because they had made it up. But Baxter points out the Movie obviously did exist after all and they had to make a move to save their friend. Then he has an idea: he wants to build a so-called "91-F-Theta Box". Vrankovich heard that and warns them that Baxter had already gotten started. J.J. keeos searching.

Now the one and only, Mr. Seth MacFarlane, in the US Version. He presents his new idea to the heads of the studios: a mixture of Family Guy and Schindler's List. "Holocaust" is supposed to be spelled with an "Holla" though which immediately influences the atmosphere.
Griffin and Charlie enter the room and the former emphasizes that Charlie's script ought to be bought under any circumstances. Griffin's manager Bob Morane instantly interrupts because he's in an important meeting with Seth MacFarlane and Mike Meldman. Charlie takes the opportunity to shake Seth's hand while he's brown-nosing (He speaks in very high terms of Seth's album Music is better than words.). Seth on the other hand wants to leave and stutters that he had something for American Guy.
Now, Bob yells at Griffin because he'd had to wait for six months to get a meeting like this. Griffin tries to tell him with more or less obvious gestures that he's being threatened with a gun by Charlie. But Bob doesn't get it and mentions that Griffin didn't need his approval to buy something for the studio.
Seth makes another attempt to leave but Bob lures him to the video game BandFuse at which Seth has reached the Jimmy Page level before. While he's playing, Bob has a serious talk with Griffin. He says he had slept with his wife recently but his only reaction to that was showing up early at the office. He shouldn't keep acting like a pussy and buy the script himself. Griffin, who looks kind of gloomy, leaves and so does Charlie, who's pretty entusiastic by the way.

Back at Griffin's office, Charlie is really psyched about his first successful sale and promises Griffin a huge story about the sale - even in talkshows and stuff. Griffin on the other hand is more upset about Bob telling about Griffin's wife cheating on him with Bob. Charlie promises his lips were going to be sealed and Griffin keeps talking about being bashed by Bob on the last christmas party. In front of his entire family.
Charlie outs more pressure on him resp. he says his executive producer shouldn't be bothered with his private issues. Instead, he should focus on putting the movie on the market. He smells an opportunity and promises Charlie to invest a huge pile of money to promote this summer blockbuster - with a thrill of anticipation how is going to explain that to his stockholders. He finishes his speech with a little insider gag. He says he was going to make Charlie's movie the Howard the Duck of the current season, Charlie reacts positivwely. Enthusiastically, Charlie adds he hadn't mentioned the short films yet which guaranteed an Oscar.

US Version 159.4 sec longer

62:06-62:47 / 61:22-63:15

The framework plot continues differently between Happy Birthday and Truth or Dare with Halle Berry and Stephen Merchant.

In the International Version, Baxter gets all kind of technical devices and starts his dubious software. First some sequences from the previous clips, followed by Truth or Dare.

In the US Version, Dexter is standing at the window in order to watch Bob. He's so upset that he's mumbling something. In a moment of surprise, he reaches for Charlie's gun and runs off. Charlie follows him. In the parking lot, Griffin points the gun at Bob. Of all people, it's Charlie who says violence wasn't the solution at which point Griffin reminds him of what he (Charlie) had just done to him (Griffin). Bob thinks this was even more ludicrous and Griffin points out that he was the one with the gun.
Security guard Jerry passes by and asks if this was an improv. Griffin threatens him as well and demands Bob gave Jerry a BJ. Even Charlie is embarrased by that so he changes the subject and starts talking about his script again. He asks around if one the guys had ever played "Truth or Dare".

US Version 72.1 sec longer

69:59-75:43 / 70:27-71:47

We're with Terence Howard between Truth or Dare and Victory’s Glory.

