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  • International Version (German Warner VHS)
  • US version / Director's Cut
Release: Jun 02, 2011 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the uncensored German VHS released by Warner Home Video (International Version) and the uncensored German VHS released by United Video (Director's Cut / US version).

There are 10 differences with an overall runtime of 1 minute and 12 seconds.

The movie (which was based on the novel of the same name, written by Stephen King) hit the theatres in 1981. Apparently the international theatrical release in e.g. Germany and UK was different to the US version. Most notable is an additional sex scene in the beginning which is not very spectacular to be honest though. The US release features additional plot scenes throughout the movie on the other hand. The international version was released on a German VHS by Warner and a British VHS by Imperial Entertainment.

Other German VHS releases by United Video and MVW were labeled "Director's Cut" and feature the US version. The German DVD by e-m-s and the US DVDs by Artisan and Lions Gate also contain this "Director's Cut" (both R-Rated, subsequently released on Blu-ray too). The same can be said about the British DVD release by Universal and the Blu-ray by Eureka. Therefore on most DVDs worldwide and in HD only the US "Director's Cut" without the sex scene is still in circulation.

Mistakes of the master were ignored for this report.
DC: 10 min. / Theatrical Version: 10 min.

DC: Vic and Steve play some tennis. After Steve won, they have a short conversation. Subsequently, Vic leaves the screen. Then follows a cut to Steve and Donna lying in bed. Donna gets up, walks to the mirror and puts on her underpants.
Theatrical Version: Vic drives to the workshop with his car. When he arrives there he walks over tho the mechanic and asks him to take a look at his car which needs to be fixed. However, the mechanic is busy and hardly even notices Vic. When Vic walks back to his car, the postman suggests that Vic should let Joe Camber have a look at his car because he is reliable and does some good work. Vic asks him how to get there and the postman immediately tells him the way. Vic gets back in his car and drives off. Then follows a cut to Donna and Steve in bed having sex.
DC: 79 sec.
Theatrical Version: 156 sec.

Director's Cut:

Theatrical Version:

DC: 13 min.
At this point the DC shows the scene where Vic drives to the workshop (which was just mentioned above).
86 sec.

DC: 18 min.
Vic enters the kitchen and shortly looks at the TV. He comments on the awful advertising campaign which is shown on TV. The phone rings. Donna answers it and then tells Vic that it's for him. Vic answers the phone and then has a short conversation with his colleague who is at the other end of the phone.
78 sec.

DC: 27 min. / Theatrical Version: 25 min.

DC: At this point there's a shot of Cujo underneath the house. In the background you can hear Joe and his wife arguing.
Theatrical Version: When Joe grabs his wife's arm he realizes that he hurts her and should probably just sit back down. He lets go of her, walks over to the fridge and opens it.
DC: 6 sec.
Theatrical Version: 18 sec.

Director's CutTheatrical Version

DC: 31 min.
Vic picks Tad up at the Kindergarten. He asks Tad how his day was. The latter replies that it was bad and that he didn't have any fun. Then the two of them go to the car. Now follows a cut to Donna inside the kitchen. Steve sneaks up on her from the back and then startles her. After Steve tried to come on to Donna they start scuffling. Tad and Vic enter the house and find Donna in the kitchen wipe up the milk from the broken milk container which she dropped during the argument with Steve. Vic sends Tad outside. When Steve tries to explain the situation away Donna sends him out as well. Tad stands still for a few moments before he leaves the house. Then you see Vic trying to fix his car. Tad asks him who will read him the "monster quote" (which is supposed to keep evil monsters/ghosts away) before he goes to bed. Vic calms him down and tells him that Donna will do that - he already left her a note with the quote on it. Then Donna comes out of the house and tells Tad that he has to do an afternoon nap now. Vic brings his son in the house. Then you see Tad sleeping in his bed. The camera pans to the note which has the "monster quote" on it.
287 sec.

DC: 37 min.
Vic says good bye to Tad and Donna and drives off. Donna shouts after him, therefore Vic stops the car and she runs after him. She tells him that it is over between them and that she unfortunately can't change anything about it. Vic tells her that he can't change it either and drives off. Donna sadly gazes after him.
97 sec.

Theatrical Version: 34 min.
Only the theatrical version shows Vic driving to Donna's house with his car. Now follow the scenes which were already shown in the DC: The argument between Donna and Steve, Vic and Tad running into them, and so on.
399 sec.

DC: 49 min. / Theatrical Version: 48 min.
When Donna calms Tad down both versions show an alternative take of it.
DC: 7 sec.
Theatrical Version: 5 sec.

Director's CutTheatrical Version

DC: 67 min.
Tad (who's crying) thells his mum that he wants to go home.
2 sec.

DC: 68 min.
Vic dials another number on the telephone.
3 sec.