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Clinic, The


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 31, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the shortened R-Rated Version and the uncut Unrated Version.

- 7 cuts
- Length: 144.5 sec (= 2:25 min)

The Clinic is an Australian horror movie about a pregnant woman getting kidnapped in an abandoned hotel being defrauted of her baby. It becomes crystal clear that there are further victims and that all of them are part of a gruesome "game" pretty soon. Meanwhile, her boyfriend has to deal with local hillbillies. Fortunately, all that isn't being presented as a taboo breaching splatter flick but comes along with decent acting, an appealing production and a creepy atmosphere (but in a good, scary, suspenseful way). An insiders' tip even though it has its length and some weird twists, particularly in the second half.

The Australian Original Version has been released with delay in August 2011 and wasn't rated (Unrated). In addition to that, an R-Rated Version has been released as well. It can be spotted easily because it has an entirely different cover with the two leading actors on it whereas the Unrated Version works with the alleged original motive with the wound and stitches. Furthermore, almost 2.5 min have been removed. Basically, lots of harmless shots of the naked chest right after the treatment have been cut out. Moreover, some tiny gore scenes have been removed here and there. The movie doesn't live off stuff like that but the censored R-Rated Version ought to be ignored anyway, that's sure.

Time index refers to
R-Rated in NTSC / Unrated in NTSC.
19:45 / 19:45-21:04

Further shots of Beth from the top and in profile. Then the camera slowly tracks backwards and one can see her lying nude in the ice-filled tub. Since she realized the loss of her baby, her crying gets more and more and she also whines "Help!" for once. Then she slowly gets out of the tub. With the last second of a shot in profile, the R-Rated Version is back on the field.

78.6 sec

19:48 / 21:07-21:38

Missing shot after the chair in the corner: Beth gets up and puts on the jacket.

30.7 sec

27:41 / 29:31-29:49

Extended inspection of the other victim. In the process, Veronica comes up with disillusioning explanations of how she got those wounds. She implies the wounds were caused by a third person.

Ivy: "She wasn't stitched back up."
Veronica: "No, she was. The stitches have been torn open."
Ivy: "Did she do that to herself?"
Veronica: "If she had, her fingers'd be covered in blood."

17.8 sec

39:15 / 41:23-41:30

Veronica with her fingers in Allison's stomach wound. She finds the pendant or sth.

7.6 sec

63:30 / 65:45-65:51

Veronica sets the scalpel on her belly. Then a close-up of it.

5.9 sec

65:04 / 67:25-67:28

A short and dark shot of the killer pottering arounds Veronica's stomach wound.

3 sec

65:08 / 67:32-67:33

The beginning of the shot has been removed in the R-Rated Version so that it's only half as long in the R-Rated.

0.8 sec