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  • BBFC 18 VHS
  • BBFC 18 DVD
Release: Jun 01, 2016 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the cut BBFC 18 VHS released by Rank Video and the uncut BBFC 18 DVD released by Anchor Bay.

The differences:

15 cuts = 2 minutes and 20 seconds
3 cuts with alternative footage = 56 seconds

This atmospheric and well-done vampire movie that was shot during the 1970s in Great Britain was released to British theatres in a version that was cut down six minutes. For the VHS release, Rank Video adopted the cuts and additionally cut out 26 more seconds. Barely any violence stayed in the movie and many sex scenes were cut out, too. Meanwhile, the movie was also released on DVD in an uncut version. The USA also received an uncut release by Blue Underground on DVD and Blu-ray. The US-DVD by Anchor Bay is cut (see the respective report).
0 min
The unknown killer shoots at Mirian and Fran more often. Subsequently we can see their bloodbesmeared corpses lying on the bed. The cut VHS instead shows a repeated shot of the mansion from outside.
Cut: 4 sec
Uncut: 20 sec

22 min
The sex scene of Fran and John was heavily cut. The cut version shows a short and harmless alternative sequence of the two of them.
Cut: 2 sec
Uncut: 42 sec

41 min
Fran licks blood off of John's wound. After that she kisses him on the mouth, only to lick the wound again.
23 sec

42 min
The man is bleeding all over and winds back and forth in the bed.
3 sec

42 min
Miriam and Fran lick the blood of their screaming victim's top.
15 sec

43 min
After the stab in the back, we can see Fran again licking the man's blood.
6 sec

44 min
Under the shower, Miriam kisses Fran's body. The woman looks aroused.
3 sec

44 min
Again, a shot of Miriam kissing Fran's body was cut out. The cut version shows a sligthly altered alternative sequence of the two of them.
No difference in time.

59 min
Miriam tastes John's blood. After that she kisses Fran with blood on her mouth. Subsequently, she starts sucking John's arm again.
18 sec

59 min
Again, Miriam drinks blood from John's arm. Then she kisses Fran.
11 sec

60 min
Miriam and Fran are lying naked in the bed. Fran kisses Miriam's leg.
4 sec

60 min
Another shot of the naked women was shortened.
3.5 sec

60 min
Again, the lovemaking was cut.
6 sec

82 min
The two women suck the camper's blood in the car.
4 sec

82 min
Some more sequences of this were taken out.
13.5 sec

83 min
Harriet screams like crazy and gets completely undressed by Miriam and Fran.
9 sec

83 min
Harriet screams and kneels on the floor. Miriam holds her down while Fran walks towards her holding a knife.
20 sec

84 min
After the stab, Harriet falls to the ground. Only the fall itself was cut out. The shortened version still shows her landing on the floor.
1 sec