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Bloody Stones (aka The Good, the Bad and the Beauty)

original title: Gui ma bao biao zei mei ren


  • Export Version
  • HK VCD
Release: Mar 10, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the export version (a VHS tape from Belgium) and the uncut Hongkong version.

Export version: 75:56 min
HK version: 97:10 min

- 12 cuts
- Duration: 1257,6 sec (= 20:58 min)

(The additional differences in running time result from some mistakes in the Hong Kong version that are not mentioned in this report. Also, the HK-VCD has about 20 seconds of additional firm announcements at the end of the movie.)

The export version was shortened to about 75 minutes - 20 minutes of the plot (spiced with unconventional Hong Kong humor) were cut out. This report therefore lists all the (more ore less funny) comedy scenes that are withhold from the international audience.

In a nutshell: there are way more scenes that deepen the pseudo relationship between Kent Cheng and Cherie Chung; also, Bill Tung makes an appearance as the uncle more often.

The timecode always emerges from the export version.

Alternative credits, in the Belgian version written in French.
At the end of the credits, there is a freeze frame while in the HK version the picture smoothly dissolves to a short shot of fire (which completely misses in the export version).

No difference in time!


There is a little more dialogue between Ho (Frankie Chan) and his younger collegue. They have a discussion about what might have happened if they arrived home earlier.

31,2 sec


After they left the house there's a missing scene of Kent (Kent Cheng) and Ko (Cherie Chung).
Kent ensnares her with fruit; at first she hesitates but in the end she lets him feed her. Then she feeds him (in a more or less erotic way) until she wants him to eat a fruit off her toe which (for him) goes a little too far.
At the end of the scene you again see the hospital from outside.

102,1 sec


Now there are several scenes missing:

First you see Ko on the truck; then the movie dissolves to her standing in a phone booth. Her aunt doesn't want to take her in because she lost a game of Mahjong because of Ko.

The next scene takes place in the police station. Ho takes Kent to task about why he is so distracted from his work by Ko.
After that their boss (Anthony Chan) enters the room and gives them a bad dressing-down. After the two of them left he holds his hand in pain - he probably stubbed it accidentally in the heat of the moment.

After that, a young colleague announces that the woman in the hospital has been identified whereas Kent only talks about his love for .
Kent hingegen spricht daraufhin nur ein weiteres Mal von seiner Liebe zu Ko.

altogether 155,3 sec


Ho and his partner have to deal with the oxen standing in their way.
The colleague gives one of them a push with the car whereupon Ho discusses that it will be very expensive to harm one of the animals (founded on the fact that the oxen's potency and its benefit for the owners).

38,8 sec


After they found the corpse there follow several scenes in Kent's apartment.

He wants to impress Ko and therefore wants to take the poster of the naked woman down but Ko already arrived.
Kent acts as if it was not his room (a pretty good idea, since Ko finds a blow-up doll under the blanket). There is a little misunderstanding because of the doll (Ko asks him to undress because the doll might catch a cold).

Kent pushes her to the next room which is arranged more classy - but there is a picture of uncle Mark (Bill Tung) and the real resident which Kent takes down fast to act as if it was his room.
She wants to watch TV which ends up being a disaster, since the last thing that was watched on this TV seems to be a porno - Ko gives him a "thumbs up" for his good taste.

Now, uncle Mark gets home and has a bitch about Kent until he reaches Ho's room (a save spot for him and Ko).

Then follows a discussion between Kent and Ho. The latter is upset because Kent brought the witness home - won't be easy to explain that at the police station. The also discuss where she should sleep.
Then there is a tracking shot along the street in front of the house the next morning.

altogether 222,2 sec


After Ko slipped through the door, there's a missing scene with Kent. He fakes a conversation by asking some questions, then moving a little to the side to answer them in a high voice.

25,2 sec


When Ko is stunned by the ninja-kidnappers, the movie dissolves in the HK-version. In front of a picture of uncle Mark and Ho Ko's alleged kidnapper throws water down to her.

5,1 sec


Normally, the scene goes on much longer after Ko got to know that Kent is still alive.

First, she strikes him because he decoyed her like that; when Ho rudely stops her from doing so, she kisses up to him again. Now Ho and him discuss for a while; Kent wants to throw the others out of the house to be alone with Ko again; Ho naturally strives against it because of his job. In the end, Kent grabs a sword and makes Ho call his men back.

158,4 sec


Mr. Li proposes something funny to one of his henchmen (Ah Kau), when Ho eliminates from them.

14,8 sec


Before the last dance interlude the entire scene of Ko meeting with a woman for a handover is missing. She recognizes her by the flower on her jacket. A basketball randomly hits the delivered case and she sees that the woman was trying to give her bogus money. Suddenly, several women with flowers on their jackets are standing circle round them; Ko threatens them with a weapon. After a few dialogues she can flee.

(This of course also explains, why she breaks in on Mr. Li on the toilet and warms him not to play any more tricks on her.)

131,4 sec


Another huge cut, several scenes important for the plot are missing:

Kent and Ho again discuss the case and Kent is sad about Ko. They want to reconstruct the incident again; Kent soon only talks in a high voice to imitate Ko. Ho slangs him; uncle Mark comes up the steps, so they hide to listen to what is going on. Ho gets pretty rude, in his opinion they could have gotten more information out of their witness that way.

The two are detected; Ho follows his father to the adjoining room. Ko mocks Kent a little until Ho and Mark come back, latter exercising his authority (he shortly explains ther behaviour pretty plausible). Then he educes the secret about the diamonds from Ko and says that she doesn't have to worry (after all she has three guardians).

altogether 362,9 sec


At the beginning of the scene, Ho watches something on TV.

10,2 sec


The HK-version runs the credits when you see the last frames of the car chase.
The Belgian VHS doen't have any credits at all.

kein Zeitunterschied

After that, the HK-version shows about 20 seconds of additional firm announcements.

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