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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jun 21, 2011 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the shortened R-Rated VHS released by Warner Home Video and the uncut DVD released by Troma / One World Entertainment (Unrated Director's Cut).

The R-Rated version is missing out on 14 scenes with an overall runtime of 7 minuten and 27 seconds.

In the USA there exists an R-Rated version as well as an uncensored Unrated Director's Cut version on VHS as well as DVD. In the R-Rated version most of the gore was cut out. Additionally, the R-Rated VHS misses out on a few plot scenes because it is not based on the Director's Cut.
10 min
Toxie squashes the bad guy in the wheelchair a little longer - guts come out his stomach. Subsequently Toxie makes a victorious gesture by pulling his arms into the air.
13 sec.

10 min
Now he drives around with a wheelchair, holding the squashed bay guy in his hands. After a while he picks the wheelchair and the bad guy up and thrwos both of them against a huge rock.
15 sec.

9 min
Toxie cuts through a bad guy's neck with a tightrope and subsequently sticks a rose in his eye.
26 sec.

11 min
When Toxie rams his fist into the black guy's head, the scene is shown a little longer. He pulls his fist back out and the corpse falls to the ground - then you see a long shot of the smashed face (blood and cerebral matter pour out of it).
5 sec.

13 min
After Toxie smashed the two bad guys' heads together (they explode) the headless bodies fall to the ground and a huge amount of blood comes out of their neckstumps. Cut to Toxie who holds the heads' remains in his hands.
10 sec.

13 min
The headless bodies wander around for a few seconds and then crash into each other. then you see Toxie with the remains in his hands.
4 sec.

13 min
Toxie rips a bad guy's ears off.
3 sec.

36 min
Toxie wanders through Tokyo a little longer.
18 sec.

43 min
The woman runs away from Toxie. When she suddenly faces him, she runs into the radio studio nearby - Toxie follows her. Then the movie cuts to the studios where the radio announcers are momentarily on air. Toxie and the woman run into the studio and the female announcer hastily leaves the studio because of Toxie's look - her colleague goes on talking as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, Toxie pushed the woman into a room and now starts to hook her up with a cable, a microphone and an antenna. Every now and then the radio announcer complains about the noise. When toxie finished wiring the woman he leaves the room. The radio announcer runs to her and successfully tries out her new gear.
124 sec.

45 min
Toxie uses one of the slot machines in the casino.
15 sec.

44 min
Toxie talks to Masami about his father who has disappeared. When the 2 of them walk on, Toxie drinks some of Masami#s selfmade brew. He spits it out in disgust and runs towards her. An older couple takes a seat on a bench nearby - the old woman holds the jar that had the brew in it in her hands.
56 sec.

60 min
A longer sequence where Toxie fights 3 bad guys was cut out. After a longer brawl he's able to fight the first bad guy off by kicking him in the stomach. Then he grabs the second bad guy and throws him aside while smashing an ice-cream cone in the third bad guy's (who#s disguised as a woman) ass.
143 sec.

69 min
When butcher Bic Mac's leg is chopped into pieces, the gore effect is shown longer.
9 sec.

69 min
The scene where his arm is chopped up is longer, too.
6 sec.