Further sequences appear on Baxter's device in the International Version. While everything is slowly exploding, Calvin is almost done in the bathroom.
Finally, the information that the Terrapin Protocol has started appears on the screen. Vrankovich admits that he lost and Movie 43 starts playing on the screen. Calvin arrives but he just wants to know why the power was cut.
In the clip, Baxter is facing them with "end time clothes" now. To everyone's surprise in front of the computer, he announces they had already been living in darkness for 141 days now and anything had been caused by this stupid Movie 43 joke. He explains the Terrapin Protocol had been developed during the Cold War in order to control the Americans - so that they could support them if they were under attack. But since the Sowjets were already gone when he actually activated it, they simply turned against each other. As a result, China, Russia and Amsterdam got wiped out which Baxter also signalizes into the cell phone cam. "Clip Baxter" tells Baxter to hack into something. Before the key word, J.J. appears on the screen and shows Baxter the infected bodies of two guys who tried to mug the camp. Exciting by that cool performance, Calvin wonders what happened to him. Next thing you know, "Whiny Calvin" shows up on the screen. Calvin's mom arrives as well and she wants to go hunting but Baxter holds her back because she's carrying his baby.
In the clip, they're being attacked. "Clip Baxter" tells Baxter to hack the DOD with a Mark-7 Spartan from the Federal Intelligence Service.
When the clip stops, J.J. and Calvin are still pretty excited about the fact Baxter used their prank to pull one on them but Baxter swears he didn't know. While Calvin is still wondering, his mom enters the room and Calvin realizes that she's the one he was masturbating to on because she's still wearing the same outfit - including the peace patch. He faints and the house starts collapsing at the same time. Because the computer in the room is out of order now, Baxter gets his own laptop and realizes it doesn't work either because of the viruses. There are several explosions worldwide at all kinds of places - they world seems destroyed.

After some black screen, the story continues 2 years later in an entirely wasted world. Calvin is rolling around in a wheel chair when he notices something on the ground. It's Baxter's laptop. He opens it and the question whether or not he'd like to reset the Terrapin Protocol. Calvin confirms it but nothing happens - except for further questions like "Are you really sure?" popping up on the screen. Finally, the computer admits to not being able to reset Terrapin Protocol and asks if Calvin would like to watch a movie instead. Naturally, he agrees.

In the US Version, Bob comments of the ending of the Truth or Dare clip in which Merchant gets surgery in order to become Asian. He considers it too insulting and points out where the money came from. Charlie asks if this was about Jews and Bob explains it was about Japanese.
Griffin couldn't care less. All he wants to do is watch Bob giving Jerry a BJ. When they have already given themselves up to fate, Griffin doesn't pay attention for a second and Bob draws pretty his gun. He fires at Griffin.
The bullet holes appears way too late though. It turns out this was just another shoot and the director complains about the screw-up. Griffin wants to know why the camera pointed at him is still rolling - despite the "Cut!". Charlie complains he didn't want to have a b-roll on set. Furthermore, he says he urgently needed paper towels because he had a bad case of swampass due to his (too) tight jeans.
As last gag-in-gag, Griffin asks why they just didn't use the last sketch the way it was because they could call it a day then. One can hear a short "OK!".

International Version 264.1 sec longer

80:51-81:03 / 76:55-77:07

At the beginning of the few end credits for every single clip, there's version-related footage (because of the different frameplot work).

In the International Version, Calvin's mom comes in and Vrankovich specifically asks about her. Baxter explains it was his mom (which implies he and Calvin are brothers) and Vrankovich makes some obscene gestures. Baxter laughs.
In the US Version, Seth MacFarlane introduces a sitcom starring Adrien Brody. He explains he was raising toucans whereas he just looked like one himself. Visual gag? Check. As further suggestion (different take), Seth mentions You Gotta Be Smitten Me? with Jimmy Smits.

no difference

International VersionUS Version

Because the Beezel clip with Josh Duhamel and Elizabeth Banks, which comes right after the identical outtakes, didn't have any kind of introduction at all, there are no further differences here.

The actual end credits slightly differ though. All in all, the end credits of the US Version are 4.3 seconds longer.

International VersionUS Version