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Naruto Uncut Box Set: Season One, Vol. 1 (Episodes 1-25)

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1.26 Special Report: Live from the Forest of Death & The Chunin Exam Stage 2: The Forest of Death


  • US TV Version
  • Japanese Version
Release: May 15, 2011 - Author: Jim - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
On September 10th, 2005, the successful anime-series "Naruto" went on the air for the first time on Cartoon Network during their "Toonami"-programme. However, to receive a lower rating for the series they had to alter several scenes of each episode.
However, the changes are rather moderate. Even though several cuts and edits seem rather strange (especially for non-Americans who probably won't see the problem with scenes where one of the characters smokes) the American TV version is still quite watchable. The blood retouchings are also not that noticeable - most of the time they just reduced the amount of blood and if you don't know the original version you probably won't notice it. Other "problematic" things (such as "mean" slurs or mentioning death) didn't have to be altered.
However, they produced a separate opening as well as separate credits for the US version (which is quite the standard for anime-releases in the USA). They are quite different and in terms of music one could describe it as a mixture of Rock and Rap.

Altered Characters: After the first run in Japan several changes were made in order to make the characters look more like in the comics. This will be mentioned, however, not always that detailed. E.g. in Episode 41 Sakura and Ino were completely re-drawn for a flashback scene where you see them as kids. As you can imagine it would simply be too much footage to show if you were to illustrate all of these scenes. Therefore, edits like this will only be listed once (especially when the following edits are similar/identical to this one). Other edits/alterations - of course - will be mentioned.

The images will be shown as follows:
On left side: Japanese Version
On the right side: US Version

About this episode: Episode 27 marked the beginning of the second season of Naruto, at this point the series was moved to the prime time program and a special was broadcasted that basically included two episodes. These were episode 26, which contains a summary of all the main characters with insertions in which the main characters are waiting for the new episode. These insertions were removed because there was no such special in the US.
Disregarding this, only the usual and mostly irrelevant alterations have been made. In episode 27 there was just an animation redone, in the first part the difference in time (without the opening and the credits) sums up to 184 seconds, in the second part there is no difference in time.
The complete beginning, in which Naruto is celebrating the fact that "his" series is now shown at prime time is missing.

He is happy and wishes the viewer fun watching the episode. However, Konohamaru reminds him that it is too early for the episode and they are in "Prince of Tennis"'s slot now. Naruto is becoming a bit desperate as he already started the show and eventually disappears. The other characters say that they are not ready yet (e.g. Sasuke's hair is not yet done) and the video for the episode is also missing. Kakashi decides to go and get the video, telling the others to entertain the viewer as long as he is gone. Naruto appears again, the others urge him to cope with the situation. Sakura even hits him.

105 sec

The Japanese Version shows Sasuke eating whereas he can be seen pretty much beaten up in the US Version.

No difference in time

The US Version shows the corridor in front of the toilet instead of Naruto sitting on it.

No difference in time

Removed blood.

No difference in time

Removed blood.

No difference in time


No difference in time

Somer more dialog between the characters is missing.

Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke talk about the episode and that Naruto is doing well so far. Sasuke asks Kakashi whether he will be able to do his part, he answers that he will be ready until the advertisements. He also tells them to tell the viewers that there will be a present at the end.

*Different shot*

Sakura is calling for Kakashi and is wondering where he is. Sasuke says that now that Kakashi was not here it would be Sakura's job to continue with the show. Naruto wishes him good luck and Sakura eventually agrees to do it.

50 sec

Iruka's nose bleeding was removed.

No difference in time

Blood removed.

No difference in time

Sasuke's walking animation is played faster in order to appear more fluent. (Picture just to make clear which animation we are talking about, no difference visible on it)

No difference in time

As in episode 22, Lee's reflection can be seen in episode 22. The US Version does not show the apearance in a fluid motion but the mirror image flickers and then stays in the eye.

No difference in time

Blood removed.

No difference in time

Another insertion is missing, Kakashi has retrieved the video of the new episode. He apologizes for the delay and says a cute girl had talked to him. Sakura and Naruto do not believe him and call him a liar. Kakashi says that they should rather praise him because he has the tape. Naruto is happy and wants to watch the episode, but Kakashi says that there needs to be another ad break before that, causing Naruto to fall over.

29 sec

==Episode 27==

The background is less blurry and a bit different in the US Version.

No difference in time

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