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The Little Drummer Girl

02 Episode 2


  • 8 episodes version
  • Original version
Release: Feb 13, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the 8 episodes version (e.g. on HBO Max or Apple TV) and the 6-part original version (e.g. included on the German DVD from Universal / BBC / Amazon)

- 2x exclusive material in the original version with a duration of 16 sec
- 2x exclusive footage in the 8 episoes version with a duration of 9 sec

* Running times of the 8-part versions: 43:32 (42:58) min Episode 2 // 43:09 (42:34) min Episode 3

We wrote about the different versions of Park Chan-wook's The Little Drummer Girl in detail in the report on the Director's Cut of Episode 1. Here, we focus only on the minimal differences that can still be found between the original release as a 6-parter and the later division into 8 episodes, each with a shorter duration. As already roughly summarized, only the end/beginning scenes of the episodes are affected in each case. For our main episode breakdown of the reports, we'll take the original 6-part version as a basis.

In episode 2, an alternate take is again used to start the 8-part version, which is basically very similar and thus not spectacular. As the shorter Episode 2 of the 8-part version ends, the conversation has been shifted and shortened a bit to better fit the end/beginning of the episode. What is naturally not so well representable in the cut report: The soundtrack also deviates, musical score to the actual scene transition of the original 6-part version was deleted here.

Running times are according to the scheme
8 episodes version / Original version

Ep2 15:37-15:43 / 00:00-00:04

Right away the introductory shot of the tape recorder is an alternate take. The 8 episodes version is a bit longer and only here a note says that the scene takes place 4 months earlier.

8 episodes version 2 sec longer

8 episodes version6-part original version

Ep2 19:18 / 03:39-04:41

The 6-part original version has the credits at this moment - after Kurtz takes the hat off the table and before Charlie asks who Kurtz and his people are.

+ 61.5 sec

Ep2 42:48-42:51 / 28:11

When Becker asks "Are you in or out?", the 8 episodes version inserts an additional cut to him. In the 6-part original version, this can be heard over a long shot of Charlie running through here, to which the 8 episodes version also changes to after the cut.

3 sec

7 seconds later, the credits of the 8 episodes version begin, shortly before Charlie asks "Who am I?
At the beginning of episode 3 of the 8 episodes version, almost the entire shot of Charlie is repeated again, so that there is a total of around 5 sec duplicated.

Ep3 02:05-03:06 / 30:19

After Becker has left the room, there are opening credits in the 8-part version.

61.5 sec

Ep3 27:27-28:05 / 54:40-54:52

Already with Becker's words " prove that you are as special as I believe" before this point, it is noticeable in the 6-part original version that a heroic soundtrack can be heard to it, while the 8 episodes version remains almost mute.

In the 6-part original version Becker then says to a close-up shot of Charlie: "This is your debut in the theater...".
This is also how the scene plays out in the Director's Cut.

The 8 episodes version immediately shows here the further dialogue, beginning with Charlie's "What happens when I get there?", which is to be seen in the 6-part version only at the beginning of episode 3. No differences during that scene, however, therefore not illustrated.

8 episodes version 26 sec longer