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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jul 17, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut R-Rated version (Thorn EMI) and the uncut Unrated version (MGM)

"The Burning" is one of the first slasher films released after the tremendous success of "Friday the 13th". The movie does follow the classic pattern of the genre but is nevertheless presented in a quite suspenseful and experienced manner. On top of that, the special effects are done by FX wizard Tom Savini and therefor are just as brilliantly done as they are gory.
In the USA, only a shorter R-Rated version was released for the cinemas and on VHS. Only now, with the release of the astonishing DVD from MGM (despite the R_rating on the DVD), American slasher fans are treated to the Unrated version in all it's gory glory for the very first time.

Apart from the listed cuts the VHS contains some master errors not mentioned in the report.

R-Rated = 90:02 Min.
Unrated = 91:20 Min.
00:00 The MGM logo can only be found on the DVD.
11,5 Sec.

12:29 End of a shot in which a pair of scissors is rammed into the hookers stomach, as well as the beginning of the next shot showing her face.
1,2 Sec.

12:30 Shots of the scissors being twisted inside the wound, accompanied by blood gushing out and shots of the woman screaming.
6,6 Sec.

12:32 Shot of Cropsy pushing the woman out of the window and blood splattering onto a mirror.
3,4 Sec.

48:32 End of a shot of Karen getting her throat slashed by a garden scissor. Cropsy takes his hand from her face and we see blood gushing out of her mouth and open wound. The R-Rated provides a short shot of her blood-covered body that is seen in the next cut in the Unrated.
Unrated: 5 Sec.
R-Rated: 2,5 Sec.

48:36 The camera pans over Karens blood-covered body. The beginning of the next shot of Karen, blood flowing out of her throat, is missing as well.
8,6 Sec.

58:30 Shot of a boy looking at the bloody wound in his chest.
1,1 Sec.

58:34 Blood splatters into Woodstocks face after his fingers are cut off.
0,3 Sec.

58:36 Shot of Woodstocks destroyed hand.
0,8 Sec.

58:39 Longer shot of the scissors being rammed into Eddys throat and himself spitting blood.
1,1 Sec.

58:40 Shot of the scissors in his throat.
0,9 Sec.

58:40 Eddy grimaces as the scissors are pulled out.
0,8 Sec.

58:42 After the girl has been attacked with the scissors, a shot of blood flowing out of the wound on her forehead is missing.
2,2 Sec.

65:34 Longer shot of the nib of the scissors poking out of Glazers back; blood spurts out.
0,2 Sec.

65:36 Front shot of Glazer coughing blood.
2 Sec.

65:37 Glazer is pulled forward by Cropsy.
2,8 Sec.

65:41 More bloody gagging and coughing.
3,5 Sec.

65:41 Shot of Alfredo, followed by Glazer grimacing in pain as he is nailed to a tree with the scissors.
5,8 Sec.

84:35 Longer shot of the scissors poking out of Cropsys back and blood gushing out.
0,2 Sec.

85:44 Blood squirts out of Cropsys head after the axe has hit him.
0,9 Sec.

90:02 Again, the MGM logo after the credits is only found on the DVD.
5,6 Sec.